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15 Regular People Behind The Most Famous Internet Memes
Jul 18, 2016

14 Regular People Behind The Most Famous Internet Memes

All celebs work hard to get where they are. At the same time, regular fellows are so lucky they became overnight stars, as the photos they posted online went viral. 

Do you know your meme? We are not talking about understanding the meaning of it, but rather about uncovering the real-life person that started it all. Check out 14 individuals behind the Internet’s most famous memes!


1. Overly Attached Girlfriend

1. Overly Attached Girlfriend

Male stalkers usually end up in jail, but what happens when a woman takes the role?

An attempt to make fun of Justin Bieber’s 2012 single “Boyfriend” became viral, as the Internet dubbed Laina Morris the “Overly Attached Girlfriend.”

Of course, for those of us unable to find a date, she seems like heaven, but for the average teen male, this is a nightmare come true. An extension of the maternal care, she goes beyond love and loyalty and turns pathological.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend is the one you find staring at you when you wake up. She hacks your Facebook account just to make sure she is not sharing you with another girl.

2. Sudden Clarity Clarence

2. Sudden Clarity Clarence

Clubs fun, but when you are the designated driver inside your group of friends, you will do anything just to make time go faster. 

Loud and obnoxious music and seeing other people drunk and having fun, leaves you no choice but to go deeper with your thoughts. The epiphany is just minutes away and will kick you out of your socks.

Sudden Clarity Clarence was a meme claimed by many Internet users, most in desperate seek of attention. However, judging from the fact that the club where the shot was taken was in Australia, no claim passed the test.

This Aussie here seems to be a solitary one. Although we have his photo, he preferred to stay hidden. This meme is anyone’s game.

3. You Don’t Say

3. You Don't Say

This next meme will disappoint you a bit, as the man behind it is not an ordinary one. 

Although it seems hard to believe, this meme was done after a genuine scene with Nicolas Cage, taken out of the movie “Vampire’s Kiss” (1988). If you have a hard time accepting that as truth, just Google it.

Although the popularity of this meme reached its maximum potential in 2013, it can still be found complementing more elaborate jokes in their end. The funny Cage is used to express irony.

We are still unable to explain how Nicolas Cage took such an odd face, but we can all be thankful for this unpolished gem. A straightforward and practical meme which shows that you don’t have to be a commoner to access the world of memes.

4. Success Kid

4. Success Kid

The Success Kid meme is indeed a story of success. 

It all started with a mother taking a picture of her son clenching sand in his fist, on a beach. The initial name for this photo was “I Hate Sandcastles,” and once the beach background was removed, it becomes simply known as “Success Kid.”

The photogenic boy goes by the name Sammy Granger, and his taste of fame helped him receive donations for a kidney transplant. As the phenomenon grew bigger and bigger, the lucky mother soon saw advertising contracts coming their way.

Even some lawsuits came along, because of unauthorized use of the meme. We are with our eyes on the phone, waiting for Ms. Gringer to give us a call and threaten us.

5. Sheltering Suburban Mom

5. Sheltering Surburban Mom

This next meme has an obscure origin, and it is almost impossible to explain how the best-selling romance novel writer Carly Phillips became an Internet sensation.

The meme is used to ironize the archetype of the mother which fails to practice what she preaches, the one that keeps you grounded for no reason.

We don’t know what led to the creation of this meme, but the mastermind is clearly a kid who wanted to make a bold statement. The novelist initially took this as something personal, but she quickly let it be, convinced that publicity of every nature can do her good.

6. Scumbag Steve

6. Scumbag Steve

In the case of this meme, the original image came from the cover of the album “Ma Gangsta” by the rap group Beantown Mafia.

The young man in the picture goes by the name Blake Boston, and his mother took the photo. As far as we know, that mom is far from the Sheltering Suburban prototype.

Everyone can be a Scumbag Steve. All you need is a sideways fitted cap and behavior to justify the nickname. This meme spiked two times, in 2011 and 2013, as Blake was smart enough to capitalize all the attention.

7. Good Guy Greg

7. Good Guy Greg

As you read about Scumbag Steve, it is time to discover his kryptonite, Good Guy Greg. 

People usually use the GGG meme to describe actions which are kind, generous, or emphatic. The fact that Good Guy Greg appeared in the photo while smoking a marijuana cigarette made it harder for the real life individual to come in front.

However, the mystery ended when a Redditor posted several pictures of him. Just to show that Greg is a good guy, he did not use his game to generate profit and left the meme at the complete disposal of other Internet users.

8. Ancient Aliens

8. Ancient Aliens

Originally developed by Erich von Däniken, the ancient astronaut’s theory grew into a big success once the History Channel dedicated a series to the topic.

With 11 seasons already produced, the show got incredibly funny by explaining everything in human history with aliens visiting us in the past.

One of the most “reputed” voices in the show is that of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, a face easy to remember once you see it. The Greek-born German-Austrian became a meme with the caption “Aliens,” used to express answers with no judgment or dubious claims.

With a hairstyle impossible to find somewhere else, it is easy to presume that Giorgio Tsoukalos was abducted by aliens and probed. He looks downright hilarious.

9. First World Problems

9. First World Problems

First World Problems is a meme which brings in focus entirely irrelevant preoccupations of our society. 

They come in contrast with real problems affecting the rest of the world like hunger, war, and disease. There are many versions of the “First World Problems” meme out there, but the most famous one is featuring a young woman crying.

Her problems are indeed funny, and there are thousands of hilarious captions currently online. After long years of wait, the women in that picture finally got the courage and stood up, claiming her shot at being famous. Fans were quick to react, and they devoured her social media profiles, going after even funnier backgrounds for their messages.

We have to agree with the fact that the mysterious woman is indeed hot. We don’t know what, but someone will certainly add a relevant text on it, making it a new meme.

10. Not Impressed

10. Not Impressed

“McKayla is Not Impressed” is the full name of this meme, and it falls a bit short of meeting the requirements of our list. 

McKayla Maroney was an American gymnast who had to settle for second place in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

The original photo was taken by Bryan Snyder from Reuters and became an Internet sensation at that time. When the Olympic delegation came to the White House, Obama decided not to waste the chance, and this is how the emblematic meme came into being.

11. Skeptical Third World Kid

11. Skeptical Third World Kid

If we had “First World Problems” meme, it is time to take a closer look at “Skeptical Third World Kid.” 

We don’t know the actual context of the photo, and we will disappoint you again by being unable to identify the real person behind the meme.

Almost every African child could be that skeptical kid, once put face to face with the luxury and oddity of our modern world. The meme also shared a useful role, as people became more aware of the superficiality of their problems.

Go ahead, describe your daily routine to this kid, and the meme will fit you like a charm.

12. Bad Luck Brian

12. Bad Luck Brian

The most successful meme in recorded history goes to show that for us humans there is nothing more rewarding that to watch the misery and bad luck of others.

A young man named Kyle is the face behind the meme. His seventh-grade photo ended on the Internet as a pun.

It is interesting to know that moderators on Reddit initially rejected the identity claim. However, the fans’ pressure gave Kyle the deserved recognition.

As Kyle remembers, this was his regular face back then, and the school photo was taken over and over again, under the impression that he was trying to be funny.

13. Too Damn High

13. Too Damn High

The full name of this meme is “The Rent Is Too Damn High.”

The pun started from the political platform of Jimmy McMillan, a New York City resident, who ran for New York’s state gubernatorial elections in November 2010.

The character is emblematic for the American freedom of speech and freedom to protest, and he even founded a party with that particular name.

Meanwhile, many parodies of the speech itself, using the “X is too damn high” frame, grew viral on the Internet. The meme is still popular today, although the fuss is declining.

14. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

14. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Running is hard, and most people struggle to keep their guts inside while doing it.

However, from time to time, race photographers capture individuals who enjoy what they are doing, or for whom running is effortless.

The real name of the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy is Zeddie Little, and the famous shot of him smiling was taken on April 3rd, 2012, during the annual Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina.

This was one meme with an explosive evolution, reaching hundreds of thousands of views in just a matter of hours. Zeddie was not blinded by instant fame and took the time to respond to all fan questions.