17 Haunting Last Known Photos Of Celebs

The last known photos of celebs are a reminder that life can end abruptly even if you are adorned by millions of fans.

You must read this if you want a more intimate contact with the most shocking and mysterious deaths of the last century. A picture is worth a thousand words and we let you read between the lines.

We are not entitled to say if there is a heaven for celebrities only. According to most religions, you are highly likely to join Freddie Mercury and Hitler in the flames of hell.

1. Space Shuttle Challenger

Space Shuttle Challenger

via NASA

Houston, we got a problem! What could be more disturbing than to see smiling people heading for their death?

Seven astronauts lost their lives when Space Shuttle Challenger blew up 73 seconds after take-off, in what was one of the biggest tragedies of the last century.

You might not know them by their names, but the brave men and women that perished on January 28th, 1986 entered the history books as heroes.

It’s hard to say how shocking it was for them when the red lights turned on. We will only mention the fact that some members of the crew survived the initial blast and died because they crashed on the ocean’s surface.

However, the photo shows the bright side of outer space travel. Before life ended abruptly, astronauts enjoy good moments in the spotlight.


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