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15 Most Intolerant Celebs And Their Wicked Acts
Dec 28, 2016

15 Most Intolerant Celebs And Their Wicked Acts

Behind those smiles for the camera, many of your showbiz idols store hate and extreme intolerance. Are you anxious to see who turned out to be racist, homophobic, or sexist?

It won’t be pretty, and your heart will ache while ruminating the list. Unresolved inner conflicts turned even the good guys into shameless backbiters.

1. Mel Gibson – The Worst Celeb Ever

Mel Gibson
via Den of Geek

When it comes to being intolerant, you have Mel Gibson and the rest.

The Australian actor said so many regrettable words that it’s a real miracle he still has some credit left. It all started when he when on a rant while being arrested for driving under the influence.

Mad Max was genuinely mad when he released the jaw-dropping statement about the Jews. It did not end there!

After going through Hollywood’s most expensive divorce, Gibson married much younger Oksana Grigorieva, only to reveal his misogynist and sexist side.

A black eye and a series of recorded phone rants made the Oscar-winning actor the public enemy number one. Gibson is ultraconservative, and you don’t want to go down with him on topics like politics or religion over a beer.

Although champion at multiple categories, Gibson never went too much over the line as the next celeb.

2. Bill Cosby – Sexist And Presumed Serial Rapist

Bill Cosby
via Reuters

Who would have thought that there is so much evil going on in Bill Cosby’s life?

By now, all of us are familiar with the allegations surrounding Cosby. Although some say this is one giant conspiracy to take down one of the most powerful African-American celebs, it’s hard to imagine more than 50 women congregating to tell such horror stories.

While it’s complicated saying what’s true or not, Bill Cosby did an involuntary rant on his actions back when he was riding the big wave of comedy. Cosby’s routine mentions quite often about wanting to drug women’s drinks.

Spanish Fly is the name of the substance the 79-year-old involuntarily confessed of using. We will have to wait and see what the 2017 trial brings.

One thing is sure. Bill Cosby is washed up!

Check out the next celeb everyone considers a good man!

3. Shaquille O’Neal – Thought Being Xenophobic Was Funny

Shaquille O’Neal
via Associated Press

“Tell Yao Ming, Ching-chang-yan-wah-ah-so.” That was Shaq’s way of being funny.

When you are 2.16 m giant that won three consecutive titles for the LA Lakers, you think you can get away with everything. Even with using racial stereotypes.

Shaquille O’Neal later explained his live rant as an attempt of starting a career as a comedian. He got off on the right foot. You should ask Michael Richards and every other stand-up struggling to get attention. Nothing beats a good old take on xenophobia.

Double standards to apply amongst celebs that are intolerant. Someone told Shaquille O’Neal that being an African-American grants you immunity.

Chinese sounds different to some of us, and kids sometimes have fun trying to speak it. But you don’t do it as a grown up Shaq!

4. Charlie Sheen – Extreme Language Towards Former Wife

Charlie Sheen
via Getty Images

Charlie Sheen is one dirty celeb that said a lot of mean things over the years.

When you call your ex-wife and the mother of your children using a swear word, things are not bright in camp tolerance. Charlie’s favorite sexist feud was always the one with former fashion model Denise Richards.

You won’t believe the next one! A star from Seinfeld took its stand-up routine too many steps beyond the line.

5. Michael Richards – Racist Rant On Audience Member

Michael Richards
via IMDb

Michael Richards went on a racist rant back in 2006 that ended his stand-up comedy career.

Good old Kramer could not hold it together when a group of late comers disturbed his act. The actor probably had some old bills to pay, and he erupted with arguably the worst racial slurs ever recorded.

Just give Kramer a KKK suit and send him back in time. He would have been an excellent white supremacist with his offensive line.

The comedian took the Jim Crow persona and tried to see how far he can go with it. In this situation, Michael Richards turned into Michael Racist.

Guess who committed a similar mistake as Kramer.

6. Kelly Osbourne – Racist And Rude

Kelly Osbourne
via TMZ

Kelly Osbourne did not notice she made an offending racial statement.

“If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?” Trying to take on Trump’s infamous immigration policies resulted in a hilarious statement.

Having daddy’s money to pay for the lawsuit sets your tongue free. However, Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter had to admit she went over the line once fans assembled an angry mob to lynch her on social media.

Kelly’s ignorant and racist comment probably made the Donald laugh his butt out. The former “Fashion Police” star wanted nothing more than to trash the future President. What she succeeded was landing a comfortable spot amongst the most intolerant celebs.

You will hate us for this! Your childhood hero turned out to be a homophobic jerk. Check out the next celeb that has limited tolerance towards those that are different.

7. Chuck Norris – Actively Campaigning Against Gay Rights

Chuck Norris
via Associated Press

Chuck Norris is Right Wing nut job, and this puts him in the first lines of the fight against gay rights.

Yes, you heard right! The actor and martial artists chose a side highly unpopular and unfrequented by the liberal stars of Hollywood. We know what goes through your mind. What you heard is based on solid facts and not another Chuck Norris joke.

The former Texas Ranger explained how homosexuality does not go well with the moral found in the Bible. The star was amongst the few celebs that opposed the idea of declaring same-sex marriages legal.

If that didn’t make you questioned Chuck Norris beliefs, we need to add that he supported gun rights on every occasion and campaigned for Donald Trump.

8. Alec Baldwin – Using Crude Homophobic Slur

Alec Baldwin
via REX

Alec Baldwin is a badass whose personal life includes multiple acts of intolerance.

Some serious anger management is needed here. Baldwin showed his homophobic side when he embarked on a violent tirade against a reporter, calling him “toxic little queen.” The actor has deleted his Twitter account to avoid the fallout from thousands of angry fans.

Alec’s short temper is widely known to paparazzi chasing him. In one incident from 2013, the actor cast a slur upon a black photographer, calling him “drug dealer” and a “crackhead.”

Even members of Alec’s family get a glimpse of the intolerant monster. Baldwin’s leaked voicemail proved he also treated his daughter bad when she was just 11.

It can get worse than that! Check out the hate crimes committed by a Hollywood star we all love watching!

9. Mark Wahlberg – Committed Hate Crimes

Mark Wahlberg
via IMDb

Most celebs are careful to hide the shameful details of their past.

However, stories involving Mark Wahlberg gives us all the clues needed to label him as a racist. The future actor and his fellow gang members committed a series of hate crimes that you can cross-reference on public records.

While only 15 years old, Wahlberg used to chase African-Americans and throw rocks at them. Two years later, the problematic teenager took on a different minority. Wahlberg attacked two Vietnamese boys and injured one to the point of losing his left eye.

Few people know that the star from “Planet of the Apes” spent 45 days in jail, of a 2-year sentence. When stardom gets in the way, the troubles of the past often get overlooked.

Although doing the wrong things, Mark Wahlberg never went as far as the next celeb on the list.

10. Mike Tyson – Sexist To The Point Of Rape

Mike Tyson
via Associated Press

Mike Tyson was probably best heavyweight boxer in the sport’s history.

Going beyond that, “The Baddest Man on the Planet” got his name for other stuff rather than delivering KO punches in the ring.

“A woman’s best place is in the kitchen and … that’s my personal belief.” Those are the most infamous words used by the now bankrupt champion.

Being a sexist is a mild term for Tyson. The man served three years for rape and had to learn to live with the “sex offender” label attached to him.

Moving on to someone who has been a sexist his entire life and got away with it.

11. Howard Stern – Sexist And Racist At The Same Time

Howard Stern
via Getty Images

You can’t expect for things to remain politically correct when you give a radio show to someone like Howard Stern.

The host made a name for making lewd comments about women. A certain line we are not allowed to reproduce brought Stern and Infinity Broadcasting a fine. But it was totally worth it, given the incredible success of “The Howard Stern Show.”

No one was surprised when Stern declared that he has nothing against Trump talking about women like he did on countless occasions. The President-elect depicted his lifestyle on too many occasion to make it news-worthy.

Take Howard Stern and give it a southern conservative aroma. What you get is one of the most intolerant celebs ever.

12. Phil Robertson – Extremely Intolerant

Phil Robertson
via A&E

You probably know Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.”

The show’s patriarch gave everyone a glimpse on how things appear to those in the deep south. Homophobic and with a weird sense of racism and cultural bias, Robertson’s persona thrives on making uncomfortable statements.

We will start with how the 70-year-old views gay people. To him, they are sinners that stand no chance of inheriting the kingdom of God. Phil Robertson came in the open with his homophobia in a 2013 interview that got him suspended from the show for a couple of days.

Robertson is also a sexist, as he labeled abortion a violation of the Declaration of Independence. To give things an even sinister spin, the man that perfected the duck call declared STDs to be the legacy of Nazis, Communists, beatniks, and hippies.

Millions of fans had something close to an epiphany when they saw the real face of Justin Bieber. What he did is coming up next!

13. Justin Bieber – Racist Jokes That Are Not Funny

Justin Bieber
via Esquire

The past has come to haunt Justin Bieber, and there is no excuse for what he said.

The KKK would be more than happy to give Bieber a white cloak and welcome him on board. The joke he told in a leaked video is too much for our audience!

Although the footage dates back from the time he was just a 15-year-old, he resurfaced just in time to give more momentum to the hate most people feel towards the Canadian singer.

Still feel like listening to “Baby” one more time? We sure hope not!

Check and see how religious extremist can transform a man beyond recognition and help him unravel a hate speech.

14. Kirk Cameron – Rediscovered Religion Made Him Anti-Gay

Kirk Cameron
via Kirk Cameron

Everything changed for Kirk Cameron when he became a born-again Christian.

The “Growing Pains” star informed everyone about his hate against gay people. “I think is unnatural.” Those exact words were immediately followed by Cameron’s dystopic view of the world in the future. He believes homosexuality will play a significant role in destroying our civilization.

Of course, the actor’s statement did not remain unnoticed. GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) was swift to slam Cameron for his poor choice of words.

It is time for this celeb to grow up and accept he is no living in the 1970s.

15. And We Have Donald Trump

Donald Trump
via Getty Images

Our list concludes with Donald Trump, just to show that intolerant persons get to be presidents.

You can always rely on Trump to deliver some of the worst rants ever. Whether he is talking about Democrats, women, Mexicans, or Rosie O’Donnell, the business tycoon has a hate speech up his sleeve.

“I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.” If that is not the creepiest thing ever said by a celeb, we give up. Let’s not forget how the awful “grab them” did nothing to disrupt his presidency bid.

We all know that Trump promised to build a wall to contain trespassing Mexicans. However, what he said about Rosie O’Donnell is far worse.

We are eager to see, where intolerance will take us four years from now.