”To dream big” is one expression often used to tell people to go for what they really want. What happens when you really like animals and you also dream big? 

“15 Exceptionally Large Animals That Really Do Exist” is one list big enough to satisfy every connoisseur of the big fauna.

Mother Nature was correct to assume that bigger is better and it is a miracle we humans managed to survive in a world dominated by giant and ferocious killers.

At the special request of Steven Spielberg, we did not include animals from the Jurassic Park. Poaching has put this unique creatures under direct threat of extinction and the less our readers know about them, the better.

1. Giant African Snail


via The Richest

Africa is a place for the extremes and exceptionally large animals found refuge in the vast wilderness. 

The Giant African Snail will remind you that animals are bigger in wet equatorial areas where there is plenty of food to chew on. There are unofficial reports of giant snail reaching lengths of 10 inches, bold enough to steal babies out of their cribs at night.

Having a giant snail as a pet is a trend that left many stray cats and dogs without a home and without a master to fill and rub their bellies. The giant snail is an invasive species and it already found a home in Florida, triggering the US authorities to institute a national quarantine.


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