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15 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far
Jun 9, 2017

14 School Punishments That Went Way Too Far


Enforcing discipline in school is like playing bowling inside a crystal cabinet. Things are guaranteed to go wrong sooner or later.

From absurd to damn right painful, these 15 school punishments went too far. No wonder parents now pack a lawyer’s number in the lunch box.

1. Girl Is Forced To Kneel on Frozen Peas

Girl Is Forced To Kneel on Frozen Pees
via YouTube

Kneeling is an all-time classic when it comes to school punishment.

Nothing reinstates normality in the student-teacher relationship than the humiliation of lowering the disobedient to the ground. Well, there is something that makes the retribution even sweeter.

Medieval torturers look with envy at the modern-day teachers that discovered the incredible potential of the frozen peas. Those nasty fellows wreak havoc on the knees and make the culprit learn a harsh lesson on just how much pain can the lack of discipline attract.

The frozen pea punishment was not long ago just an urban myth, a story to tell your kids at night for scaring them into behaving nicely in school. Everything changed once a brave little girl grabbed her guts and came forward to confess the ordeal.

Her social media photo became viral for the wrong reasons. People took her knees as two fingers plagued by a mysterious disease that causes white pimples to pop out.

You will be relieved to know the frozen pea knee torture is customary only in parts of China and the Philippines.

Girl Is Forced To Kneel on Frozen Peas
via YouTube

Old habits die hard. Check out what the next crazy teacher did to her students!

2. Teacher Commands Students to Wear “The Cone of Shame”

Teacher Commands Students to Wear "The Cone of Shame"
via NY Daily News

A former veterinary turned science teacher tried to bring a dose of novelty to the dull classroom routine.

The used dog cones lying around her house proved just right to inflict shame on the ninth grade students that misbehaved during class. Dubbed the “cone of shame,” the punishment came to light only after some of the students posted embarrassing pics of their peers on Facebook.

You will be surprised to know the dog cones were not fastened to prevent students from biting each other. No, the idiotic punishment came for something as simple as being late in class. Sometimes, the teacher would randomly select a pupil, just to remind everyone who’s alpha.

You will be relieved to know everything went back to normal in that Florida school. The teacher lost her job and the poor souls she tormented found a haven at the local dog shelter. Their big wet eyes now beg for student lovers to take them home and teach them math tricks.

Teacher Commands Students to Wear "The Cone of Shame"
via NY Daily News

Up next, a one of a kind school punishment makes student question their sexuality.

3. Same-Sex Students Compelled to Hold Hands

Two Male High School Students Compelled to Hold Hands
via Facebook

Holding hands doesn’t sound like a harsh punishment, right?

Well, your perspective will change once you find out the two love birds were, in fact, straight male students and that the awkward gesture lasted for a full 15 minutes. What made it even worse was that the entire high school witnessed their ordeal, with some even taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.

What followed was an avalanche of insults and homophobic remarks for which there will never be any justice served. That’s because the official investigation revealed nothing wrong with this weird form of retribution.

The two students were punished for fighting and had to choose between their ad-hoc 15 minutes “date” and a suspension. Now comes the tricky part. Did those long minutes of awkward contact work to bury the hatchet of war?

Whatever the case, the rest of the students in Westwood High School had quite a spectacle for their lunch break. Who needs TV, right?

Two Male High School Students Compelled to Hold Hands
via Pinterest

On the next page, fashion police sent a student home in tears.

4. Boy Gets Suspended for Having a Bonner Haircut

Boy Gets Suspended for Having a Bonner Haircut
via Yahoo! Sports

What did he say to his barber?

Patrick Gonzalez was such a huge fan of the San Antonio Spurs that he wanted to embroil a bit of the love into his new haircut. The result infuriated the teachers and the school management, who fought a fierce legal battle to see his head shaved.

The custom haircut shows Matt Bonner aiming for a 3-pointer. For those of you unfamiliar with NBA or basketball in general, below we have a photo of the culprit. 37-year-old Bonner won two championships with the Spurs before retiring in 2016.

Back to the story, the 12-year-old earned himself one day of suspension. It paid off. Once news went viral, the Spurs gave the Gonzales family free tickets for the playoffs.

Although somehow minor compared to other school punishments on the list, the haircut issue opened a fierce debate about what is and isn’t appropriate for school. Good thing the hair stylist was also a basketball connoisseur!

Boy Gets Suspended for Having a Bonner Haircut
via USA Today Sports

Check out the next punishment! It turned each lunch break into a living hell.

5. School Kids Forced to Eat Food Off the Floor

School Kids Forced to Eat Food off the Floor
via YouTube

Remember the 5 seconds rule?

One school principal took matters into his hands and turned into a two weeks rule. Or at least that’s the period he forced a bunch of fifth graders to eat their lunches directly off the floor of the gymnasium.

The punishment here went too far, and the trigger for it will amaze you. One of the children spilled water as he tried to lift a jug onto a cooler. The others probably laughed too hard the moment the principal got his feet soaking wet.

Schools serving food directly on the floor is a common sight in third world countries but not in New Jersey. The seven students confessed to their parents, who in turn asked for help from a very skilled lawyer.

The legal settlement reached a whopping $500,000. That’s certainly enough cash to bath yourself in fidget spinners and buy a golden Kendama for all those humiliated.

School Kids Forced to Eat Food off the Floor
via Daily Telegraph

Our next punishment works only for kids under a certain height.

6. Autistic Boy Is Stuffed in a Duffel Bag

Autistic Boy Is Stuffed in a Duffel Bag
via WKYT

Modern education is so cutting edge they began incorporating the methods of the bullies into the school curriculum.

Otherwise, we can’t explain what made a Kentucky teacher stuff 9-year-old Christopher Baker inside a duffel bag. The barbaric punishment reminds us of a bygone era when each educator was a dictator with absolute power.

Can you imagine being the parent that hears his boy screaming from inside a bag toss on the hallway like a sack of potatoes? The story goes that a school staff struggled for minutes to unzip it.

“When I got him out of the bag, his poor little eyes were as big as half-dollars, and he was sweating.” The worse thing was that little Chris had autism. Guess who will have a hard time growing into a functional adult?

Although awful, the penalty reminds us there is always room for worse. Much older kids found themselves in such bags. They were not lucky to still have their limbs attached to their bodies.

Autistic Boy Is Stuffed in a Duffel Bag
via AP

The next form of punishment leaves behind so much stress we suggest you skip reading it.

7. Texas Teacher Locks Pupils in the Monster Closet

Texas Teacher Locks Boy in the Monster Closet
via KHOU

“There was a monster, and the monster was going to eat me.”

That is the terrifying account of a 4-year-old that got locked in the awful “Monster Closet.” He was not the only one to be punished in such a creepy (and also creative) manner.

A Texas pre-K teacher made it routine from locking unruly kids in a dark, dusty room, the kind where the janitor typically keeps his morbid collection of mummified student corpses. Sometimes, the evil educator and his sneaky aide would keep stuffing children in the closet until the entire classroom would obey silence.

What’s the problem? Kids nowadays see their first horror movie at a time when our generation barely mustered the courage to look under the bed. Well, let’s just say that one child cried so hard that he threw up and had to go home.

Can you imagine evacuating such a mess without turning the whole class into a Venice of puke?

Don’t worry! The moment news reached the superintendent, the teacher and his sidekick lost their jobs. However, for some young ones it was too little too late. They made a big leap into adulthood never to be seen smiling ever again.

Texas Teacher Locks Boy in the Monster Closet
via Huffington Post

Check out a vestigial punishment that made some schools hire professional executioners.

8. Sophomore Student Disciplined with Painful Paddling

Sophomore Student Disciplined with Painful Paddling
via Pinterest

Allowing another student to cheat off her homework cost sophomore student Taylor Santos the integrity of her read end.

Texas is one of the last refuges of a school punishment that is completely against common sense. Only your grandparents would chuckle with nostalgia at the smell of a wooden paddle polished smooth by contact with so many misbehaving students.

Although legal according to state law, the paddling suffered by Taylor did bring an investigation to Springtown High. It revealed nothing wrong, except the fact that someone of the same sex should have administered the spanking. Taylor probably felt a bit awkward with the male vice-principal being the one to handle the paddle.

Texas is one of the 19 U.S. states where corporal punishments are still on the menu. The odd thing is that written permission is needed from the parents. “Yes, please spank my little girl, spank her right!”

Sophomore Student Disciplined with Painful Paddling
via Tulsa World

We continue our journey with another punishment completely age inappropriate.

9. 13-Year-Old Girl Is Strip Searched All the Way to Her Underwear

13-year-old Girl Is Strip Searched All the Way to her Underwear
via Getty Images

All kids know that the safest place to smuggle forbidden substances in school is the inside of your underwear.

School officials also know that. That’s why they didn’t think twice when they performed a meticulous strip search on 13-year-old Savana Redding. The suspicion was that the girl brought one Ibuprofen pill to school and was trying to sell it on classroom’s black market.

As the search came dry, Savana remained with something to “cherish” for the rest of her life – the cold hands of one school employee going all over her body. It’s pointless to say the girl never mustered the courage to go back to school.

Winning a lawsuit never stops the on-duty bullies from making your life miserable. As for the rest of your colleagues, you can see they look at you differently. Savana saw no other option than to move to another school.

13-year-old Girl Is Strip Searched All the Way to her Underwear
via Getty Images

Some schools use the penitentiary system for inspiration. Check out the next bizarre punishment that went too far!

10. Washington School Uses Solitary Confinement

Washington School Has Solitary Confinement
via KATU News

A Washington state public elementary school is under heavy fire after someone rated them on social media for sentencing kids to solitary confinement.

Well, the correct technical term is isolation room, but the effects are bound to be similar. Ask every psychologist out there – treating children like misfits is a guaranteed investment into the school mass shootings of tomorrow.

Bizarre as it is, this form of punishment is legal only when teachers receive written permission from parents. “Sure, lock my kid away, but don’t forget to give him a warm straitjacket. He just took a bath this morning, and we don’t want him getting sick.”

Enough with the jokes. Sitting in an isolation room might not be such a bad idea after all. Kids nowadays take so many calories from junk food and sweets they have a hard time staying still in the classroom. Often, what they need to calm down the nerves is to perform a full burn out in a controlled chamber.

Washington School Has Solitary Confinement
via Juvenile in Justice

Even prom day can accommodate one surprise punishment. You must read the next real story!

11. Lesbian Couple Is Tricked to Attend Fake Prom

Lesbian Couple Tricked to Atend Fake Prom
via Gawker

Welcome to the Mississippi School System, one of the last bastions for the narrow-minded and the intolerant.

The unusual school punishment directed at lesbian student Constance McMillen is guaranteed to leave you speechless. Back in 2010, the Itawamba Agricultural High School canceled its prom because it didn’t want a same-sex couple parading down the carpet.

It doesn’t end there! The County School District outdid itself and created two parallel events – one staged for McMillen, her female date, and five other LGBT students, and another one where the rest of the high school celebrated their membership to the Bible Belt.

Revenge is sweet, especially when you use the laws to your advantage. McMillen sued, and an out of court settlement granted her a $35,000 compensation.

Let’s take a moment to remember that Mississippi made use of sodomy laws until the Supreme Court struck them down in 2003. That didn’t stop mean students from writing “Gomorrah” on McMillen’s locker.

Lesbian Couple Tricked to Atend Fake Prom
via Gawker

The next case is a reminder that bizarre school laws still exist.

12. Model Students Receives Jail Time for Missing School

Jail Time for Missing School
via KHOU

Texas is one spooky state to attend school, and the following case will show you just why.

For 17-year-old Diane Tran taking two jobs seemed the perfect solution to support her two siblings. However, her decision to do it at the expense of school classes proved unfortunate.

Ever heard of truancy? Let’s just say that skipping a certain number of school days entitles you to hefty fines. For those who can’t pay there is always a cozy cell to offer them pondering time on the importance of education.

Diane missed enough days to earn herself the full jail experience. 24 hours were enough to turn an honor student into a criminal.

You will be happy to know a reasonable judge accepted her appeal and cleared her record. Nevertheless, what she experienced down at the joint doesn’t wash away easily.

Jail Time for Missing School
via KHOU

Not even kindergartens are safe from the tentacles of domestic terrorism. Check out the punishment that followed!

13. Girl Gets Suspended for Hello Kitty Gun Terrorism

Girl Gets Suspended for Hello Kitty Gun Terrorism
via ABC News

School shootings occur so often in the American educational system no one is willing to take risks anymore.

That’s precisely what happened when a kindergarten teacher alerted the Bureau of Counterterrorism after a five-year-old girl threatened to shoot her colleagues. Sounds bad enough?

Let’s add the final ingredient to the mix. The gun of choice was a deadly Hello Kitty semi-automatic bubble blower, the one you can use only with a permit.

The bone-chilling and pants-wetting incident occurred at Mount Carmel Area Elementary School in Pennsylvania and resulted in a 10-day suspension packed with a full psychological evaluation.

A quick reality check shows that the only terror Hello Kitty toys are capable of is the one directed at the parents’ wallets. The Hell Kitty is everywhere nowadays, and little girls would kill to get their greedy hands on pink merchandise with their favorite cat.

As for soap bubbles, browsing forensics archive revealed no deadly case. Yes, all of us adults hate how lights reflect and create a moment of awe that distracts us from our middle life crisis. However, that’s not a reason to stain someone’s criminal record from such an early age.

Girl Gets Suspended for Hello Kitty Gun Terrorism
via YouTube

Disturbing the class can have dire consequences. Check out what happened to a seventh-grade boy from New Mexico!

14. Boy Is Arrested for Burping in Class

Boy Arrested for Burping in Class
via The Free Thought

The last school punishment went too far, and no one could undo the damage.

It all started with a kid who drank way too much Pepsi before his Gym class. Encouraged by his fellow colleagues, the seventh grader from Cleveland Middle School, Albuquerque, engaged in a burping frenzy that drove his gym teacher mad.

Usually, this kind of school feuds dies off the moment they stop being funny. It was not the case here. The teacher called the cops and what followed was a cliché moment we all know too well from movies.

“Boy, you have been arrested for interfering with the educational process in violation of state law. You have the right to remain silent…”

It’s easy to imagine the careless boy releasing one final burp as they handcuffed him and drove him down to juvenile hall. Nevertheless, we doubt that final oral release of stomach gas stood as evidence in his trial.

Although the mother of the 13-year-old filed a lawsuit, judges were not impressed. “Burping Boy vs. The state of New Mexico” changed nothing, and the class clown got suspended for the rest of the school year.

Boy Arrested for Burping in Class
via Front Line Moms

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