16 Innocent Mistakes Every Drunk Girl Has Made

All girls are the same! Yes, even that gorgeous blonde you can’t get out of your mind does disgusting things once intoxicated.

“Innocent?” Someone played a cruel trick with this title. The 16 mistakes included here are far from being like that. Prepare your stomach for things you never believed possible. A woman is usually pretty, but not after a night of heavy-weight boozing.

You must read this if you are unsure what girls are capable of doing once thoroughly drunk. Whether you plan on taking advantage or helping, knowing the full spectrum of female behavior is useful knowledge.

1. Waking Up With A Stranger In Bed

Morning is that time of the day when a long night of drinking kicks you right in the ass.

But what happens if you end up with more than a headache and a sick stomach? Every girl did this at least once – wake-up next to an entirely random stranger playing Candy Crush on the phone.

It is complicated inviting people out of your bed when you have no clue of what happened last night. As you text your girlfriends in a desperate attempt to patch your memory, he is already making breakfast and calling you “honey.”

Although it seems you are stuck with last night’s “catch,” talking about commitments will scare even the loneliest guy.

If you think this is the worst that can happen, wait until you see what’s next.


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