17 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically ImpossibleWTF
17 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible
Aug 11, 2017

17 Real Places On Earth That Seem Scientifically Impossible

Buckle up for a journey that will greatly expand your insight on the unusual stuff happening in our world. Prepare yourself for places with chromatic aberrations and crazy phenomenon that are so bewildering you might suspect we consumed something before writing the article.

The reality is stranger than you think! Skeptics will hate the next 17 real places on Earth that seem scientifically impossible. But that won’t make them less true!

1. The Everlasting Lighting Storm of Venezuela

The Everlasting Lighting Storm of Venezuela
via Greek Sky

There’s a place on Earth where lighting no longer scares people to death.

That is because it occurs in the exact same place more than 260 nights a year, 10 hours each. You will be relieved to know the “lucky” spot is not some populated metropolis city-dwellers had to desert.

The phenomenon is inexplicably attached to the spot where the Catatumbo River empties into the giant Maracaibo Lake. Local fishers are the only ones able to exploit nature’s wrath – lighting acts as a lighthouse, and occasionally stuns a school of fish leaving them belly up.

Why is the everlasting lighting storm of Venezuela scientifically impossible. Well, we hate to be the ones breaking it to you, but electrical discharges are supposed to be unpredictable, giving their victims new haircuts or ticket for the ER.

Where’s the wise guy that said lightning never strikes twice in the same place?

The Everlasting Lighting Storm of Venezuela
via Pinterest

The next impossible place is equally dangerous as the non-stop lightning of Lake Maracaibo. Check it out!

2. The Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka

The Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka
via The Boiling River

The Amazonian jungle might be home to weird stuff, but nothing compares to the Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka.

Stretching for only 6 km the Boiling River stands up to its name. Water can reach temperatures of up to 200˚, cooking anything that falls in it. Although the prospect of having a free jungle soup feeding you throughout your trek, the fear of falling keeps most explorers heading for cooler swim areas.

The Boiling River made it on our list of scientifically impossible places largely because the heating source remained unknown. The usual suspect for such a hellish natural phenomenon, volcanism, is far enough (400km) to be dismissed.

Did someone forge the hot water on? If yes, who’s gonna pay the bill?

Until the mystery is unraveled, local tribes will continue to enjoy the free jungle snack consisting of boiled animals and occasional National Geographic photographers. Oh, and yes, cannibals still inhabit the place.

The Boiling River of Shanay-Timpishka
via The Boiling River

Prepare to raise those eyebrows higher than Daenerys Targaryen! The next place is incredible!

3. The Rolling Stones of Racetrack Playa

The Rolling Stones of Racetrack Playa
via Tripteaser

Racetrack Playa is a real place that hosts one of the most mysterious and mind-boggling natural phenomenon – the rolling stones of Death Valley National Park.

Rocks varying in weight from a couple of grams to hundreds of kilograms adopt a nomadic lifestyle and travel distances of up to 5 meters per minute. Although scientifically impossible at first, the unusual display has a straightforward explanation – a combination of high winds and a fragile ice sheet that forms at the surface of the desert.

Of course, no one actually saw them moving so it might happen that pranksters displace them at night as a joke and as an attempt of competing with the much famous crop circles.

Besides geeky geologists, and confused fans of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the bulk of people visiting Racetrack Playa come there with a purpose that explores the fringes of legality – betting on the racing stones. With no limits in effect, the rocks have all premises to break the land speed record. Good luck!

The Rolling Stones of Racetrack Playa
via Shutterstock

Check out the next real place that seems scientifically impossible!

4. The Sand Dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses

The Sand Dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses
via Misadventures Mag

Despite messing with the laws of the natural world, what you are seeing is not a mirage.

The sand dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses chose the worst place possible to attempt building a desert. Located just outside the Amazonian Basin of Brazil, they receive enough water during the rainy season to accommodate thousands of fresh water ponds stretching on more than 1,500 sq. km.

Nature is teasing us once more. Desserts are supposed to be nightmarish dry wastelands where water is more elusive than meaning in the lyrics of today’s modern music. Go ahead and show these pics to Bedouins who ground sand between their teeth all their lives.

As for the fish that venture into these dreamy lagoons, their joy is short-lived. Water evaporates during the dry season, rendering the landscape unrecognizable. However, some industrious little fin-bearers learned to adapt and seek refuge inside the mud until the rains return.

The Sand Dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses
via Alamy

Go to the next page for another incredible spectacle put on by Mother Nature!

5. The Blue Lava of Kawah Ijen

The Blue Lava of Kawah Ijen
via Olivier Grunewald

Although that would be great, the color of the lava is not the result of volcanoes experiencing the blues.

What initially seemed a phenomenon scientifically impossible turned out to be real photos having inaccurate descriptions attached to them. What you see is not a bizarre new type of blue lava, but rather the effect of sulfuric gases burning in contact with the atmosphere.

The unusual spectacle was photographed on the slopes of Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen volcano, turning it into an instant touristic hotspot. Forget about Hawaii or Island! Why pay to travel there and see that boring old yellow lava.

There’s a catch to visiting the blue lava volcano and not being disappointed. The electric blue glow is visible only a night. Don’t be the one that goes there by day and ends up with permanent trust issues concerning the cool stuff the Internet unearths.

The Blue Lava of Kawah Ijen
via Olivier Grunewald

You must see how the next place fooled everyone!

6. The Blood Falls of Antarctica

The Blood Falls of Antarctica
via National Science Foundation

Antarctica is the last place in the world where you’d expect such a colorful display of nature.

Stranded in a desert of white, the Blood Falls looks like global warming melted the cover of a penguin slaughterhouse. Of course, guys like Al Gore argued this was the planet itself bleeding as a result of our mindless actions.

Although scientifically impossible and chromatically improbable, the Blood Falls have a perfect explanation. Deep below the ice a sheet a reservoir of extremely salted water gradually made its way towards the ocean, digging into the rocks reach in iron oxides.

Can you imagine the shock experienced by the explorers of Antarctica when they first laid eyes on the Blood Falls? Peeing yourself as a result of the terror was simply not an option given the temperatures. Most likely they rubbed their eyes in disbelief until they also started bleeding.

The Blood Falls of Antarctica
via YouTube

Some trembled the first time they saw the next surreal place.

7. The Great Blue Hole of Belize

The Great Blue Hole of Belize
via YouTube

The Great Blue Hole of Belize seemed scientifically impossible even for the famed French sea dog Jack Yves Cousteau.

You know you are in a strange place when nature starts creating perfect geometric shapes. Before it became a touristic hotspot, the blue hole of Belize kept the locals convinced it was a gate for the underworld.

Modern theories for modern times. Those who attempt to explain why Belize is today a tax heaven postulated they hide the money down there, away from the greedy hands of the IRS.

The most famous natural landmark of Belize is just a giant submarine sinkhole, and the geology behind it is simple. The whole place was above sea level during the last ice ages and formed at the end of a process that also creates caves.

Impartiality requires us to offer an alternative inception theory for those unable to let go of Creationism. God ran out of filling material on the third day and had to leave the Great Blue Hole of Belize as we see it today.

The Great Blue Hole of Belize
via Pinterest

Prepare your mind to be … blown by the next unusual place that is real despite its oddities.

8. Socotra Island

The Alien Trees of Socotra Island
via Pixdaus

Why buy drugs when it is much simpler to travel to Socotra Island?

Stranded in the Arabian Sea, this territory belonging to Yemen looks so outer worldly that it can easily train the future generation of interstellar travelers.

Check out the incredible trees that are unique to the island. Names like Dragon’s Blood will make you question whether we took these shot from the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones.

Socotra Island appears scientifically impossible for the obvious reason. 240 km from a mainland rarely means you get to develop such a distinct flora and fauna. “The most alien-looking place on Earth” fully deserves the name.

Speaking of the devil, please, for the sake of your well-being, don’t go any further with your inquiry on Socotra Island. Trust us! You don’t want to see the animals living there!

The Alien Trees of Socotra Island
via Earth Porm

On the next page, you see a mysterious reported almost everywhere around the world.

9. Gravity Hills

Gravity Hills
via Road Ragas

A gravity hill is probably the most common kind of place perceived as scientifically impossible.

Cars appear to go uphill by themselves in a phenomenon particularly disliked by both Tesla and manufacturers of fossil fuel-based vehicles. Places all over the world established a local mythology by marking the exact spots where such optical phenomenon occur.

Yep, you heard right! The only theory accepted as realistic by the folks wearing thick lenses is that the local landscape fools the eye into perceiving an uphill.

At the other end of the spectrum are those who cling to the belief that unusual magnetic properties of the bedrock cause gravity anomalies. Meanwhile, the only people roaming gravity roads are either free energy enthusiasts or men desperately attempting to escape the shackles of the friendzone. Oh, and let’s not forget the wacky science professors who insist on teaching about potential energy outdoors.

Gravity Hills
via YouTube

The next item on the list is not for the faint of heart. The discovery was depressing!

10. The Natural Nuclear Reactor of Oklo

The Natural Nuclear Reactor of Oklo
via Extreme Tech

What can be creepier than the thought that nature had its own version of Chernobyl or Fukushima?

Deep inside a uranium mine near the town of Oklo,s Gabon, some geologist knocked their hammers on something truly unusual. They came across a deposit where self-sustaining nuclear chain reactions took place approximately 1.7 billion years ago.

A nuclear plant without staff ready to entomb it in concrete in case something goes wrong is humanity’s worst nightmare. Fortunately for us, natural forces at play created such a hazard at a time when our ancestors were mear bacteria.

Even so, it is useful to take some time and think about it. What happened at Oklo battled almost impossible odds, as the needed conditions for fission to occur are quite strict.

The Natural Nuclear Reactor of Oklo
via Decision Sciences

Check out the next place with unusual properties!

11. The Petrifying Well of Mother Shipton’s Cave

The Petrifying Well of Mother Shipton's Cave
via Alamy

Water that turns things to stone doesn’t sound fun, right?

The petrifying well of Mother Shipton’s Cave became a poster child for places people dismiss as being too weird to be true. However, the oddity is only apparent, and science comes to the rescue with a viable explanation.

The petrified artifacts are a result of water rich in sulfate and carbonate gradually depositing sediments. Just bring your mother-in-law here and see the miracle with your own eyes.

Whatever you do, resist temptation and don’t drink the water. Your kidney will not love it when they become part of the well’s folklore. Oh, we almost forgot. A fortune teller named Mother Shipton used to live here.

If you are a stoner, the petrifying well of Mother Shipton’s Cave is the place for you.

The Petrifying Well of Mother Shipton's Cave
via John Simm

Go to the next place to convince yourself that the next place is not an Internet joke.

12. Grüner See

Grüner See
via Dimplify

Grüner See is something you need to see!

The small lake located in Styria, Austria (not Syria, not yet) goes through fascinating seasonal changes in depth. During winter it barely reaches 1-2 meters and has most of its surface transformed into a park for the locals. However, spring fills the cavity with melted snow and pushes the depth up to 12 meters.

This small-scale version of Atlantis is excellent for inexperienced scuba divers. The submerged park has a bench, which is perfect to catch your breath. Other elements going under water like trails, pontoons, and lazy tourists make Grüner See can give you a real life version of Sponge Bob’s adventures under the sea.

Grüner See
via Dimplify

Feeling sleepy? The next place on the list will act as coffee.

13. The Sleeping City of Kalachi

The Sleeping City of Kalachi
via Siberian Times

The village of Kalachi had nothing to make it stand out in the steppes of Kazakhstan until people contracted a mysterious sleep disease.

All of the sudden hundreds replaced the typical 8-hour a day sleep routine with something that even went as far as a full week of slumber. Although labeled as scientifically impossible by most of us, sleep-deprived working citizens, scientist concluded that gases leaking from a nearby uranium mine are to blame.

Kalachi is now a touristic destination perfect to compliment a sleepless week spent in Ibiza. Don’t forget to take your favorite blankie and your most prized teddy bear. Sweet dreams!

Oh, and don’t go seeking a sleeping beauty there. Kazakhstan has stringent laws on Disney themed western propaganda. That is former Soviet Russia and people should be breaking their back to work for the motherland.

The Sleeping City of Kalachi
via Siberian Times

Impossible – that’s the word most people still use to describe the next place.

14. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima
via Imgur

Mount Roraima is something people even today consider the product of Hollywood fiction.

With sheer cliffs rising 400 meters above the surrounding jungle, Roraima is like a fortress built in times immemorial. The tabletop mountain that seems impossible from pictures is the result of erosion that left behind only the hardened rocks.

Roraima looks like nature built a skyscraper but no elevator or staircase. When fog takes over the lowlands, some people swear the tepuy floats as a ship and changes place. Let’s just say that mountains are supposed to have slopes to be considered normal.

According to writer Arthur Conan Doyle, Roraima is the most likely place in this world to have living dinosaurs. His “Lost World” book is quite something to read while you ascend the wonder of nature. Yes, you can do on one route without climbing gear.

Mount Roraima
via Imgur

It seemed impossible at first. It still does. Check out the next hallucinating place!

15. The Pink Lake of Australia

The Pink Lake of Australia
via WENN

Pink is the new blue!

For a lake in Western Australia, science had a hard time explaining the incredible color. Don’t act disappointed once you know the alleged flamingo massacre of 1932 was a fake story.

Less glamorous creatures contributed to the first lake ever to be able to please the kin female sense of esthetics. Algae in the water are responsible for creating the red pigment known as beta carotene which is essential for the bubblegum tone.

Whatever you do, warn your husband before booking a holiday in the Goldfields-Esperance region. Coming in contact with so much pink can be shocking. Don’t just take our words for granted! The shores of the lake hold a sinister collection of crosses of the brave men that couldn’t handle the thought of such a monstrosity existing.

The Pink Lake of Australia
via Caters News

Although science can explain the next place, it is still creepy to know it exists.

16. The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly
via CNES

The South Atlantic Anomaly is something that will make feel uncomfortable during your next high altitude flight.

Stretching over an important part of South America and the Atlantic Ocean, the Earth electromagnetic shield reveals a weakness few people would have expected. The direct effect is that a growing number of comic particles penetrate up to 200 km to the Earth’s surface.

Don’t rush to sell that Rio de Janeiro mansion just yet! While the anomaly affects and even brings down telecommunication satellites, it has virtually no effect on the population swelling below.

Of course, it is hard to get past the heartbreak of things not being neat, tidy, and symmetrical. Ignore the alarmists who see the South Atlantic Anomaly as an intergalactic portal waiting to unleash hell on us, or as the wound left behind by the Moon when it exited from the planet’s belly through a C-section.

Nevertheless, there’s no joke about astronauts on board the International Space Station turning off the sensors and switching on their arsenal of crosses, praying beads, and holly icons.

The South Atlantic Anomaly
via Tyvak

We end the list with a special item. Check it out!

17. The Door to Hell

The Door to Hell
via SBS

A door to hell sounds like a great idea for sinners that embraced their nature and want to avoid the bureaucracy of repenting.

Unfortunately, the place on Earth that promised such a shortcut is nothing but a natural occurrence science had no troubles explaining. The Darvaza gas crater of Turkmenistan has been burning continuously for the past 46 years since authorities decided to set fire to the loose gases.

Although simple, the strange spectacle of nature keeps on attracting thousands of individuals disappointed by the pathetic flames of their home cooker stove. Pyromaniacs visit the remote desert location just to throw stuff into the furnace and see it consumed.

Those who can’t settle with such simple pleasures started asking burning questions. Is the Door to Hell responsible for global warming? Should not be the gas exhausted by now?

The Door to Hell
via Wikimedia