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17 Richest Hollywood Actors In 2017
Jun 15, 2017

17 Richest Hollywood Actors In 2017


Despite producers acting greedy, Hollywood’s best actors get their fair share of the money. More than enough, if you ask us!

Check out the richest Hollywood actors of 2017 and their astonishing fortunes! These money machines are spitting hundreds of thousands for each second they grace the big screens.

1. Dwayne Johnson – $185 million

Dwayne Johnson
via HBO

The Rock might be last, but he is on a rampage to catch up with the rest of the guys on the list.

What is remarkable about Dwayne Johnson is that he is the best-paid actor of 2016. A third of his $185 million net worth is the result of his superb recent form.

Dwayne doesn’t leave his bed for a check under $10 million, and many of his acting gigs now involve a back end deal. It means that a significant percentage of the box office grosses go into his pocket.

With “The Fate of the Furious” breaking all records regarding opening week earnings, The Rock can only rub his hands against each other and prepare his saliva. He is about to do some serious counting.

“Baywatch” is not something to be ashamed of either. Will the new Mitch Buchannon stand up to the legacy left behind by David Hasselhoff?

Dwayne Johnson
via Wallpaper Made

Check out another actor who is particularly fond of fat paychecks!

2. Leonardo DiCaprio – $245 million

Leonardo DiCaprio
via Paramount Pictures

Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t give the impression of a millionaire when he steps out of his Toyota Prius in 2017.

The emblematic actor boasts a net worth somewhere around $245 million, and a quick look at his movie career earnings can make anyone envious.

Leo cashed in a whopping $59 million for “Inception.” Even since 2002, he didn’t lower his bar under $20 million for a leading role, a reminder of how much his trademark face is worth.

DiCaprio is a discreet person when it comes to enjoying the spoils. For those dying to know how the 42-year-old blows the cash, his performance in “The Wolf of Wall Street” is a good primer.

Being a bachelor entitles DiCaprio to a careless lifestyle that involves an intensive regime of partying. Nevertheless, last year’s Oscar winner takes the time to devote himself to good causes, like raising awareness on Global Warming.

Leonardo DiCaprio
via London Evening Standard

The next actor on the list was once a hopeless junkie. Can you guess his name?

3. Robert Downey Jr. – $250 million

Robert Downey Jr.
via Marvel

Producers had an excellent reason to cast Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark.

Both the actor and his equivalent from the Marvel Universe have a thing for letting the world know how dirty rich they are. And by rich we really mean it!

But that’s where similarities stop. While the billionaire inheritor of Stark Industries spends most of the money on perfecting his Iron Man suits, Robert is rather into the business of buying flashy cars and fabulous mansions.

Since the Avengers franchise shows no signs of ever slowing down, we should expect to see Robert Downey Jr. making his way towards the upper positions. “Avengers: Infinity War” is ready for release in 2018, and the question burning everyone’s minds is how much will the 52-year-old cash this time.

Nevertheless, the story of Robert Downey Jr. could have had a nastier twist. Two decades ago the actor was struggling with a drug addiction, the kind that soaks you in the smell of failure.

Robert Downey Jr.
via Getty Images

Our next beloved actor never felt the burn. All his movie performed fabulously in the box office.

4. Will Smith – $250 million

Will Smith
via Columbia Pictures

Will Smith is an awesome guy, and the $250 million sitting comfortably in his bank account never changed that.

Smith started by being “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and he is now an actor who is not shy about claiming eight figures on his paycheck. Are you curious to why producers pay him without bothering to bargain?

Let’s just say that Will is a box office guru. Until this date, he is the only actor to have eight consecutive films grossing in at over $100 million. Five of those went on to cash $500 million.

The name Will Smith written on the poster of some blockbuster draws in armies of viewers, and in some cases, saves the day. The actor reportedly received $20 million in 2016 for his role in “Suicide Squad,” and every cent was worth it.

We only think about one thing while contemplating Will’s incredible net worth and the $20 million mansion that claimed its very own zip code. Jaden Smith has a lot of money to spend!

Will Smith
via Getty Images

Coming up next, a bodybuilder takes Hollywood by storm!

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger – $300 million

via Pinterest

Nicknames the Austrian Oak, Arnold Schwarzenegger earned himself a place among the best-paid actors in Hollywood.

At this point, we need to specify that the net worth of $300 million is a rough estimate. With royalties from previous roles still flowing in into his bank account and numerous commercial endorsements, Schwarzenegger is looking forward to retirement with a smile on his face.

Arnold’s incredible wealth didn’t stop him from pursuing an even higher purpose. His successful bid to become the governor of California showed us all that celebs diving into politics is not as far-fetched as we once thought. Schwarzenegger certainly didn’t lack funds for the campaign.

With his thick accent and slow speech, The Terminator has an odd perspective on the real value of money. “Money doesn’t make you happy. I now have $50 million, but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.” Tell that to people who live paycheck to paycheck!

via Getty Images

Check out how a cult movie changed everything for our next millionaire actor.

6. Keanu Reeves – $350 million

Keanu Reeves
via Summit Entertainment

Keanu Reeves’s incredible fortune has a simple and straightforward explanation.

Reeves was a rookie in Hollywood before he landed the role of Neo in “The Matrix.” The incredible success of the 1999 film gave him the need confidence to have bolder contract claims and impose his style whether producers liked it or not.

You will be surprised to know that Keanu Reeves came close to missing the big train. Will Smith was the first choice for the role, but he turned it down so that he can star in “Wild Wild West.”

Keanu gave up the chance to stand higher on our list by showing he is also a good guy in real-life. He donated a god chunk of the Matrix paycheck to those less fortunate.

Keanu Reeves
via USA Today

Not everyone loves his movies, but that didn’t set him back.

7. Adam Sandler – $360 million

Adam Sandler
via Columbia Pictures

Adam Sandler always has a smile on his face, and a glance at his typical payday shows just why.

Even so, Adam Sandler’s net worth seems tiny, especially if you compare it to the total of $2 billion his movies mustered at the box office. And that’s half the story there. Sandler’s movies often target the couch potato, the one that waits for the DVD release.

However, a string of recent flops made Sandler receive a less honorary title. Forbes dubbed him the most overpaid actor in the world in 2013, and the effects didn’t make themselves waited for too long.

Sandler dropped a couple of positions in the charts, and it seems highly unlikely for him to recover the ground. On average, Sandler returned $4 for every $1 invested in him.

That quite small considering that you have to pay the production, the other actors, and reserve yourself a reasonable profit margin.

Adam Sandler
via AP Images

Check out the next iconic actor that did more than to earn a living from his Hollywood venture!

8. Clint Eastwood – $375 million

Clint Eastwood
via Getty Images

Clint Eastwood gives a vintage feel to the list of Hollywood’s richest male performers.

That’s because we had good old Clint around for more than six decades and he shows not the slightest hint of getting ready to step down. Eastwood has the merit of being among the few that made a successful transition from acting to directing.

Clint Eastwood has so much money, his pursuits spur mostly out of passion. He became a director because, as an actor, he grew to hate those that would shoot a scene hundreds of times just to get it right. The 86-year-old is famous for cutting production time and budget to a minimum.

A less known fact about Eastwood is that he was once elected mayor of a small Californian town. The actor wanted to win the public office to make Carmel-by-the-Sea a haven for him, his family. Oh, and to keep the paparazzi away.

Clint Eastwood
via Associated Press

On the next page you will meet another Oscar winner that packed on the hundreds of millions.

9. Jack Nicholson – $395 million

Jack Nicholson
via Celebrity Pictures

With close to $400 million to spend, the above image suits Jack Nicholson well.

The actor always paid little respect to others thought about him, and that image served him well throughout his impressive career spanning six decades. Jack Nicholson was eccentric enough to choose the life of a bachelor, and his impressive “record” claims more than 2,000 romantic flings.

How did the actor make his $400 million? You will be surprised to know his career start was shaky regarding profit. Nicholson won only $1 million for his performance in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” the film that bagged him the first Oscar.

Most of the money came from motion pictures that scored less critical acclaim and focused instead on commercial appeal. $90 million – that is the sum Jack Nicholson distilled for his performance as the Joker in Tim Burton’s 1998 “Batman.” Obviously, his salary was only a fraction ($6 million), and the rest came from smart thinking that anticipated the highly positive box office reception.

Jack Nicholson
via Associated Press

They all start somewhere. Our next actor was not lucky at the beginning, but things cleared up eventually.

10. Sylvester Stallone – $400 million

Sylvester Stallone
via Getty Images

Rich guys enjoy the company of each other and Sylvester Stallone is seen here delivering a friendly punch to Donald Trump.

With a net worth of hundreds of millions, 70-year-old Rocky can look forward to retirement with a light heart. However, few fans know just hard it was for him at the beginning.

Stallone’s first movie deal was shameful. He earned only $200 for starring in “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s.” However, the production helped him pay the bills and gave him a glimpse at what Hollywood has to offer.

“It was either do that movie or rob someone because I was at the end – the very end – of my rope.” Such words are bewildering to hear from someone who now affords everything.

Stallone might have earned only $23,000 from his first “Rocky,” but his next movie deals soon exploited the public’s attachment to his crooked smile. The actor rarely lowered the bar under $10 million and surpassed Oscar winners and legends to become one of Hollywood’s richest.

Sylvester Stallone
via Getty Images

Can you guess who is the next comedian on the list? He is in a lot of trouble lately.

11. Bill Cosby – $400 million

Bill Cosby
via Disney World

Bill Cosby is a funny man who knew how to exploit his humor. But his life steered towards tragedy recently.

Although most sources credit Cosby with a $400 million net worth, we are not sure how much of that remained, and how much went on to support his legal defense. June 2017 marked the start of a long-awaited trial at the end of which we will know for sure whether Fat Albert is guilty or not.

Cosby allegedly did all kind of nasty stuff on his way to glory. A man used to sit boldly in the limelight now sadly prepares for the stripped pajamas.

79-year-old Cosby already lost hundreds of contracts and networks stopped re-airing his shows altogether. That has to show up on your bank statement sooner or later!

Bill Cosby
via N’digo

Check out the next formidable movie star and how he manages his fortune!

12. Johnny Depp – $400 million

Johnny Depp
via Walt Disney Pictures

Johnny Depp is a legend of the box office.

The actor starts every contract negotiation with a bold $20 million, as well as a back end. And no producer is crazy enough to say “no” to that.

That’s because Johnny Depp is an industry on its own term, redefining the meaning of success in Hollywood and giving movie buffs of all ages and preferences enough reason to line up for tickets. Only the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise brought Depp more than $300 million.

Moreover, we overlooked notable paychecks for formidable performances in “Alice in Wonderland,” “The Tourist,” or “The Lone Ranger.”

Quick math shows something fishy. Depp’ fortune seems to accommodate a large black hole, one that prevents the 54-year-old actor from claiming our first position.

Depp financial situation is a mess, at least if we are to believe the company that takes care of it. The Management Group (legit!) claims the man who plays Jack Sparrow has terrible spending habits. Depp’s basic monthly expenses go as high as $3 million, and that’s before we dig into the many properties he bought.

Johnny Depp
via Getty Images

Some are less lucky. Our next rich actor saw his estate cut in two. What happened?

13. Mel Gibson – $425 million

Mel Gibson
via Getty Images

Behold, an image that suggests where Mel Gibson once used to be on our list.

The Australian actor just couldn’t hold together his marriage with Robyn, and he had to split a family fortune that peaked at $800 million. And that was not the only bad thing happening to Mad Max.

The past decade was far from being perfect for Mel Gibson, who lost his privileged position after a series of misbehaviors turned him from Hollywood most wanted into an intolerant villain.

“Lethal Weapon,” “The Patriot,” and “We Were Soldiers” each brought Gibson around $25 million and made him one of the best-paid actors of the early 2000s. He would not see a similar level of success until 2016, when “Hacksaw Ridge” rewarded his work as director with four times the initial budget.

Mel Gibson
via Reuters

On the next page, you will get to know the exact net worth of another Oscar winner.

14. Tom Hanks – $470 million

Tom Hanks
via Pinterest

With a net worth in the realm of hundreds of millions, Tom Hanks can easily retire and would not have to raise a single finger his entire life.

Hank’s filmed grossed $9 billion in the box offices worldwide, and that places him high on a list of actors that are highly marketable. Let’s try to explore his incredible run, shall we?

Tom Hanks offers an essential blend of top-notch acting in movies that are commercially enough to perform well with large audiences. He earned an Oscar and $70 million for playing Forrest Gump while lending his voice in Toy Story earned him an additional $35 million.

Tom Hanks was so lucky as an actor, his bid for U.S. Presidency of 2020 doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Tom Hanks
via MOMA

The fact that he is short probably made him even more ambitious. Check out the actor at #3!

15. Tom Cruise – $550 million

Tom Cruise
via Getty Images

Dealing with the economic scale of Tom Cruise’s success is a mission impossible.

Experts always had a hard time explaining what makes Tom Cruises such a magnet for fans. Is it his face, body, or the famous one-liners that broke women’s hearts?

Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s big guns, and his $550 million net worth is a testimony to how many fans he drove to the box office. His movies grossed close to $10 billion worldwide, making Cruise a high-rank celebrity wherever he travels.

Only the “Mission: Impossible” film franchise garnished Tom’s bank account with $300 million. Add another $100 million for “War of the Worlds,” and you begin to understand just why he stands so dear to Hollywood.

For those who can’t figure out why Tom’s wealth remained slim despite his phenomenal run with generous producers, we have a single word – Scientology. The actor pumped millions to support the cult and continues to be one of its leading promoters.

Tom Cruise
via Height Line

Check out the phenomenal entertainer at #2!

16. Tyler Perry – $600 million

Tyler Perry
via Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a man, but financial analysts refer to him as a living industry.

Between 2010 and 2011, Perry earned $130 million, making him the best-paid man in entertainment by a comfortable margin. And it didn’t end there.

Since 2012, Tyler Perry is close associated of Oprah Winfrey, and their combine commercial power is worth billions (many billions).

The guru of the gospel genre boasted an incredible potential of unleashing one successful venture after another, all bearing a signature that people are bound never to forget. Perry kept his prominence in the last years and even threatens the first position.

Tyler Perry
via Getty Images

No surprises at the top of the table. He sat there comfortably for almost a decade.

17. Jerry Seinfeld – $890 million

Jerry Seinfeld
via Scoop Whoop

Jerry Seinfeld needs no further introduction and his balancing of success is incredible.

The one man show mastermind one of the most beloved sitcoms in TV history, and he didn’t even bother with choosing a stage name. Seinfeld might be active as a comedian, but most of the earnings still flow from commercial rights.

Your 9 to 5 job brings home pennies when compared to the $69 million Seinfeld made just by sitting at home. Hulu recently acquired the streaming rights for “Seinfeld,”  and people just could not contain themselves from tasting old-fashion jokes.

Forget about spending hundreds of millions for special effects. “Seinfeld” worked its magic in just a couple of filming locations scattered across NYC. That makes for the perfect money-making machinery and all thank Jerry’s incredible take on humor.

Jerry Seinfeld
via Film Magic

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