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17 Selfie Photobombs That Will Teach You To Look Back Twice
Jan 10, 2017

17 Selfie Photobombs That Will Teach You To Look Back Twice

There is no greater pleasure in life than to ruin someone else’s photo. If it’s a selfie you are destroying, it is even better.

Be careful while reading this! The daily selfie will never feel the same once you get to know the awful stuff that can happen while you prep. Say hello to insecurities and the constant feeling that someone is stalking you and trying to creep behind you before the shot.

1. Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing
via QuotesFab

A quick look reveals nothing wrong with this selfie. Just another dog is eager to share with the rest of the canine world its fabulous haircut.

Wait for a second! Since when the man’s best friend got so fancy? What you are seeing is a phenomenon which rarely occurs in modern photography.

The perfect timing made this selfie fail so hard it won. Of course, there will always be the ones that see a different picture.

Genetics is quite advanced nowadays, and no one would be surprised for people to opt for a complete face transplant.
Being called a ‘good boy’ and having your belly rubbed sounds tantalizing enough to go under the knife.

The next photobombed pic will teach about the hazards involved with taking a selfie during baseball practice.

2. Ball Spoils Selfie Seconds Before Impact

Ball Spoils Selfie Seconds Before Impact
via Instagram

You might be a smoking hot blonde, but physics is unforgiven.

The unsuspecting victim took what looks like her last selfie. Although the hit wasn’t deadly, the scare will make her think twice about ever turning her back at the action.

Take this selfie situation and think of the glory days when you had to ask someone else to take your photo. The incident would have been improbable back then.

We know what goes through your mind. Was that loose ball accidental, or part of a plot to get the girl’s attention? Chances are we will never find out.

Go ahead and search photos of her in the hospital. In the meantime, we count another poor soul that will never take selfies ever again.

Stay tuned as the next selfie photobomb went viral the moment it moved online.

3. The Royal Photobomb

The Royal Photobomb
via Twitter

When Queen Elizabeth accidentally ends up as the background for your selfie, you can’t be something else other than happy.

However, the photo is creepy enough to cause a fuss. What was the 90-year-old doing inside that walled enclosure? Why is she looking back at the girls like a seasoned villain?

Word goes that the Queen considers selfies and the people taking them a curiosity of nature. When you live long enough to see photography evolve from that blemish sepia to high resolution, and back to low res for a vintage look on Instagram, you can’t keep it straight.

You got a good laugh until now. It’s time to learn that selfies can bring you a lot of problems if you take them in inappropriate situations.

4. Photobombed By The Law

Photobombed By The Law
via Oddee

This guy thought he got away with it.

Just after breaking the speed record on that stretch of road, he stopped for a great selfie to share the good news. The unsuspecting teen had a shock when the police officer appeared on the display of his smartphone.

No, the long arm of the law was not there just to photobomb the selfie. Equipped with a radar gun, the law enforcer caught the young men speeding and ignoring his sign to stop.

However, there is one detail only the experienced can observe. Are you able to read the youngster’s face? It says “My father is a lawyer and I can easily sue you for photobombing my selfie.”

Drivers are photobombed not only by the police. Otherwise friendly wildlife messes with motorists just to ruin their shots of the landscape.

5. The Moose Pushes His Agenda

The Moose Pushes His Agenda
via Bored Panda

You can’t say no to a moose!

Whether he is lifting his front foot to catch a ride or offering “moose stuff” in exchange for money, no car window is robust enough to keep his antlers away. The only option is to give in to this creepy hijacker and his unusual demands.

The driver was lucky. With mating season ended, the animal only wanted to fool around in the most rudimentary way possible – ruin a selfie.

Can you see the sweat pouring down that man’s face? He is wondering what comes next. Everyone knows you can take three or four selfies before the beast gets bored.

Sometimes, the one photobombing a selfie becomes the protagonist.

6. Selfie Catches Cat Plotting To Take Over The World

Selfie Cathces Cat Plotting To Take Over The World
via Bored Panda

Did they tell you conspiracy theories are fake, and the rumors spread by delusional individuals?

Take a better look at this piece of evidence. People suspected cats because of their unusual behavior, but now it’s in the open. Game on!

Our feline friends want nothing more than to take over the world. Yes, you heard right! Is that mean face telling you a different story? Spend some time to sense the metaphor.

Innocent masters are raising their cute balls of far without being aware of the danger. Turn your back once, and the cat is relieved to give in to its true feelings.

We will remain in the animal kingdom just to show that our silent friends have a weird mind of their own.

7. Who Wears It Better?

Who Wears It Better?
via Ebaum’s World

At first glance, there is nothing wrong in this picture.

A strange coincidence made it possible for the shark and the human to share a similar smile. For those with a lesson learned, there are no such things as coincidences.

Just go ahead and ask the thousands of swimmers that last exit the waters with one or more limbs missing. Repeated contact with humans taught this predator how to look less frightening.

Put a smile on your face, and the unsuspecting victim will perceive you as not dangerous. It’s evolution, baby, and we might be getting arrogant to the point of ignoring the obvious.

Never smile back at creatures held at SeaWorld. You are only fueling their evil efforts to learn and become more efficient hunters.

As we’ve seen until now, taking the average selfie can produce unexpected encounters. Nothing will prepare you for the next selfie photobomb that geared towards the paranormal.

8. UFO Ruins Beer Brothers Selfie

UFO Ruins Beer Brothers Selfie
via UFO Case Book

Taking a selfie with your bro on a lazy Sunday afternoon packed with beers. What can go wrong?

For starters, you can end up abducted, and with devices inside your rear end, that would make you hate modern technology. Luckily, the two only had a Close Encounter of the First Kind.

Something was happening behind their back, and only the camera was fast enough to catch it. The avalanche of comments the photo got on social media made the two chubby mates local heroes.

You can try how much you want, but you will never reach their level of coolness. Drinking beers, laughing, and having your selfie ruined by a ship briefly exiting the hyperspace is every UFO hunter’s wet dream.

Go ahead and see the rage the next selfie captured.

9. She A Real Menace On Wheels When She Starts Taking Selfies

She A Real Menace On Wheels When She Starts Taking Selfies
via Funny Junk

When you are on public roads, you have to keep at least one hand on the wheel, especially if you are a woman.

It might sound sexist, but what she got in exchange was well deserved. With one hand in the air and the other holding the phone, who the hell is supposed to keep the car straight?

The unsuspecting girl was well outside her lane when the car almost collided with parallel traffic. The look on the young man’s face is priceless.

Call that girl lucky. Her selfie might have been photobombed, but it could have ended entirely different. It made us curious. Did someone ever take a selfie with a car crash as a background?

Ruining selfies gets to a whole new level once you go in Russia. You must see it the next pic!

10. Brother Ivan Wishes Them Happy Honeymoon

Brother Ivan Wishes Them Happy Honeymoon
via Instagram

The faces of the newlyweds hold a significant amount of relief.

And that is not because they are heading for a honeymoon in an exotic location, but because they escaped crazy Ivan. Seeing his little brother get married to a gorgeous woman made Ivan so happy nothing could contain him.

Count the vodka shots, and you might understand why he licks the car window in a crude form of wedding selfie photobomb only Russians know how to do.

No one had the guts to delete the photo from the wedding album. Everyone knows that you can’t be rude to a family member, even if he is the village’s fool.

When animals are not around, there will always be one kid sticking its ugly and creepy face in the frame. Check out the next wasted pixels!

11. Backseat Toddler Creeps In Teen Mom’s Selfie

Backseat Toddler Creeps In Teen Mom's Selfie
via Bored Panda

When you are still trapped in your teenage years, selfies are the world to you.

Not even an unexpected pregnancy can change that. The single mom was hoping for a photo good enough for her Tinder account when little Mattew in the back suddenly put on his picture day face.

At least one element is right. The young mom is wearing a seatbelt while driving and the toddler is not sitting in her lap, waiting to pop through the windshield at the first break.

However, we should not exclude the possibility of a setup. It might be mom’s idea to ask for the monthly child support in a way that never gets turned down.

Check out the next selfie get photobombed at the aquarium.

12. Sea Creatures Have No Soul When It Comes To Photobombing

Sea Creatures Have No Soul When It Comes To Photobombing
via Bored Panda

The following textbook photobomb should make any selfie enthusiast wary of the dangers.

Double check the animals you are about the see. Focus on the angle at which they can open their mouths as well as on their humor.

Don’t let them fool you at the beginning. These creatures are smart and act natural each time someone is watching them. However, the moment they sense youngster taking selfish pictures, they go mad with excitement.

If sharks prey on unsuspecting surfers, dolphins exploit a different category of thrill seekers. We are sorry for ruining your next trip to the aquarium, but the truth needs to see the light. You and your fascination with selfies are not safe.

The last selfie is the best, and we are not the only ones to say that.

13. Zebra Is Not Shy

The Zebra Is Not Shy
via Reddit

This selfie failed so hard it won.

Technically, the selfie is still not recognized as a sport. However, people already developed a strict guideline for praising composition and technique.

We can all agree that you can’t photobomb a selfie in a cooler way. Only zoologists were not happy to see it. Some were quick to call the man lucky to be alive and in one piece.

Zebras are known for their weird behavior next to people. It could have quickly turned bloody. The most frequent incidents involving zebras see them biting tourists on the face.