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17 Celebrities Who Almost Died In The Most Horrible Ways
Jul 4, 2017

16 Celebrities Who Almost Died In The Most Horrible Ways

Seconds and millimeters. Those are the fine units of measurement that kept our next 16 celebs alive. What did the following 16 celebs say to death? Not today!

Be part of a heartbreaking journey that will show just how close we came to losing some of our most beloved actors and musicians. Whether you believe in destiny, or like to invoke blind like, the list is meant to make you feel good about being alive.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio
via Getty Images

“The Revenant” was not the only time when Leonardo DiCaprio came dangerously close to death.

A bear maul is a hug when compared to the four other horrifying situations the Academy Award faced throughout his career. DiCaprio came agonizingly close to a bloodbath in 2014 when a Great White shark jump made inside his protective cage.

Something tells us this was worse than letting go of the raft in “Titanic.”

Diving doesn’t seem to be the lucky sport for Leo. On a separate occasion, his oxygen tank leaked, and he was helped to reach the surface by fellow Hollywood actor Edward Norton.

The 42-year-old had another scare when a plane engine blew with him on board, and he had to go through an emergency landing. Nevertheless, the actor reserved #1 on his list for the ridiculously scary moment when his skydiving jump almost turned deadly because both parachutes didn’t open.

No, he didn’t learn how to fly! His partner for the tandem managed to untangle the cords, unfortunately not in time to avoid a rough landing that almost broke their bones.

Leonardo DiCaprio
via Geek Shizzle

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2. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom
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Orlando Bloom might be smiling from the comfort of his superstar position, but things were once gloomy for him.

The actor known for his role of Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean series almost died at the age of 21. Driven by the typical recklessness of adolescence, Bloom attempted to climb to a rooftop terrace along with some friends.

What happened is a cliché, one often exploited in cartoons. The drainpipe couldn’t hold his weight and collapsed, plunging the then-aspiring actor to what seemed to be certain death.

However, a miracle happened, and Orlando Bloom survived the three-story fall with only several broken vertebrae in his neck. Multiple surgeries and full 18 months of recovery allowed him plenty of time to get his act straight and never attempt such buffooneries.

The actor credits the incident for offering him a new perspective on life. We are obviously not talking about what he saw from that faithful roof.

Bloom learned that everything is achievable with hard work. He went on and landed his first significant role as Legolas in “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.”

Orlando Bloom
via Gizmondo

On the next page, you see how even the easy life in Hollywood has its deadly traps.

3. George Clooney

George Clooney
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George Clooney might look like the guy who has it all.

His successful career earned him an Oscar, and he settled down with a gorgeous wife after years of partying with the hottest girls. Few fans know that Clooney went agonizingly close to death after a stunt for one of his films went terribly wrong.

Clooney suffered a spinal injury while shooting a torture scene for the 2005 “Syriana.” He spent weeks in a hospital bed, hooked to IVs and unable to move because the swelling and extra fluid caused him terrible headaches.

Clooney’s ordeal was almost unprecedented for an A-list actor like him. For 15 consecutive days, this celeb endured the pain associated with receiving a daily spinal tap.

The 56-year-old was not shy to confess he even contemplated the option of committing suicide. His method of choice would have obviously been the less painful one – “go in the garage, go in the car, start the engine.”

Ironically, the movie that almost killed him booked a first golden statuette for “Best Supporting Actor.” Can you point at someone that wouldn’t break its neck for such an honor?

George Clooney
via Warner Bros.

Our next celeb on the list almost died while on vacation. Incredible!

4. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway
via Sony Pictures

The life of celebs is more dangerous than you think, even for the time they head out on vacation.

Go ahead and ask Anne Hathaway! She almost drowned while swimming when a powerful riptide came out of the blue and swept her away. Fortunately, a local surfer quickly identified the danger and stepped in to save her.

Anne’s ordeal took place back in 2014, when the actress and her husband, Adam Shulman, were vacationing in Hawaii.

Catwoman should have known her limits! At least if you ask us, most drowning incidents occur because the swimmers are over confident about their skills and stamina.

Anne Hathaway
via Fame Fly Pictures

We are told that planes are safe. The next famous actor might offer you a different opinion on that.

5. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp
via Sony Pictures

Johnny Depp is another monumental actor that almost left us before putting his creative genius to work.

Depp joins Leonardo DiCaprio on a list of celebs that almost perished while flying. The incident occurred in 2011, at a time when the actor was busy filming “The Rum Diaries.” He had director Bruce Robinson at his side when the only engine of their small private plane suddenly stopped.

“Oh, sh-t! This is death; I guess this is how it goes down.” Those are the words Depp remembers saying, immediately before bursting into nervous laughter. What could you expect from a man that played Jack Sparrow and had many of the character’s quirks stuck in his head?

Depp and Robinson were lucky. The engine stalled for only a couple of seconds, a period that probably appeared like an eternity to them.

The vast majority of celebs perish young due to drugs. Can you imagine the grief that would have encompassed Johnny Depp’s early stage exit? It would have been a major tearjerker.

Johnny Depp
via Walt Disney Pictures

Some celebs are clumsy enough to put themselves into impossible situations. You have to read the next story!

6. Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding
via Idolator

Ellie Goulding can call herself lucky. Other people end up in bitter survival situations for less than that.

The 30-year-old singer almost died in what some consider the most bizarre circumstance a celeb has ever put itself into. In 2016, Ellie was traveling through Norway accompanied by photographer and boyfriend Conor McDonnell, when disaster struck.

The two decided that a frozen lake right outside the road offered the perfect angle for a shot of the Milky Way. What they failed to foresee was that despite the bitter cold, the ice was too thin to support the weight of their jeep.

“Oh, sh-t we’re in.” Goulding grabbed her beau and exited the vehicle just in time to save their lives. We doubt any of them had the training and resources to survive at -25 and with their clothes soaking wet.

Fortunately, the instinct to take photos kicked in and we have the below gem. The car fell through the ice in a matter of minutes, probably at the same time when the shot hit Instagram.

The tough part is deciding how to label the whole deal. We think stupidity works best!

Ellie Goulding
via Mirror

You will never believe what saved the next actor from certain death!

7. Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix
via Shutterstock

We have to ignore the many hoaxes that made fans mourn his fake death in vain, and focus on the time Joaquin Phoenix came close to a sad end for real.

The year was 2006, and Phoenix had just left rehab after a bad track with alcohol. While driving through Hollywood, the actor’s car experienced a brake failure, ran off the road, and rolled several times.

That is where the story gets a bizarre twist. Joaquin had all the reasons to believe he was dead when he heard the voice of renowned German film director Werner Herzog telling him to relax.

“I’m fine. I am relaxed.” Apparently, Joaquin was far from being so, and he was on the verge of making a terrible mistake. Trapped by the airbags, the actor attempted to light up a cigarette to clear his thoughts.

That would have had disastrous consequences, given the gasoline flowing out of the damaged tank. Herzog assisted his Hollywood neighbor until ambulances came, preventing him from doing anything else foolish.

Imagine the mental torment of seeing Joaquin joining his older brother, the late River Phoenix, in Hell. Yes, that’s where all celebs go after selling their soul to the Devil in exchange for fame.

Joaquin Phoenix
via Lifebuzz

The next incredible story of survival involves a rapper you know and love. What happened to him is unbelievable!

8. 50 Cent

50 Cent
via Wallpapers Craft

“Somebody shot me in the face! It burns, burns, burns.”

That was the reaction of obscure rapper Curtis James Jackson III after a rival gang member made a brutal statement. Jackson was shot in the hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest and left cheek, a total of nine times.

Most individuals would give up life after such a brutal lead discharge. Others would never attempt to become public figures and live the rest of their lives hiding like rabbits. 50 Cent is part of that small percentage of fighters.

Not only did the African-American rapper made a full recovery, but he went on to release an album just one year later with a pretty catchy title – “Guess Who’s Back?” You probably know what happened after.

When life gives you lemons, you typically make lemonade. What about the time when life offers you bullets? You make pennies, nickels, or, even better, a highly valuable “50 Cent” coin.

50 Cent
via This is 50

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9. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
via Men’s Health

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed a near-death experience.

Ryan was 17 and probably brainless when he signed up for skydiving. Let’s make a quick parenthesis. Skydiving is that kind of sport where you rely on a parachute to help you survive a freefall from thousands of meters up in the air. The pain of hitting the ground at such a speed must be excruciating.

Fortunately, our beloved Deadpool only contemplated the grand finale when his primary chute failed to deploy correctly. Reynolds hesitated a couple of seconds before trying his luck with the second one.

“When I pull this reserve, and nothing happens, that’s it – I’m still alive, but I’m already dead.” Forget about playing Russian roulette. Freefalling to death is the real deal!

Although rare, parachute accidents happen, mostly because you have but a couple of seconds to make the right choice. Ryan Reynolds’s instructor was not as lucky, and he died shortly after the incident involving the future actor.

Ryan Reynolds
via YouTube

10. Eminem

via Eminem

Eminem used his personal experience when rapping about life and death and the subtle line separating the two.

Let’s recap how the aspiring artist had a hard time dealing with reality after his first music failed even to provide for his family. Eminem was troubled enough to embrace prescription pills like Vicodin and Valium, just to make the bad thoughts go away.

One day, however, feeling particularly depressed, Eminem switched for something more powerful – methadone. Next thing he knew, he was on a hospital bed, with medics pushing hard to keep him alive.

Eminem came agonizingly to full organ failure. Fortunately, he made a full recovery, although drugs have stayed in his orbit ever since.

Most celebs would do anything to hide their less flattering history. The 44-year-old took a different approach and named two of his albums in memory of the silly death-defying stunt – “Relapse” (2009) and “Recovery” (2010).

The second would go as high as being the international bestseller of that year.

via Eminem

Life ceases to offer comedy material when you come agonizingly close to dying in the worst terrorist attack ever.

11. Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane
via Associated Press

The only time Seth MacFarlane doesn’t put on a smiley face is when he talks about his bone-chilling early close encounter with Lady Death.

The comedian behind the voices of Peter Griffin and other “Family Guy” characters was minutes away from boarding the plane that hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Two factors contributed to us still having MacFarlane around to delight viewers with his incredible humor.

Seth had troubles waking up in time after a night of heavy boozing. Second, his travel agent was particularly uninspired about the itinerary that led to the airport.

Combined, it resulted in MacFarlane showing up at the gates 10 minutes after they had closed. The then quasi-unknown artist didn’t have much time to lament about his misfortune.

With his hangover still taking its toll, Seth fell asleep in the waiting lounge and woke 45 minutes later, just to see the terrorist act unfolding.

The worst part of it all is that Seth MacFarlane was not impressed, and he even went on to include a 9/11 joke in Family Guy. Savage!

Seth MacFarlane
via Wikimedia

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12. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore
via Netflix

Drew Barrymore came so close to a premature death that would have spared Hollywood from one of its most colorful characters.

One night back in 2001, Drew was, as usual, asleep alongside her second hubby Tom Green. The couple woke up around 3:00 AM when their trusty canine came to warn them of the impending danger.

Sensing smoke, the two went outside, just in time to see their $700,000 mansion being engulfed in flames and razed to the ground. Firefighters rushed to the Beverly Hills address and fought to extinguish the furnace for more than 1 hour.

Drew Barrymore might have narrowly escaped death, but the material damage puts her comfortably at the top, as the least lucky celeb. Even so, what the actress lost that night is nothing compared to her fabulous net worth.

Barrymore currently resides in a beautiful $7.5 million mansion in Montecito, California, and we bet all our money she now went through the effort of getting expensive fire insurance.

Drew Barrymore
via AP Images

There is something heartbreaking about gorgeous A-list actresses coming close to death. Are you ready emotionally for the next story?

13. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron
via Shutterstock

Can you imagine the apocalyptic reality where Charlize Theron is no longer among us? We certainly can’t!

The world came close to its darkest hour in 2005 after Theron injured herself while filming for “Aeon Flux.” For those who don’t remember, the beautiful South African actress played the title character and had to perform some pretty impressive stunts.

On the ninth day of shooting Charlize fell on her neck, herniating a disk between two of her vertebrae. What is worse is that it could have been much more severe. Only a couple of millimeters kept her away from a potentially lethal spine injury.

Even so, the impact force was strong enough to crush some nerves and render half of the body numb. The production took a break while everyone prayed for Charlize Theron to make a full recovery.

Although she returned to finish the work, “Aeon Flux” turned into a box-office flop, unable to cash enough money even to pay for its production.

Charlize Theron
via Paramount Pictures

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14. Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox
via AP Images

“Lost” made Matthew Fox famous but also almost killed him.

The incident happened while the last episodes of the series were in production and involved fellow cast member Terry O’Quinn. Jack and Locke (better said, Man in Black) engaged in a knife fight that was supposed to settle the fate of the Island once and for all.

For those who don’t know, they use retractable knives on such occasions, and the blade is not lethal. However, producers also employ real weapons, just to give those close-ups a sparkle of authenticity.

O’Quinn accidentally implanted a real knife into Fox’s abdomen, in what could have been the silliest death in TV history ever. Fortunately, it is standard practice for actors to wear a protective padding made out of Kevlar.

The story is guaranteed to make Losties lose their minds and go back and watch the whole series, just for a prelude for the scene that almost killed Matthew Fox. Both actors confirmed this was more than an urban legend, and “Lost” confirmed once more its status of being an emotional roller coaster.

Matthew Fox
via ABC Studios

How the next actress almost perished while shooting a scene will make you gasp for air!

15. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher
via Rex Features

Isla Fisher might be all smiles, but her acting career once came dangerously close to a premature end.

The 41-year-old Australian actress almost drowned while filming “Now You See Me” back in 2013. You probably remember the scene where she performs an underwater stunt.

According to the story, the safety plug stuck to her costume, and Isla had to spend three minutes submerged, fighting the water that was pushing its way into her lungs.

The odd thing about Isla’s near-death experience is that it didn’t alert the rest of the production crew. For them, she was just putting on highly realistic acting.

“I was drowning. No one realized I was struggling.” That’s the danger of being one of Hollywood best performers. It is somehow similar to the story of the boy who cried wolf.

Isla Fisher
via Summit Entertainment

We left the most painful story for the very end!

16. Travis Barker

Travis Barker
via Getty Images

Travis Barker concludes our list with the most vivid example of how a celeb cheated death.

Ever since he was a little boy, the drummer of Blink-182 had a profound fear of flying, one that went as far as making him believe he will one day die in a plane crash.

Call it coincidence, but it almost happened. Back in 2008, Barker narrowly survived a plane crash that killed his assistants and the two pilots. A blown tire caused the aircraft to miss its take-off, go outside the runway, and hit an earth bank.

Barker suffered horrible burns on his body and spent a considerable amount of time in the hospital. At some points, doctors even considered the option of amputating one of his legs. Ouch!

Travis Barker
via Associated Press