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16 Men You Won't Believe Exist
Jun 8, 2017

16 Men You Won’t Believe Exist


A century ago, we would have called them freaks. Now, they are just men you won’t believe exist.

Prepare yourself for a journey that will take you at the very fringes of male anatomy, exploring facts and figures every sane person would initially dismiss as surreal.

1. Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito
via Alchetron

Michel Lotito’s story is so bewildering it will make you double-check the facts.

Nicknamed Mr. Eat-All (or Monsieur Mangetout, if you fancy French), Lotito became famous after consuming all sorts of indigestible objects. Metal, glass, or rubber, nothing is too hard to process for his phenomenal stomach.

Although doctors have a name for the condition that allows Lotito to binge on unusual materials (pica disorder), we tend to believe he mastered the art after years of intense preparation. Obviously, his intestines must have been a real mess.

Can you imagine the joy and pride felt by Michel’s parents? Not only did he finished all his vegetables as a child, but also he often continued chewing on the plates, table, and even chairs. An empty fridge was never an issue for the Lotito family.

Michel’s biggest achievement is consuming a full Cessna 150. It took him two years to ingest every single part, including the pilot.

Let’s take a moment to redefine the breakfast of champions. Bolts and nuts salad garnish a fuselage steak, and everything washes down with a glass of mineral oil.

Michel Lotito
via Unbelievable Info

Stay with us for another eerie man and his incredible story!

2. Amou Haji

Amou Haji
via IRNA

Amou Haji is likely the most disgusting person you ever met.

The 83-year-old Iranian hermit chose a lifestyle that is guaranteed to make you cringe. Haji has not washed in 60 years, claiming that soap and water render him ill. That is far from being all that is wrong with him.

The photo above shows Haji while indulging in a nasty habit – smoking dried animal feces from his improvised pipe. With a diet relying mostly on dead porcupine, Haji lives a life that would make even the most zealous hipsters envious.

You would better sit down for the next piece of information. Haji made use of his freakish nature to become a local celeb and is now looking for a wife that would make his later years brighter.

Women hating to play housewives have a real bargain here. Last time we checked, dead porcupines were easy to cook and with no cleaning or washing clothes on the agenda, time for making love would be plentiful.

Amou Haji
via IRNA

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3. Paul Karason

Paul Karason
via Getty Images

Paul Karason is the kind of man that will make you swear they put weird stuff in your food again.

Paul used a silver compound to treat a severe case of dermatitis and ended up with argyria. Basically, his skin took a bluish tint from silver accumulating in cells and reacting with light. Ironically, the effect achieved its maximum in the face, earning him the “Papa Smurf” nickname.

Despite the popularity he gained on the Internet, Paul Karason never switched his solitary existence for a permanent place in the spotlights. He appeared in just a couple of interviews, mostly to thrash the speculations that he is an alien humanoid with plans to take over the world.

Don’t get your hopes high on ever meeting Karason. The man you won’t believe exists passed away in 2013 after a heart attack weakened his body beyond repair. You will be relieved to know the self-medication that turned his skin blue had nothing to do with his premature death.

Paul Karason
via Getty Images

What would you do with extra centimeters in the right place?

4. Nick Stoeberl

Nick Stoeber
via Guinness World Records

Nick “The Lick” Stoeberl is one man with a rare gift from Mother Nature.

Stoeberl is the proud owner of the world’s longest tongue, a record certified by Guinness World Records. Capable of extending his organ 10.1 cm outside the mouth, Nick is the kind of guy that probably invented the “lick your elbow” challenge.

Now comes the tricky part. What good does it serve to have such an impressive licking device?

The look on that woman’s face says it all. Seeing Nick gore to death an ice-cream can trigger wild fantasies where the longest tongue in the world serves a more noble purpose.

Unfortunately, Stoeberl is not good at picking up signals from the opposite sex. He uses his tongue solely to produce beautiful paintings.

Don’t worry! He uses a plastic foil to avoid getting a taste of his own art.

Nick Stoeber
via Guinness World Records

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5. Arlindo de Souza

Arlindo de Souza
via Surfing Bird

Arlindo de Souza didn’t rely on spinach and arduous hours in the gym for those impressive muscles.

No, sir! Arlindo joined an elite group of body builders who injected a potentially deadly cocktail of alcohol and oil, inflating muscles far outside normal proportions.

Don’t rush in praising this revolutionary new method that makes pumping iron pointless. Worst-case scenarios involve horrifying infections and even having your arms amputated. Arlindo is casual each time he tells the story of how his best friend died because he attempted a similar extravagance.

Arlindo de Souza is one of the lucky ones. The foreign substance did not affect his body. Not only that, but he is now the proud owner of the world’s largest biceps. Measuring a whopping 29 in (74 cm), it gave the 45-year-old the statute of local Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Are you ready for the less glamorous truth about men like Arlindo? Despite the impressive looks, those muscles have the same strength as before.

Arlindo de Souza
via Surfing Bird

Meeting the next man on the street will certainly make you skip skimmed milk.

6. Tom Staniford

Tom Staniford
via Barcroft Media

Tom Staniford is one man with a fascinating story.

While most people have an awful time shedding the extra pounds, Tom faces an entirely different problem. His body is unable to store any fat, a condition known as MDP syndrome. Only seven other people in this world have it.

At 1.91 and 30 kg, Tom is basically a walking skeleton. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop him from becoming a professional cyclist. That’s probably the only sport where such an extremely low weight counts as an advantage.

However, even riding the bike came with an awful taste. Tom suffered a head-on collision with a car in 2006 that almost killed him.

You will be surprised to know Staniford has a girlfriend who is quite cute. Isn’t it cute to see how love conquers all differences?

Tom Staniford
via Barcroft Media

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7. Dede Koswara

Dede Koswara
via Barcroft Media

Dede Koswara is one man with a horrific condition that made him look like the real life version of Groot.

Villagers nicknamed him “The Tree Man” because of the branch like warts growing uncontrollably on his hands and feet. Despite going through repeated surgery, the anomaly persistent, turning his life into a nightmare. Lewandowsky-Lutz Dysplasia is the name of the condition that causes such uncontrollable infections and warts.

Dede Koswara lost his job as a carpenter and eventually became estranged from his family. They just couldn’t put up with a man that was unable to feed himself or perform other routine tasks.

A remote Indonesian village is not the kind of place where people would understand you. Locals held no trust in the answers of modern medicine and continued believing that what happened to poor Koswara was the result of a curse.

Dede Koswara
via Barcroft Media

You will never shave your chest after meeting our next creepy dude.

8. Yu Zhenhuan

Yu Zhenhuan
via YouTube

China has caught its version of Sasquatch, but it turned out to be just a highly unusual man.

With hair covering 96% of his body, Yu Zhenhuan easily ranks as the hairiest individual alive. Only his palms and the sole of his feet are free from a thick black coat that makes clothes pointless.

Hairboy had a hard time coping with his condition, at least until he learned how to exploit the fame that came attached. Yu Zhenhuan now aspires to become a rockstar and is not shy about flaunting his pilosity in front of the camera.

Doctors call it atavism, but for the mean Chinese children, Yu was just a freak of nature. Growing up with fingers pointed at you must have been very hard.

Yu Zhenhuan didn’t rely on his unusual appearance to earn a living. He learned how to play instruments like the guitar and the saxophone and is now touring the country, performing in pubs and bars.

Yu Zhenhuan
via Alamy

On the next page, you will meet one hell of a guy.

9. Rolf Buchholz

Rolf Buchholz
via Alles Munster

The Devil went for a walk on the streets of Dortmund, and his name was Rolf Buchholz.

You don’t have to worry about losing your soul in some cheap trick. The 58-year-old computer expert is only into piercings and other gruesome body modifications that would make you cringe.

Last time we checked, Rolf was holding tight the Guinness World Record for most piercings a man has on his body. With 453 studs and rings attached all over the place, the crazy German is a mobile lightning rod.

Don’t read this paragraph is you have a sensitive stomach! More than half of those piercings reside in his genital area. Do you need to see that to believe? Unfortunately, not even the darkest depths of the Internet hold evidence of that.

Can you imagine the unlucky Guinness employees that had to do the counting? Rolf was probably enjoying every second of it.

Rolf Buchholz
via BR

How big is big? We attempt to answer that with our next entry.

10. Patrick Deuel

Patrick Deuel
via Acid Cow

Patrick Deuel was massive, so they had to add a new weight parameter to the United States customary units system – the Deuel.

The above line was just a joke. Even so, there is nothing to laugh about the poor man that once reached 486 kg (1,072 pounds). Although he did not hold any official record, Deuel enjoyed a celeb status because his story mingled sad and hilarious details.

First, let’s all admire the incredible power of junk food. The Half-Ton Man owes much of the pounds to the care with which his wife fed him the classic all-American fries with hamburger. She did it because she loved him!

Second, let’s try to recreate in our mind the one time they had to break the walls to get Patrick Deuel outside the house. They rushed him to the hospital to perform a gastric bypass surgery, which helped him shed half the weight.

For those of you who still hope to rest in the shade offered by Deuel’s huge body, the news is not great. He passed away in 2016, giving the local undertakers the toughest case they have ever seen.

Patrick Deuel
via Men’s XP

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11. Junrey Balawing

Junrey Balawing
via CFP

Junrey Balawing holds a title that would make no man proud.

At 59.9 cm, he is the shortest man alive, a title he snatched from Nepalese Khagendra Thapa Magar, immediately after turning 18. He looks like a 2-year-old that went on growth strike.

Like most extraordinary men you won’t believe exist, this little man from the Philippines is anxious to find love and marry. Now here’s a real challenge. All the odds are against you when statistics say that 99.999% of all women are taller.

You will be happy to know Junrey was born a century too late for him to have no option but joining a freak show. Instead, generous contracts are heading his way, exploring our society’s insatiable appetite for the bizarre.

Junrey Balawing
via AP

Prepare your stomach for an odd man that might make your last meal see daylight again.

12. Gary Turner

Gary Turner
via Getty Images

There is something deeply disturbing about Gary Turner, the man that can stretch his skin as he pleases.

Born with a rare medical condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Gary’s body lacks the collagen that would usually keep the skin firm and in place. His Guinness record testifies his ability to stretch the skin on his belly to a distance of 15.8 cm.

It might sound like fun, but it isn’t. The effects might be harmless and reversible at skin level, but not the same can be said about internal organs and connective tissues, which are permanently at risk of falling out of place and creating problems.

Gary Turner joins the other men on the list that have to earn a living by accepting and exploiting their freakish nature. Faking a smile is always easier when you could pull that skin up.

Gary Turner
via Getty Images

The next page brings a dose of extraordinary from the past.

13. Robert Pershing Wadlow

vRobert Pershing Wadlow
via Wikimedia Commons

Robert Pershing Wadlow was not your ordinary man.

If we exclude the giants’ remains archeology keeps on digging from the ground, Robert will be the largest man to walk the Earth. He reached the phenomenal height of 2.72 m and weighed 199 kg. Just to give you a sense of scale, the tallest man alive today, Sultan Kösen, is only 2.52 m.

Wadlow’s body malfunctioned in a way that produced excessive growth hormone. Unfortunately, an incident involving one of his leg braces led to an infection that killed the giant before he could reach his maximum potential.

Robert Wadlow died aged 22, and his funeral was one worthy of fantasy. Carpenters had to assemble a 3.28 m long coffin that weighed 450 kg and had to be carried by 20 pallbearers.

Robert Pershing Wadlow
via Wikimedia Commons

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14. Prince Randian

Prince Randian
via The Red List

The Snake Man, The Human Torso, The Human Caterpillar – those are just a couple of names used to describe one man you won’t believe exists.

Prince Randian was born with a tetra-amelia syndrome, which means he lacked all legs and arms. Such a handicap leaves you with few options for earning a living.

Randian joined the circus and was one of the freaks people paid good bucks to see. His favorite stunt was rolling and lighting a cigar with no help.

There is something oddly cute about a fully-grown man fitting a giant sock and looking like a potato. Kids would drag their parents thousands of miles, all the way to Coney Island, New Jersey, for a chance to hug that bundle of joy.

Can you imagine spending a lifetime being limbless and experiencing only mockery or pity? Prince Randian probably had a rough time accepting his awful fate.

However, you will be thrilled to know he was married and even fathered four children.

Prince Randian
via The Red List

You don’t want to upset the next man on the list, so you must read his story.

15. Markus Rühl

Markus Rühl
via Muscle Time

Have a look at Markus Rühl, the man (better said, beast) with the biggest shoulders in bodybuilding history.

It all started back when Markus was 18 and used to play football. A knee injury forced him to spend time off the field, and he embraced bodybuilding as a way of making those joints sturdier.

One thing led to another, and Markus couldn’t stop pumping iron. Obviously, he went past what normal people would consider enough and ended up looking like a stuffed turkey that eluded many Thanksgiving Days.

If you didn’t know, bodybuilders act like sponges, absorbing everything during their training periods and letting fat and water go as they approach the scheduled competition.

Don’t expect to take a needle and drain those muscles as you could do with Arlindo de Souza. We are talking real muscles here, the ones you meticulously grow and maintain.

Markus Rühl
via Muscle Time

Finally, the list ends with something weird and inspiring at the same time.

16. Wim Hof

Wim Hof
via Onnit

If you thought taking a one-minute cold shower makes you a superhuman, take a look at the incredible Wim Hof.

The one and only Iceman trained his body to withstand bone-chilling experiences that would push even the toughest man into hypothermia. His impressive stunts include attempting to climb Mt. Everest and running a full marathon at -20˚C, both while wearing nothing but shorts.

Hof is a record holder when it comes to the longest time spent standing immersed in ice. He remained 1 hour and 52 minutes. You could host Wim Hof inside your freezer, and he would not complain about it.

Hof’s secret lies in the ability to force his body to produce enough heat. At a blink of an eye, the 58-year-old Dutch daredevil engages in conscious hyperventilation, triggering incredible adrenaline levels that help him withstand the frigid cold.

Do you want to know how it all started? A hot water shortage made 17-year-old Wim discover that his body owns a one-of-a-kind thermostat that can get him to endure cold water for prolonged periods of time.

Wim Hof
via Twitter

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