15 Horrific Accidents That Happened In Amusement Parks

Amusement rides are supposed to fool you in experiencing the thrills of danger while keeping you perfectly safe. Occasionally, visitors get an unexpected bonus that leaves their clothes blood-soaked.

Tragedies wait to happen every step of the way. All that is needed is a faulty screw or a broken axle. Even when everything functions as it was supposed to, someone is foolish enough not to attach the safety belt or to step out of the vehicle.

Heartbreaking stories of children losing their lives might remain in the headlines for weeks in a row. However, that never puts amusement parks out of action. A strange business model applies, and negative publicity attracts people thirsty for some cheap adrenaline shots.

When your kids are anxious to grow up just to be admitted on rides, that 1% probability of them not returning home in one piece could make lose nights. You must read about the 15 most horrific accidents that happened in amusement parks if you plan to scare your kids out of it.

Besides the hazards of the rides themselves, count on drunken patrons, and unskilled teenage employees that can do little to enforce safety and discipline. Add in the mania of breaking records and being challenged, and you can understand why amusement parks accidents will continue to happen in the future.

1. Space Journey at Eco-Adventure Valley, Shenzen, China (2010)

Six people died, and tens were seriously injured when the Space Journey amusement ride at Eco-Adventure Valley, Shenzen (China) went very wrong.

The experience was based on a centrifuge system able to simulate the incredible accelerations level astronauts go through during takeoff. Investigations revealed that a faulty screw was to blame for giving innocent visitors more than they bargained for.

When you build a space shuttle simulator, it is impossible for things not to go wrong at some point. It happens to everyone, and it is enough to remember NASA itself lost two space shuttles – Challenger and Columbia.

The ride failed in such a bloody way only one year since it was open, making many people wonder if it is safe at all to go on a ride developed by Chinese engineers.


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