15 Zoomed Out Photos Of Famous Landmarks Will Blow Your Mind


2.  The Arc de Triomphe

Via: Kajo Photography
Via: Imgur

The French capital attracts millions of tourists each year, yet many of its first category objectives are clearly overrated. Take for example the Arc de Triumph. You might look at the image to the left and expect and epiphany while striding under the arc.

Well, we have to tell you that the Arc is positioned inside an intersection 0f many major road arteries, making it one of the most crowded and polluted places in whole Paris. Taking a shot of the Arc like the attached one definitely requires you to put some extra effort in concealing the surrounding building and the unstoppable flux of cars.

Seen from above, the Arc de Triumph is particularly interesting for those obsessed about urban planning. The way streets were cut in order to intersect in a big roundabout is often a story of abuse and of many demolished historical buildings.


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