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16 Photos That Look Fake, But They’re Totally Real
Aug 8, 2016

16 Photos That Look Fake, But They’re Totally Real


Photoshop, plastic surgery, marketing… We live in a world that is trying to fool you and sell you lies every step of the way. Let’s draw a thick and final line between what is fake and what is real.

The following 16 photos might appear the masterpieces of con artists. Reality beats fiction, and you must read each one’s story.

1. Kangaroo Dogs

Kangoroo Dogs

Although scientists love to play with genes and cross-breed animals, we trust these dogs were not born like this. 

Most likely, they lost their front legs in a horrific accident, and the amputation was done with such sturdy hands, that is impossible to tell.

Of course, having dogs like them around would be incredibly funny. Hoping on their back legs and losing balance the moment you tip them over, they would quickly replace the kangaroos as Australia’s most loved animal.

If you believe all the things Darwin said, evolution will never stop, and bipedal dogs will roam the Earth millions of years from now. Yes, the same way dinosaurs once did.

2. What Happened to Him?

Arm Wrestler

If you think this photo was Photoshopped, you are wrong!

You are again wrong if you are convinced it depicts a young man without a social life, who spends his entire time in front of the computer.

This fellow here goes by the name Matthias Schlitte, although some of his fans call him “Hellboy.” Born with a rare condition that made the bone in his right forearm 30% larger than the one in his left, Matthias turned this strange feature into an incredible advantage.

He is a professional arm wrestler that won multiple national and international competitions. Popeye would be mad to see that men like him exist on land.

3. Cooking Time

Cooking Time

There are two possible explanations for this strange and at the same time creepy picture!

The first theory would be that this girl ended up on a remote beach where savages still practice cannibalism. Not sensing the danger, the little one is taking a walk on the handle of the large pan, and we might be moments away from witnessing the atrocity.

A more reasonable scenario would be that someone with too much time in hand created this in Photoshop. However, both theories are wrong.

The picture is real, and the large pane exists, although it serves no cooking purpose. It was part of a Gargantuan outdoor exhibition. Who can understand artists nowadays?

4. That Should Be In Water

That Should Be In Water

If you think that this picture is wrong and that the yacht belongs in the water, you will be thrilled to know it is real. 

We will tell you the little secret before you start scratching your head to the point of spontaneous combustion.  How on Earth can a 150-meter yacht end up 50 meters above sea level?

We are not talking about a real-life cruise ship, but about a hotel resort that was designed to look like a boat. More precisely, the hotel depicts a yacht from the Royal Caribbean International Sovereign Class.

If you are still not convinced and want to see it for yourself, the hotel can be found in Jeongdongjin (South Korea), overlooking the Sea of Japan.

5. Modern Jesus

Modern Jesus

Before you rush to label it a modern miracle, you should know that the following picture takes full advantage of the technology cameras poses. 

With enough light reaching the sensor, the action is frozen just milliseconds before this guy gets wet.

Walking on water remains a biblical mystery, although the girl on the right seems quite shocked by what she is witnessing. Chances are the boy defied Archimedes’ Principle and walked on water, even if it was just for a couple of steps.

6. Beheaded Gymnast

Beheaded Gymnast

Strange people do exist, but we firmly believe you cannot survive more than a couple of seconds without your head in its correct place. 

This picture was taken at the exact moment to make a beautiful gymnast look damn scary.

With legs forming an angle bigger than 180 degrees, and the head fully titled backward, flexibility is certainly a trait of her body ordinary people don’t possess. Before you attempt something similar at home, we will remind you that your local hospital is closer than Rio. The stunt will book you a ticket for ER instead of the Olympics.

Dating gymnasts was not long ago a major fetish for men, and the possibilities are indeed infinite.

7. Your Worst Nightmare

Your Worst Nightmare

You are most likely not prepared to accept the fact that the creature seen here is as real as the trash bin it tries to open. 

No, it’s not a scene taken out of a low-budget Hollywood horror movie. The animal exists, and it is called coconut crab.

Scientists tend to agree that the coconut crab is the largest known arthropod. The creepy crawler can reach a weight of 4 kg and grow up to 1 meter in length.

Although they are scary, coconut crabs are not remembered for attacking humans. In fact, it is us, humans, the ones that catch and eat these innocent monsters. They are considered a delicacy and their population declined in the last couple of decades.

And yes, crabs like the one in the picture can be found in mainland Australia.

8. Incredible Beach Landing

Incredible Beach Landing

Common sense usually dictates airports be built far away from residential and touristic destinations so that the planes taking off or landing do not disrupt or endanger normal activities. 

Touchdowns are especially notorious for causing problems to pilots, especially in inclement weather.

However, when space is limited, complicated maneuvers require surgical precision from pilots. The photo above was taken on Maho Beach, a tourist hotspot on Saint Martin Island in the Caribbean Sea. For people roasting under the hot tropical sun, plane landings are quite a sight to see.

Princess Juliana International Airport, the airport that causes such low-altitude flyovers was ranked 4th most dangerous airport in the world by the History Channel program Most Dangerous Airports.

And no, Ancient Aliens have nothing to do with it!

9. Living Barbie

Living Barbie

Every girl grew up playing with her Barbie dolls, and the plastic toys became forever engraved in popular culture. 

To be honest, even some boys like to play with them, although we are not sure what fuels such a weird addiction.

For one girl, the obsession did not die out as she became an adult. Valeria Lukyanova is one Ukrainian girl taken directly from a dollhouse. Weighing only 42 kg and with a waistline measuring 45 inches, you can swear this goddess is a Barbie that came to life.

The girl is so famous that she even has a Wikipedia page. That should be enough evidence for you to stop saying we made it up. We can only say that a Photoshop-based diet would be a much easier approach.

10. Art?


Art is questionable nowadays. However, we are not here to judge value and talent but to convince you that photos like this one are real.

The cartoon-like napkin was apparently made to look fake and puzzle people from far away. The artist invested considerable time in developing the shadows for the back.

The sculpture is called “Horizons” and resides at Gibbs Farm, an open-air sculpture park located in Kaipara Harbor, 47 km north of Auckland. Yes, you would have to visit the land of Kiwi to be 100 % convinced that this is not an elaborate prank created on the Internet.

11. If Jesus Had a Bike

If Jesus Had a Bike

We will continue our fabulous journey in the world of pictures that look fake with another individual set to reenact the Biblical walk on water.

More than 2000 years separate this unknown hero from the time Jesus walked the Sea of Galilee, and it appears that times do change.

Bicycles are by far more efficient on water, although you would need the experience to maintain balance on stormy waters. Another factor to weigh in is the speed at which you hit the water. Failing to meet the minimum speed required would sink both the rider and the bike.

Riding on water is not as hard as it seems. You only need a lot of practice to make it work!

12. A Pool For Noah

A Pool For Noe

We don’t know what got into our editors, but today’s article is full of biblical references. 

Take this picture for example. An epic flood covered everything with muddy water, except for that pool. The feature is so striking in the devastated landscape that you would probably bet all your Monopoly money it is fake.

Coming after a 40-day flood would certainly make this look as the Promise Land. The resolution is not helping us, but we can imagine that a drinks bar also survived the deluge nearby. That prospect lured the rescue teams like nothing else. 

The photo is as real as the rest of the pictures in the article.

13. Cloud Tsunami

Cloud Tsunami

Weather can take many shapes, but this seems to be a bit too much. 

Even we questioned the authenticity of the photo before writing the article. However, this is not the fantasy of a Hollywood producer, but a strange cloud formation that occurred near Sidney, Australia.

The city is often trapped between the dry continental air coming from the outback and the humid air of the Pacific Ocean. Such impressive weather formations often come with a drastic drop in temperature that sends people away from the beaches for a couple of days.

In its worst form, the front can evolve into a sharknado.

14. Cthulhu Is Coming

Cthulhu Is Coming

For those who are excited by the idea that the underground and the deep sea are regions still largely unexplored by humanity, this photo might just fuel your hope.

What hopes? That the dark lord Cthulhu would rise one day, of course.

Cthulhu is a fictional cosmic entity created by writer H. P. Lovecraft that reserved a significant place in popular culture. The creature’s anatomy is described as part octopus, part man, and part dragon

Enthusiast saw its tentacles inside those waves and rushed to announce to the rest of the world its arrival. For those brave surfers, a wave is a wave, and it doesn’t matter if the mythical creature hides inside it.

We hate being the ones ruining such elaborate fantasies, but there is nothing supernatural in that picture. Temperatures higher than unusual allowed seaweed to grow to epic proportions and infest coastal waters.

15. No Horizon

No Horizon

Above is the classic scene used in Hollywood movies to depict those who die and end up in Heaven. 

However, this shot is real, and people who traveled here are pretty much alive.

The ski gets reflected by the perfect surface of this salt flat located in Bolivia. At the altitude of 3,656 meters, Salar de Uyuni is a place out of this world. We don’t blame you if you still believe that someone mirrored the sky in Photoshop to create this incredible illusion.

Imagine walking there alone without a compass. With the sun reflected from all directions, you would have a hard time keeping a straight line and surviving the harsh desert-like conditions.

16. Extreme


If you call riding the bike with no hands extreme, it is time to update the definition.

The photo you’ve just seen is real, and the man was trying to maintain balance on a thin rope, thousands of feet above the Yosemite Valley.

The man performing the stunt, Dean Potter, is now dead, although it helps to know that other extreme sport was the one putting the nail in his coffin.

Dean Potter and his friend Graham Hunt attempted a base jump in a flying suit but miscalculated their trajectory. It happened at Taft Point, a high overhang in California’s Yosemite National Park.


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