16 Shocking Secrets Flight Attendants Would Never Tell You

Being a flight attendant makes you part of a conspiracy so wide it can scare even the skeptics.

Whether you are preparing for your first trip or you are a veteran of the skies, these 16 shocking secrets will help you understand the side of flying often left in the shadows. Don’t even try to print the article and rub it in their noses. They will deny everything.

If you didn’t know until now, they chose gorgeous women to attend people while flying just to keep their minds away from the awful truth. Bonne voyage! And don’t forget to ignore the monsters you see on the wing of the plane.

1. Joining The Mile High Club Is Not As Fun As It Might Sound

Joining The Mile High Club Is Not As Fun As It Might Sound

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We all dream about this. Sex at high altitude is a prospect able to arouse even those that fear jet lag.

No flight attendants will ever warn you about this at boarding, but they know exactly when two lovebirds are forcing their way in the Mile High Club. Passengers look like foolish schoolchildren when they make their way towards the toilet. Even more, long queues are keen to suggest to the bathroom is used for something else rather than an emergency.

Even if you manage to fool the crew, the experience is overrated. What we see in the movies is far from depicting reality. Toilets are not only small but also incredibly dirty and stinky.

Although it is not illegal to have sex on a plane, you might pay for the thrill with long hours at the security check. Airport authorities do not take such forms of disobedience lightly, and you might even get yourself banned by the company.


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