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18 Animals With Disabilities Are Cuteness Overloaded
Nov 10, 2016

18 Animals With Disabilities Are Cuteness Overloaded


We all want perfect pets to love and cherish. However, it often happens that we can receive more spiritually by taking care of animals that are somehow “different.”

Seeing disabled pets struggling to do even the simplest activities is cute in its unique way. Laughing is not a bad thing, at least if you offer those poor souls a good rub on the belly afterward.

1. Chris Bacon, The Pig With Rear Wheels

Chris Bacon, The Pig With Rear Wheels
via Reuters

A pig named Bacon probably sounds delicious for all you meat lovers out there.

However, having over 100,000 fans on Facebook makes Chris Bacon the most famous pig in the world, a privileged status that will save him from the slaughterhouse.

The piglet was only a medical curiosity when he was born without the hind legs. A custom wheelchair made him an Internet celebrity and of the most adorable disabled pets ever.

The insatiable appetite characteristic to his kind meant that Chris Bacon was a tough challenge for those taking care of him. In less than a year, the toy rear wheels became a state of the art traction system that even had suspensions.

What gave everything an even funnier twist was that the mechanized pig received registry plates and is allowed to go on the public roads of his home state, Florida.

2. Oscar, The Bionic Cat

Oscar, The Bionic Cat
via Purr n Furr

Talking about bionic cats might make you step outside the house and ask people what year we are living in.

Before you do that, you should know that the term “bionic” is a bit exaggerated. Oscar is not a machine built to replicate feline looks and behavior, but rather a cat that received prosthetic legs from kind-hearted people.

It all started with a bloodbath. Oscar had both paws of his hind legs severed by a combine harvester while sleeping in a maize field. It had taken a long time before the owners agreed with adding prosthetics as a replacement for the lost parts.

With science evolving at an incredibly fast pace, surgeons were able to insert the artificial material directly in the shinbone, restoring the cat’s lost ability to chase rodents and small birds.

3. Dunca Lou Who, The Two-Legged Boxer

Dunca Lou Who, The Two Legged Boxer
via Wordless Tech

Few disabled animals can take pride in having a story able to warm one’s heart like that of Dunca Lou Who.

The less fortunate animal was born with his back legs deformed and useless. A double amputation might sound as awful, but it brought new hope for Lou Who. The dog learned how to maintain balance only on the front legs and currently enjoys almost all fun activities available to a healthy dog.

Lou Who was a curious medical case because he rejected all prosthetics and wheelchairs the veterinaries tried to attach. Walking on two legs might have its perks for the sake of camera, but the pet burns twice as many calories. He will also experience joint problems in later years.

4. Romina, The Dog With A Prosthetic Leg

Romina, The Dog With A Prosthethic Leg
via ABC

The racetrack is the right place for a whippet. However, not all dogs are lucky enough to experience the pure pleasure of running against each other.

Romina is a dog from Brazil that lost one of her front legs in an accident that involved a lawnmower. As the classic prosthesis did little to help the dog feel well again, the owners decided to go for the latest development in reconstructive surgery.

Romina received a 3D printed front leg that has all the joints and the mobility of its anatomical equivalent. The front leg was just a prototype to see if the animal accepts it and learns to use it properly. Plans are to give Romina a more durable aluminum design which will include skin like material at the exterior.

The age of Terminator dogs is near!

5. Hope, The Kitten Born With No Eyes

Hope, The Kitten Born With No Eyes
via Love Meow

Can a small congenital disability prevent you from loving a cute and otherwise purrfect cat? We also agree it is impossible.

Hope is an excellent choice of name for a cat that has little non-functional eyes. The cause is a rare genetic condition called Microphthalmia.

Although unable to see the world, Hope retains all other features of a regular cat. Her excellent sense of hearing allows her to engage the traditional playing routine around the house. Unfortunately, the lovable kitten will never be allowed to roam outside alone.

The cat was up for adoption and found an owner very fast due to her unique appearance and growing Internet popularity.

6. Bella, The Llama With A Prosthetic Leg

Bella, The Llama With A Prosthetic Leg
via Orthopets

Llamas are animals native to the South American continent, and they are a very unusual choice for a pet.

Bella is the first and only llama to have a prosthetic leg, and this feature attracted the attention of Gold Country Amputee Support Group, in Auburn, Alabama. No, the animal did not need moral support to get over her loss.

Bella broke its leg in a gopher hole, and all attempts of using a cast for it to heal were rendered useless by the active lifestyle llamas have in general. Cutting the leg was chosen over putting down the animal.

The animal is now part of a program that targets to show recent amputees that life can be equally rewarding after the intervention. The furry therapist is friendly and opened towards teaching patients that an artificial limb can allow you most of the freedom of movement you enjoyed before.

7. Roo, The Kangaroo Chihuahua

Roo, The Kangaro Chihuahua
via SWNS

Kangaroos are famous for their upright position and their small upper limbs. Can you imagine how funny it would be to see a dog walking in the same way?

Roo is a tiny Chihuahua that was a born with undeveloped front legs. As it is impossible to use them for walking, the highly active pet jumps around, bringing a smile on everyone’s face, as well as a reminder that life is worth living even if genes were not generous with you.

What at first was a struggle, became second nature for the dog that walks on two. The process of finding an owner was made easy by the media coverage the case received. Weighing little over 1 kg, Roo can fit a small purse for accompanying its owner on longer walks.

8. Vincent, The Disabled Cat

Vincent, The Disabled Cat
via Inhabitat

If you take a closer look at Vincent’s hind legs, they look like the legs you usually see on a modern piece of furniture.

Vincent joins the same league as Oscar, as being cats lucky enough to receive a life-changing surgical intervention. The high-tech titanium prosthetics were attached in firm contact with the rest of the skeleton, restoring the lost ability to walk on all four.

We can only imagine what the poor cat had to go through before getting this second chance. Seeing Vincent dragging on the kitchen floor would have been sad and funny at the same time.

Even with new legs, Vincent stands no chance of escaping people desperately wanting to pet him.

9. Faith, The Bipedal Dog

Faith, The Bipedal Dog
via Chron

Seeing a happy dog play in the sun can make you think of how important health is for both humans and animals.

Faith is one dog that narrowly survived at birth and was subsequently rejected by her mother. The puppy was born with deformed front legs that were removed via surgery.

It is uncommon for families to choose ugly and sick animals, but Faith melted their hearts when she appeared scared and hopeless. Not having the money to pay for modern prosthetics, Faith’s adoptive family taught the dog how to stand and walk upright.

Faith quickly became a symbol of resilience against odds and joined multiple support groups. She made memorable appearances alongside war veterans that had to go through a similar ordeal.

10. Mosha, The Elephant With A New Leg

Mosha, The Elefant With A New Leg
via Reuters

Sometimes animals fall victim to the wars of men.

When Mosha stepped on a landmine near the border between Myanmar and Thailand, volunteers from the nearby Lampang sanctuary had little hopes of ever seeing her walk again.

Mosha was seven months old when the regrettable incident happened. According to specialists, making a viable prosthetic leg was hard because the elephant was in a continuous process of weight gain.

Mature Indian elephants can reach weights of up to 5,000 kg, so the artificial limb would need to be gradually updated to accommodate the larger load.

Mosha became a symbol of hope and had attracted thousands of new tourists in the region, helping at the same time raise awareness on the problem of unidentified landmines.

11. Daisy, The Blind And Deaf Dog

Daisy, The Blind And Deaf Dog
via Deaf Dogs Rock

Can you imagine living in absolute darkness and silence?

For Daisy, this is just part of the daily routine. The unfortunate animal was born without two important senses for exploring the world and enjoying life. However, she sought comfort by smelling and touching those who helped her.

Daisy was born a stray dog and went through numerous dog shelters, all of which rejected her because she was not able to get along with other dogs. Her odyssey ended at The Great Animal Rescue Chase where she was finally able to create a bond with another dog – Olivia.

Olivia and her master Maryam Faresh taught Daisy how the invisible world worked and boosted the dog’s self-confidence. “What about Daisy?” is a book for children that tells the story in detail.

12. Kanga and Roo, Twin Disabled Dogs

Kanga and Roo, Twin Disabled Dogs
via The Dodo

We will talk again about Chihuahuas missing their front legs that look like kangaroos.

Only this time, their owners decided that attaching a pair of wheels is a better choice than letting the poor pets learn how to walk upright. We can safely say that the small dogs had the incredible luck of melting the heart of a wealthy family, with enough money to afford to replace the locomotion aids as the two grew.

With all the training invested in them, Kanga and Roo cannot help themselves from jumping on their hind legs each time they get excited about something. This is, without a doubt, a very funny scene to witness.

13. Orville, The Flying Cat

Orville, The Flying Cat
via Shutterstock

We have to admit we went a bit outside the scope of the article with this entry.

Orville’s disability is that it is a dead cat. Better said, the owner is one with a disability, this time a mental one. When your cat dies, you typically take a shovel and bury the body in the ground.

Dutch artist Bart Jansen had a different idea, and he combined his passion with drones with his love for Orville. Call it an evolutionary leap if you want, but this is, without a doubt, the first case of a flying cat. Too bad Orville is not able to see the world from up in the air.

Dubbed The Orvillecopter, the flying device is creepy enough to scare everyone unfamiliar with the wacky story.

14. Allison, The Sea Turtle With A Rudder

Allison, The Sea Turtle With A Rudder
via National Geographic

You are probably tired of seeing cats and dogs steal the show, so it’s time to make some justice in the animal kingdom by introducing a turtle.

Allison is a sea turtle that lost three flippers in a close encounter with a shark that almost turned deadly. The 35 kg aquatic creature received a prosthetic fin to act as a rudder and help her stay afloat and go in the right direction.

The turtle acquired the necessary skills to drive herself in the water with the single remaining flipper. Nevertheless, Allison will live its days in captivity, as even with this artificial aid for locomotion installed, she has slim chances of surviving the competition for food and survival found in the wild.

15. Mooch, The One Ear Cat

Mooch, The One Ear Cat
via Reddit

Wearing cat ears is the new craze that is sweeping through today’s youth generation.

We have to take a moment and pay our respects to the cats that lack the luxury of having both years. Mooch is one of the unfortunate felines that has to deal with body asymmetry. Although this is a disability far less severe than what we showed before, it is enough to ruin the cat’s self-confidence.

Poor Mooch lost his left ear when he was just a kitten. According to the story told by her owner, the cat dodged a bullet when a truck ran fractions of inches away from crushing the skull.

Mooch first appeared on Reddit and was immediately paired with a cat missing the opposite ear, in a joke that most cat lovers did not take well.

16. Patch, The Wheelchair Guinea Pig

Patch, The Wheelchair Guinea Pig
via Ipswich Star

A disabled Guinea Pig might look cute and accessible to pet, but every rodent should be granted the freedom to roam the house and randomly chew on things.

Patch was only one-year-old when he lost the ability to use his hind legs. The lovable hairball received an unexpected helping hand from an engineer that built a simple, yet very effective, locomotion system. The parts used show once again that solutions are always there if you know where to look.

Wheels from a child’s wagon, a kneepad, and some Velcro were enough to restore Patch’s appetite for running and having fun. You will be happy to know that the disability was of temporary nature and that Patch ditched the wheelchair the moment he could use those tiny legs again.

17. The Cat Without Limbs

The Hover Cat
via Pinterest

It is time to coagulate what we all consider the most desirable defect for our feline friends.

A cat without legs would never be able to escape petting torture. The lack of limbs would force its body to invest resources in other areas. Cats have a natural tendency to become round and fat and lacking physical activity would work aggressively in that direction.

Having no efficient means to use the ground, the cat without limb will challenge what we thought possible about evolution and learn to hover above the ground. Our only hope lies in providing generous amounts of cat food so that the self-weight makes fly ambitions impossible.

18. The Fat Doge

The Fat Doge
via The Internet Pet Vet

Moving on to the dog world, the answer for the favorite disability is somehow similar.

If a doge is not enough for you to find that lost smile, you should know that a fat doge is the symbol of everything that is good in life. An encyclopedia might tell you that a Shiba Inu rarely goes beyond 10 kg in weight.

Nevertheless, a diet of love and excessive petting can make these majestic and highly popular creatures grow to epic proportions. Why laugh at Internet memes when you can have the real thing?


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