16 Most Weird And Unusual Celebrity Hobbies

You will change your mind about your favorite celebs once you find out what they are capable of doing in their free time.

Forget about regular hobbies like stamp collecting and knitting. You can’t afford that when you want to stand out from the crowd. We have on the list everything to get you from one extreme to another.

Hunting frogs and collecting bugs are just a few of the favorite activities of the stars. If that’s not weird enough for you, wait to see the rest!

1. Steve Vai – Beekeeping

Steve Vai is one world-renowned guitarist that spends his free hours doing strange stuff.

Beekeeping is not only meticulous and time-consuming, but also dangerous, because it puts you in direct contact with thousands of annoyed insects, each capable of delivering a very painful sting.

Steve’s interest in bees started after moving to California. What began with only one swarm quickly evolved to full-time obsession. Steve went as far as involving his family and even close friends in the process of honey harvesting.

That might sound very strange and annoying, but you will be happy to know the honey brings money for charity reasons. Vai created the “Make A Noise Foundation, ” and it’s easy to suspect the buzzing of the bees inspired the name.

You will never guess what the next celebs enjoy doing! We’ll give a hint. It is not counting money.


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