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16 Most Weird And Unusual Celebrity Hobbies
Dec 16, 2016

16 Most Weird And Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

You will change your mind about your favorite celebs once you find out what they are capable of doing in their free time. Forget about regular hobbies like stamp collecting and knitting.

Hunting frogs and playing with Barbie dolls is not the worst of it.

1. Steve Vai – Beekeeping

Steve Vai - Beekeeping
via Pop Hitz

Steve Vai is one world-renowned guitarist that spends his free hours doing strange stuff.


Beekeeping is not only meticulous and time-consuming, but also dangerous, because it puts you in direct contact with thousands of annoyed insects, each capable of delivering a very painful sting.

Steve’s interest in bees started after moving to California. What began with only one swarm quickly evolved to full-time obsession. Steve went as far as involving his family and even close friends in the process of honey harvesting.

That might sound very strange and annoying, but you will be happy to know the honey brings money for charity reasons. Vai created the “Make A Noise Foundation, ” and it’s easy to suspect the buzzing of the bees inspired the name.

You will never guess what the next celebs enjoy doing! We’ll give a hint. It is not counting money.

2. Daniel Craig – Plays Halo

Daniel Craig - Plays HALO
via Answers

Daniel Craig admitted to a guilty pleasure most of us have in common.

The current James Bond spends his free time and arrives late at shootings because he is an addict video game player. The actor confessed his favorite FPS is Halo, as it allows him to hunt and kill aliens.

We suspect it was “Cowboys and Aliens” that left Craig craving for extra dead bodies. The science-fiction western apparently did not have enough cruelty to satisfy him.

Daniel Craig is by no means the only celeb who can be called a gamer. The list is long and can make any fan feel more comfortable with his/her addiction.

3. Rod Stewart – Model Trains

Rod Stewart - Model Trains
via Daily Mail

Life has been good with Rod Stewart.

At an age when many count the pennies from the retirement fund, Rod has time to pursue the hobbies his overwhelming career rarely allowed.

The 71-year-old known in the celeb world as “the Mod” rode the “Downbound Train,” but only for fun. Building model trains and mock-ups of urban buildings has been a well-regarded secret of his.

The public first laid eyes on Stewart’s creations when photos of his setup appeared in Model Railroader Magazine. The singer named his most prized cardboard work “Grand Street and Three Rivers Railroad.”

What is most amazing about Rod Stewart and his hobby is that their relationship started while the artist was touring. Rod spent many sleepless nights in hotels around the world assembling the small vehicles. Apparently, this was his way to channel stress out.

Although less sophisticated, the upcoming hobbies of celebs will make you crave for free time to take on one yourself.

4. Taylor Swift – Crafts Snow Globes

Taylor Swift - Crafts Snow Globes
via Fashion Underground

Taylor Swift is watching the rest of the celeb world from a stratospheric position. However, her unusual hobby is down to earth and cute.

When she is not busy entertaining the millions or counting her millions, Swift spends time crafting festive jars. You have all the rights to be confused. That is a more fancy way of saying she creates hand-made snow globes.

The phenomenal singer is never alone, and her weird hobby brings the whole crew at her place. We talk about her friends and not about her sound crew, although those senseless bastards would deserve such torture.

It’s relatively straightforward to build momentum for the holidays like Taylor Swift does. All you need is a jar and a bit of imagination regarding what to stick inside. It’s a bit too late for pickles so do as a favor and go for something more Christmas-related.

You will be happy to know that the next hobby also inspired fans.

5. Tom Hanks – Traditional Typewriters Enthusiast

Tom Hanks - Traditional Typewriters Enthusiast
via Nerdist

What can be nerdier than reject the comfort of your laptop for a relic from a time long ago?

Tom Hanks is obsessed with traditional typewriters, and the way this love story started will amaze you. The actor from “Saving Private Ryan” received one as a gift and it appealed to him immediately.

Hanks owns hundreds of manual typewriter and even uses them for the few lines he needs to write each day. It might sound strange, but nothing spells more clearly that the job is done than pulling the paper out from the machine.

The actor’s obsession did not stop there. He went through the trouble of developing an iPhone app that emulates the experience. Hanx Writer is free and still available in the App Store.

Don’t be fooled by Tom unusually cute hobby. The next ones will leave you cringing.

6. Johnny Depp – Plays With Barbie Dolls

Johnny Depp - Plays With Barbie Dolls
via Pop Hitz

Barbie Dolls traditionally belong to girls under a certain age. What happens when someone like Johnny Depp wants to play along?

Few things separate Depp’s hobby from a fetish. We don’t know how difficult was Depp’s childhood, but we have reasons to believe his abusive parents were not happy to see him dress and undress the plastic dolls.

Depp made no secret of having an impressive collection of Barbies. In his defense, he also has a daughter. However, the actor gathered the courage and confessed that the plastic toys inspired him to create meaningful dialog and develop characters like Jack Sparrow.

We promise this is the last hobby where traditional territories of each gender are breached. But that doesn’t mean the favorite pass time activity of the next celeb is less weird.

7. Neil Patrick Harris – Magic

Neil Patrick Harris - Magic
via LA Times

You might think of magicians as underperforming actors. However, that is not the case with Neil Patrick Harris.

Harris adds magic to his impressive repertoire and even convinced producers of “How I Met Your Mother” to equip Barney Stinson with a similar hobby.

Although it sounds strange, there is such thing as The Academy of Magical Arts. Harris is its most famous member and even holds a chair of the Board of Trustees.

Harris performed no trick when he came out as gay in 2006. In fact, he is one of the most avid spokesmen for the LGBT minority, and everyone perceives his family as being a happy one. Together with David Burtka, Harris adopted two children.

Neil Patrick Harris might know his way around magic, but he could never make the following celebs on the list disappear. Check them out!

8. Susan Sarandon – Ping Pong

Susan Sarandon - Ping Pong
via NY Times

Something as boring as table tennis looks awesome when played by a celeb.

Susan Sarandon might not have the weirdest hobby on the list but is strange to see her wasting her free time with an activity that brings little to no reward.

The Academy Award winner took the sport to another level and gave it a social spin-off. Sarandon opened five locations when people can do more than play ping pong.

Enthusiasts of the sport from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto have one particular reason to be happy. If they afford to pay the entry fee for SPiN, they have good chances of getting their paddles autographed.

When Susan is in a good mood, she even plays a serve or two with the fans that insist the most.

Smile as you still can. The hobby of the upcoming celeb will most likely destroy your body!

9. Bob Barker – Loves Karate

Bob Barker - Loves Karate
via Pop Hitz

Bob Barker is a 93-year-old that can kick anyone’s ass.

How is that possible? Well, let’s just say that one of Barker’s most beloved hobbies is practicing karate. You can’t go wrong when you have the legendary Chuck Norris as your teacher.

The famous TV host earned a black belt and is still pretty much active, despite the advanced age. The photo shows him just moments before delivering some realistic punches into Adam Sandler’s face.

The two co-starred in the 1996 “Happy Gilmore” comedy and the on-screen feud resulted as they teamed up for a golf competition.

You can probably guess what Barker tells his victims just before delivering those trademark Norris punches. We will give you a hint. He hosted “Truth or Consequences.”

Looking for something less painful but equally damaging? Check out what the next celeb did to his son because of his hobby.

10. Nicolas Cage – Obsessed With Superman

Nicolas Cage - Obsessed With Superman
via Imgur

Nicolas Cage was so obsessed with Superman that he gave his son the name of Kal-El.

If you don’t know, that Superman’s birth name as it is recorded in the birth certificate issued on Krypton. Yep, we know what’s bugging you. How could one parent sentence his son to everlasting comic book references? You probably imagine kids bullying him at school and asking him to fly.

You will be shocked to know what caused Cage to name his baby like that. The actor was involved in a failed Superman movie project. The director of the project was none other than Tim Burton, but “Superman Lives” failed to go beyond pre-production.

Fans were left with some fuzzy pics of Nic wearing the red and blue costume. Your mind will implode figuring out if the production would have been a success or not.

Unbelievably, the following celebs pushed their hobbies to the extremes. Just watch #11!

11. Stephen Colbert – Huge Fan Of Tolkien

Stephen Colbert - Huge Fan Of Tolkien
via Entertainment Weekly

Stephen Colbert is s huge fan of Tolkien’s works and spends all of his free time absorbed by the fantastic worlds the author created.

We have to give credit to the comedian for taking his obsession as far as one can go. Colbert knows more about “The Lord of The Rings” than the producers of the trilogy, and he proved that in many trivial pursuit showdowns.

Colbert went as far as scoring a role in “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” Although playing a minor character (a Lake-Town spy), he took it very seriously. And he could not stop talking about it.

Colbert is a regular at Comic-Con, and you don’t have to be a genius to guess his costume. Either an Elf or a Hobbit, this celeb made a serious commitment and is a source of inspiration.

The next celeb is also a big fan of great fiction, but not like Colbert. Check it out!

12. Leonardo DiCaprio – Collects Sci-Fi Figurines

Leonardo DiCaprio - Collects Sci-Fi Figurines
via Associated Press

Recent Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio has an impressive collection of action figurines that can make even the most dedicate geek jealous.

It’s hard to say how it all started, but we bet it has something to do with Leo being denied the golden statuette on countless occasions. Like you probably guessed, Leo’s favorite collections is “Star Wars.”

There is one small detail we fail to understand. The actor that played frontiersman Hugh Glass in “The Revenant” is also an environmentalist. Buying plastic figurines is not exactly the kind of behavior you would expect from him.

DiCaprio was so pleased with this year’s Oscar he keeps it alongside his beloved action figurines.

If it warms you on the inside knowing that an A-list like DiCaprio has the same hobby as you, keep reading. The next celeb has nothing in common with her fans.

13. Claudia Schiffer – Collects Bugs

Claudia Schiffer - Collects Bugs
via Pop Hitz

Women and bugs are bitter enemies. Could it be any different?

Apparently yes, at least if you consider the strange hobby that Claudia Schiffer always tried to hide from her fans. The gorgeous German model collects insects with her delicate hands.

What better way to spend your free time when you are the most wanted woman in the world for so many years? Claudia might be 1990s material, but no one would be ashamed to date the 46-year-old.

We have reasons to believe some of the preservatives she uses on the dead insects made its way into her diet. Otherwise, we can’t explain how Schiffer defies time so successfully.

It doesn’t end there. Spiders are the model’s favorite insects, and she even used them as inspiration for her clothing line logo.

Just to make you feel comfortable again, the next celeb has less disgusting tastes. Her hobby is rather nerdy.

14. Mila Kunis – Star Trek And Video Games

Mila Kunis - Star Trek And Video Games
via DeviantArt

Mila Kunis is equally hot and down to earth. Her geeky side will ruin all the stereotypes regarding gorgeous celebs.

Hollywood’s favorite sweetheart is a Trekkie, which means she is obsessed with anything related to Star Trek. You could spend a lifetime with her talking about the best version of the series and the secret identity of Spock.

Kunis went through all the stages of a junkie, as her hobby goes back to a time when she was just a ten-year-old. Can you imagine the future Miss Kutcher telling her mother she would prefer being called a Vulcanian rather than a princess?

It doesn’t stop there. The actress born in Soviet Ukraine speaks Klingon and attended numerous “Star Trek” conventions. Awkward or not, Kunis keeps her autographed Leonard Nimroy poster on the bedroom wall.

Although unexpected, Mila’s hobby is not as weird as the one we saved for the end. Just two to go!

15. Flea – Plays Chess

Flea - Plays Chess
via Pop Hitz

Some say that it is impossible to make the Red Hot Chili Peppers cooler than they are now. Guess again!

Flea is one bassist with a special love for chess. Although never playing at an elite level, his skills were good enough to attract the attention of the current World Chess Champion – Magnus Carlsen.

The Norwegian accepted the band’s invitation to play a couple of demonstrative matches while in Rio. There is no mystery there.

The Grandmaster had no trouble in snatching victory in all the games played, but he did take the time to praise Flea’s style and technique afterward. He was miles away from your average rookie.

Last time we checked, declaring chess as your hobby would have made you a nerd in the eyes of your friends. It seems that times have changed.

One more and you are done! The last celeb and her unusual hobby will be a checkmate. You have to see it!

16. Paris Hilton – Hunts Frogs

Paris Hilton - Hunts Frogs
via India Times

Paris Hilton fooled everyone with her shiny persona, and her favorite hobby is disgusting enough to make her fans think twice.

Hunting frogs is one of Hilton’s favorite leisure activity. But the star does it solely for the thrill, and the captured frogs never end up in her diet. Paris owns a ranch in California and another in Nevada, and her hunting grounds also include a private island.

“I catch frogs and put them in a bucket, and then I let them go.” As you see, the term “hunting” is a bit exaggerated. Paris rather plays with the amphibians, and we have reasons to suspect she kisses each one of them before letting it return to the wild.

The great-granddaughter of the man that founded the Hilton Hotels is always on a hunt to find a prince charming. The 35-year-old socialite is a single mom with an unstoppable appetite for dating.

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