18 Animals With Disabilities Are Cuteness Overloaded

We all want perfect pets to love and cherish. However, it often happens that we can receive more spiritually by taking care of animals that are somehow “different.” Showing your love for the weaker and less fortunate will make you feel warm and cozy.

There are various reasons for disabilities to occur and you can safely call it bad luck with a chance of one in a million. However, for most of the pets on the list, the misfortune turned into a ticket to stardom.

Seeing disabled pets struggling to do even the simplest activities is cute in its unique way. Laughing is not a bad thing, at least if you offer those poor souls a good rub on the belly afterward.

1. Chris Bacon, The Pig With Rear Wheels

A pig named Bacon probably sounds delicious for all you meat lovers out there.

However, having over 100,000 fans on Facebook makes Chris Bacon the most famous pig in the world, a privileged status that will save him from the slaughterhouse.

The piglet was only a medical curiosity when he was born without the hind legs. A custom wheelchair made him an Internet celebrity and of the most adorable disabled pets ever.

The insatiable appetite characteristic to his kind meant that Chris Bacon was a tough challenge for those taking care of him. In less than a year, the toy rear wheels became a state of the art traction system that even had suspensions.

What gave everything an even funnier twist was that the mechanized pig received registry plates and is allowed to go on the public roads of his home state, Florida.


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