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17 Most Awful Tourist Photos Ever Taken
Dec 13, 2016

15 Most Awful Tourist Photos Ever Taken

You might say it’s easy being a tourist. Most of us take decent shots while on vacation, but there are others who insist on thrashing the minimum rules of decency and good taste.

Take the worst photo you even did in the many years of traveling and multiply its ugliness ten times. You are still far from matching the awful things we collected here.

1. Everyone Has To Know We Are A Family!

Everyone Has To Know We Are A Family!
via LifeBuzz

“Jimmy put that jacket back on! Everyone has to know we are together.”


We all hate this type of tourists. They are willing to do everything it takes to stand out as a happy and harmonious family. Even wear questionable pieces of garment that look like they are taken straight out of an alternate history where communists rule the planet.

Just take a look at the poor lad on the right. He is begging to be killed just to exit this incredibly awkward family photo. Yes, grandma will be happy to see the team traveling the world and using their trademark pose. Is it worth the cost of ruining your online reputation?

The creators of “The Simpsons” want this photo deleted. People would want to know more about the overseas adventure of flesh and blood Ned Flanders and his family.

2. Photo Bomb

Photo Bomb
via Awkward Family Photo

“Just smile for the camera, darling! The fallout still has miles to go before reaching us.”

Because what is happening in the background distracts us, technically we are talking about a photo bomb. We are not sure, but it might just be the first ever recorded.

Although vintage, this photo might foresee the painful future of touristic photography. People all over the world would have to accept a nuclear mushroom in the background of every photo in case of an all-out war.

The shot pinpoints towards the Nevada test site. We mean, they kept military personnel just miles away from such blasts. Why would they insist on removing pesky tourists? Let them have it!

The one thing we regret not knowing is the form of cancer the little fellow will get.

3. The Stingray Acts Like A Perv

The Stingray Acts Like A Perv
via Oddee

“Get away from me, you creep!”

Can you imagine the shock these three lovely ladies had when their group photo was interrupted by the unexpected visit? Stingrays are usually shy and remain a couple of meters below the surface.

However, something attracted the majestic creature, probably the sexy view from the back.

It always starts like this. All you want to do is take some cool photos to show your Facebook friends where you vacation took you this time. Out of the blue, native marine fauna acts pushy towards you.

There is no doubt it is awkward and uncomfortable to touch an animal from the same species that killed Steve Irwin. Only Japanese tourists would find such a contact arousing and part of the “experience” of being abroad.

4. Welcome To Murica!

Welcome To Murica!
via Expedia

“Give me your tired, your poor, your worst tourists.”

They wrote that on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, the monument that greets visitors from across the pond. It seems that the group is in the right shape for visiting the land of the ultimate democracy.

They have their brains properly washed because only that would explain wearing those silly hats. We get it! You are excited about seeing the famous landmark and the rest of Murica, but does it have to reflect in your clothing?

The photo is clearly a vintage, as no one is taking a selfie. We are still in the golden age of tourism, where low-resolution pics are uncrippled by one’s need to include his/her ugly head in it.

5. Stay Still, You Little Rascal

Stay Still, You Little Rascal
via 9gag

“Stay still, you little rascal! We will make millions like you in our factories.”

Chinese tourists are the worst, and we are not the only ones saying that. It is not enough that they filled the world with cheap and low-quality merchandise. Now they walk around with their fancy cameras, capturing on film everything they do not have back home.

But don’t expect a submission for National Geographic’s monthly annual contest. This tourist is on a more grandiose mission. The Party sent him to document all the cool things around the world that China could replicate.

Nevertheless, beating Mother Nature at her own game would prove challenging. It just happened for him to end up in the natural reserve where birds are not shy of coming close to people. Otherwise, we can’t explain this odd capture.

6. And This Is How They Create Disturbed Adults

And This Is How They Create Disturbed Adults
via Tumblr

“Mickey, I thought you were my friend…”

The fastest way to have your childhood ruined is to receive one hell of a beating at the hands of Mickey Mouse. Technically speaking, the ones to blame are the man inside the costume and the girlfriend that dumped him.

However, it is never easy breaking the news to a 4-year-old. At that age, you still believe in fair minimum wages and giant friendly mice with the only scope of entertaining you.

The shot is more than being one of the worst tourist photos ever taken. You could easily open the topic of how Disney is one giant evil corporation set to extort cash by using kids and their need for entertainment.

We don’t know how this Disneyland incident ended. What we are sure of is that this kid entered adult life way too early, probably with a severe Mickey-issue stuck in his system.

7. Changing The Angle

Changing The Angle
via Reddit

“Is this right? Am I touching it now?”

A visit to the Leaning Tower of Pisa has all chances of disappointing you. Only extremely poor weather can keep away the hordes of tourists that otherwise take the monument by storm all year long.

According to mainstream tourism, no visit to the famous campanile is complete if you don’t exploit the optical effect that tells the viewers you lent a hand in getting things straight again.

Of course, denying this guilty pleasure leaves you with an even worse photo opportunity. The front yard is like a training ground for Power Rangers. The sight is even funnier than attending a yoga class where only people with limited mobility show up.

Just a random fact for you. The municipality of Pisa spends millions of euros each year just to undo the harm done by tourists and keep the leaning tower at a proper angle.

8. When You Finally Come Home From A Long Trip

When You Finally Come Home From A Long Trip
via Pixte

“Mom! Dad! Come and see how big it is!”

Taking a massive dump is the pride of every kid that wants to show his parents he/she takes “growing up” in serious. However, we have only intricate sand art here, and one of the worst tourist photos ever.

As ephemeral as it is, this form of expression is keen on pointing out one of the dreaded aspects of traveling in exotic locations. Staying away from your regular diet and experiencing local cuisine can completely disrupt normal digestion and even cause serious constipation.

The best part of going back home is that you reunite with your beloved toilet. All seasoned travelers know the relief of being with your germs and not fearing a mysterious tropical disease.

9. Creepy Dolphin Sneaks From Behind

Creepy Dolphin Sneaks From Behind
via Reddit

“Mommy, help! This shark is going to eat me!”

Some say that every adult has its blueprint set up in early childhood. Everything that you hate or love is in direct relation with what you experienced as a pants-wetting toddler.

There is no doubt that this young girl will never enjoy the aquatic world. Although completely harmless, dolphins look odd enough to make your first contact with the water environment deeply disturbing.

Why is this one of the worst tourist photos? Because one of the parents should have had the decency to delete it. Instead, they showed it to friends and relatives, and it ended, as expected, on the Internet.

Dolphins are some of the smartest beings on our planet, with a bunch of scientist going as far as saying that they are more intelligent than humans. Chances are a brief telepathic connection was establish, revealing her the elaborate plans to take over the world.

10. Target Acquired

Target Acquired
via Caters News

“Trust me! It’s much better with the rooftop down.”

An African savanna is a ruthless place where you oscillate between being the hunter and the hunted. This awful tourist photo was supposed to show the blue skies, but it captured a disturbing tragedy about to unfold.

The best way to depict what probably happened next is to acquire the same language they use on National Geographic. The leopard is a solitary killer and will have no trouble smashing that skull open.

The animal is also able to consume two times its body weight. But we should not let this fantasies get ahead of us. The reckless driver and the innocent camera man might as well have survived.

11. Welcome To South Dakota

Welcome To South Dakota
via LifeBuzz

“Guys, we made it. We are in the great state of South Dakota.”

Many aspects work together to make this tourist shot an awful one. For starters, it dates from a time when pulling those pants up until they hurt your crotch area was considered fashionable.

However, the fun part is the location itself. There is nothing glamorous about entering South Dakota from Nebraska. You exchange one maize field for another.

Even so, we can read what is on their minds. All four and the mysterious photographer are anxious to arrive in South Dakota because of Mount Rushmore.

For those of you who are not aware, nature worked in a miraculous way to foresee the political future of the first genuine democracy in the world. Water and wind sculpted the faces of four US presidents in the hard granite rock, over millions of years.

12. Someone Needs A Good Belly Rub

Someone Needs A Good Rub
via Pixte

“Come here, boy! Who’s a good boy? Roll over, and you get a treat!”

The unusual sight created confusion and most pedestrians that witnessed the scene agreed that the man just wanted some attention. Otherwise, he would not unravel that giant belly, one that begs for a tender caress.

Of course, we probably got things right. The poor man was so committed to finding the perfect frame that he made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of art. For someone obese, getting on the knees is one of the most complicated maneuvers.

Moreover, the man fits the stereotype of the lazy tourist. Everyone knows that a backpack is always a better choice than the small hand luggage. As for the waist bag, it yells middle class, divorced, and with a terrible sense of fashion.

13. Asian Tourists

Chinese Tourists
via Tumblr

“Now smile and say shrimp!”

Asians and seafood share a special connection we will never be able to understand. Instead of hunting down cultural landmarks, the father and his two sons took an ample photo shoot at the local Fish & Chips.

What caught their eyes was a giant shrimp that dominates the city’s skyline. What better way to tell the story of your overseas voyage than to include all the places you stopped to eat.

As it happens, shrimps did not taste as good as the one back home, so the family with awkward touristic affections had to shorten the trip.

14. Sunset Violence

Sunset Trauma
via LifeBuzz

“Open wide, you ungrateful bastard!”

It is impossible to have a photo worse than this. Two tourists bored of taking the classic sunset shot decide to spice things up. Their timing was perfect, and the frame went viral.

However, it did them no good. We don’t know how you call it in your country, but shoving something down your friend’s mouth is one of the worst things imaginable. Given the romantic seaside backdrop, people immediately assumed the photo is that of a couple coming out as gay.

15. The Definition Of Modern Tourism

The Definition Of Modern Tourism
via TrillEffect

“Just a bit lower … Perfect!”

We will tell you a secret. You will never get to see what travel agencies advertise. Why? Because other hundreds of thousands planned to do the same thing, in the same day.

A decent tourist photo requires nowadays a lot of skills. First, you need to eliminate the hordes of Japanese and their selfie sticks. Second, you have to convince that large group of elders to move their napping quarters elsewhere from the main entrance.

Even so, you still might not be lucky enough. Just remember this. They don’t pick-up garbage each and every day, not even from the most famous touristic landmarks!