Photoshop, plastic surgery, or some bits of smart marketing. You live in a world that is trying to sell unicorns every step of the way. 

However, we are here to draw a thick and bold line between what is fake and what is real. These incredible pictures reveal that the world and its people are amazing and that millions of incredible facts await your curiosity.

The recipe for success is simple. Look for something that creates confusion, and which leaves people scratching their heads. Unusual topics work best, although even the routine has its gems.

We promise you that all photos included in our list are genuine. If you don’t trust us, there is always good old Google to come to the rescue.

1. Kangaroo Dogs

1. Kangoroo Dogs

Although scientists love to play with genes and cross-breed animals, we trust these dogs were not born like this. 

Most likely, they lost their front legs in a horrific accident, and the amputation was done with such sturdy hands, that is impossible to tell.

Of course, having dogs like them around would be incredibly funny. Hoping on their back legs and losing balance the moment you tip them over, they would quickly replace the kangaroos as Australia’s most loved animal.

If you believe all the things Darwin said, evolution will never stop, and bipedal dogs will roam the Earth millions of years from now. Yes, the same way dinosaurs once did.


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