The world is full of wonderful things to see. Choosing mainstream tourism, the one highly promoted by traditional travel agencies often put you face to face with a fact less pleasant. Many destinations are quite different once you arrive there from the moment you were browsing the brochures in search for your perfect place to visit. Highly saturated shots, most of them featuring a surreal blue sky, are able to convince you that everything is better there. In some cases, the reality is another one. Once you zoom out from your attempt to replicate the iconic shot, you can see that each landmark is unable to escape its context. There will always be other buildings there to render useless information in your shots. Most landmarks are overcrowded with visitors all years long, so taking the photo that you dreamed off might be very hard or even impossible.

Many landmarks which can be found inside cities are nothing more than oasis of tranquility even if they are a bit crowded. Once back in the city, there will always be pollution and crowds to take you back in as you deserve. Just to add to all that, visiting many famous places has become a cliché, unable to impress someone hearing the story. Information is just one click away and you most likely were unable to reproduce the famous shots that took you there in the first place.

With all the inconveniences, some landmarks do deserve to be visited by you and you should try to thick them off your list as soon as you get the chance.

1. The Little mermaid

Via: DZain
Via: Cooldaddypop

It is quite clear that most landmarks look better in some photos than in reality. This is also the case of the Little Mermaid, the most famous sculpture of Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s enough to the see the second shot in the right in order to understand that this is what you should expect from your visit to the Danish capital.

We are not exactly sure why the statue is so famous, but we can be it has a lot to do with the fact that it was vandalized multiple times in over one century of existence. Only the head alone was cut several types and they even used explosives to knock the statue altogether down.

Nevertheless, Danish authorities are consequently doing restorations work and the monument is an enduring one. Expect a lot of people in the frame if you go to see the Little Mermaid and forget about taking idyllic shots like the one to the left.


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