17 Most Awful Tourist Photos Ever Taken

Take the worst photo you did in the many years of traveling and multiply its ugliness ten times. You are still far from matching the 17 most awful tourist photos ever taken.

Whether, it’s about the angle, framing, or the message send across, messing up with the rules of photography is very easy. Now that compact cameras are dirt cheap, everyone has a shot to end up the list.

Just keep in thing in mind. Some ideas to make a tourist photo even worse can land you in jail. Dropping the soap in a place where they speak gibberish is not fun at all.

1. Everyone Has To Know We Are A Family!

“Jimmy put that jacket back on! Everyone has to know we are together.”

We all hate this type of tourists. They are willing to do everything it takes to stand out as a happy and harmonious family. Even wear questionable pieces of garment that look like they are taken straight out of an alternate history where communists rule the planet.

Just take a look at the poor lad on the right. He is begging to be killed just to exit this incredibly awkward family photo. Yes, grandma will be happy to see the team traveling the world and using their trademark pose. Is it worth the cost of ruining your online reputation?

The creators of “The Simpsons” want this photo deleted. People would want to know more about the overseas adventure of flesh and blood Ned Flanders and his family.


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