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15 EPIC Cheerleader Fails
Jul 4, 2016

15 EPIC Cheerleader Fails


When there is nothing epic about a game, you can rely the cheerleaders for lifting the mood during halftime. At least until one of them fails in a miserable way.

From dirty to damn right painful, cheerleading is not a job for the faint of heart. It is never enough to squeeze a hot body inside a skimpy outfit!

1. Perfect Vantage Point

1. Perfect Vantage Point

Being always next to cheerleaders is one of the perks of being a football team staff member.

This rare shot shows this lucky guy taking a peek at what girls have best to offer under their skirts.

For a cheerleader, exposing your body is the main part of the job, so you quickly get used to people starring at you.

The cute girl is clearly enjoying herself as she salutes the crowd. In fact, she is so sweet we might become overnight Eagles fans.

2. A Girl’s Best Friend

2. A Girl's Best Friend

When cheerleader practice steals most of your time, you have to find a way to keep touch with friends and family. 

This girl here found the perfect spot to put her smartphone. Too bad it was revealed to us in such a funny way!

Although this might look like a great idea, it falls short of taking in account one major drawback. Landing on your tummy might be a very painful experience.

We can only hope she puts her phone somewhere else when live performance is on the agenda. People are very quick to react and create scenarios.

With most phones having a vibration function, some might say that she is seeking pleasure to quiet down stress and anxiety.

3. You Are Doing It Wrong

3. You'Re Doing It Wrong

This is an old time classic, and some of you should feel nostalgic about it. 

Back in the days when cheerleader outfits were less revealing, moments like this were the only one bringing a smile on people’s faces.

Imagine the entire stadium reacting to this scene. They sent young beautiful girls on purpose, knowing that anyone else would fail to survive such a disgrace.

Seeing your favorite team’s name upside down is one insult no fan is willing to accept. However, girls showcasing their secret beauty acts as the perfect distraction.

4. Difficult Position

4. Difficult Position

It might seem like an awkward situation first, but you have to acknowledge that these girls have been practicing it since a tender age.

Repetition makes it better, and the 180 degrees angle opening is quite simple for veterans.

We have to give some credit to this girls for showing some white and clean panties, unlike other cheerleaders from our list.

We can also tell you that this is not the most revealing picture in our gallery and that you will have to nurture some patience.

5. Cheerleader From Hell

5. Cheerleader From Hell

Our next photo illustrating cheerleader fail is a tricky one to comment. We have so many leads it is hard to pick which is the best.

The 6-pack this cheerleader proudly flaunts would make any man jealous.

However, we are not sure how happy fans are with the way she looks. Judging by the fact that she is flat-chested and uses way too much makeup, this is not a beauty worthy of putting on stage.

Opening her legs at impossible angles might be the only thing this cheerleader knows how to do properly. Enough to make the team and end up on the Internet!

6. When Men Want To Play

6. When Men Want To Play

Who said that cheerleading is only for girls? If women gradually take on every sport there is, why should men be denied having similar rights?

We have to give them credit for having beautiful outfits, although no one wants to know what is under those skirts.

Women are best suited for cheerleading for obvious reasons. One of them is that they don’t have hair on their beer bellies. The other one is that they don’t have beer bellies at all.

We are not sure how fans would receive news that cheerleading is now officially opened for men. As far as new, they would probably burn down the stadiums and execute those ruining their fantasies.

7. Disaster

7. Poor Personal Hygiene

Cheerleading is in most of the cases a clean and easy job. Of course, this photo here is the exception that confirms the rule.

We don’t know what happened to the poor girl, but she made our day (and probably yours) better. If you ever felt embarrassed, we are almost sure it was not worse than this.

There are many possible causes which lead to such a wardrobe malfunction. Cheerleaders often fall in the dirt, and simply don’t have the time to change outfits.

Dirty minds will come up with nastier scenarios. Stress, digestion, or even a poor personal hygiene are just a few of the likely suspects.

8. Childhood Traumas

8. Childhood Traumas

Embracing cheerleading since a young age can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. 

However, the complicated maneuvers that receive standing ovations often put you face to face with more delicate topics.

Seeing your fellow team members in indecent positions might forever ruin your chance to have a normal life. Some might argue that there are worse things to see.

We will abstain from making any other comment as it is not clear what the two girls saw under those skirts. It might be so shocking that we would have to move our website on the adult side of the Internet if we tell you.

9. Cheerleader Or Something Else?

9. Cheerleader Or Something Else

You might be asking what is wrong with this picture and why we included in our “fail list.”

The problem with this girl is that she is too good to be a cheerleader. Just take a look at that attractive face and picture a better industry for her to activate in.

Cheerleading was clearly an option just to kickstart her career. We are convinced more photos like this one ended up on someone’s desk, and calls will soon be made.

We are confident there is a sweet spot on the Internet for this girl, and we are determined to find it. You are welcome to join the efforts here.

10. All Shape And Sizes

10. All Shape And Sizes

Some might rush to claim that this photo is a counterfeit and that it is impossible for girls her size to exist. We see nothing wrong with it.

In fact, the picture is a clear sign that cheerleading does not discriminate and that everyone is welcomed to pursuit a dream. Women’s basketball team would have been a better choice for the girl here, but we lack extra information.

We can only hope they don’t pick her to form the top of the pyramid. Cheerleaders have a natural talent to create stable structures. However, this would be the ultimate test.

11. When Disaster Struck

11. When Disaster Strucks

No list of cheerleading fail would be complete without a photo catching disaster in progress.

Falling is part of the job, and it is true that the higher you are, the harder you fall.

Although such events might have tragic consequences for those unaware of the laws of physics, we cannot stop ourselves from having a good laugh.

It is funny to see this chaos of faces, limbs, and sexy cheerleader bodies, all of them struggling to escape the irresistible gravitational pull.

Wardrobe malfunctions and hands in inappropriate places are nothing when you face broken bones and shattered dreams.

12. Confusing Message

12. Confusing Message

This photo can easily be labeled as the definition of a cheerleading fail. 

The poor girl looks so confident doing her part, that we almost feel sorry. However, we quickly throw away those useless emotions and laugh for a solid 5 minutes

Things can get funny and exciting even if not a single square inch of skin is in sight.

Some of our fans have emailed suggesting that “OG” might be the correct way to hold the sign. Theories range from the abbreviated name of the team to an inside jock, only fans of that team would understand.

13. Some Extra Pounds

13. Some Extra Pounds

This girl is clearly not the same we saw at #10.

This comes to show that we are dealing with a widespread phenomenon that tends to go out of control.

It all starts in cheerleading. Next thing you know, we have the beauty standards all messed up. “Overweight is the new skinny” might be the future we all feared.

The photo shows jumping practice, and the whole stadium was shaking uncontrollably each time her feet hit the ground.

14. Wrong Move

14. Wrong Move

The photo here is hilarious because you see it outside of its context.

We do not know what the drill here was, but something went wrong. No known cheerleading exercise involves such moves, and it was obviously a last minute improvisation.

We can only hope those two managed to speak to each other after this uncomfortable encounter. As for the fans and other members of the cheerleading squad, they had reasons to laugh for the entire day.

We even heard that the poor guy was dumped by his girlfriend once the shot ended in social media.

15. Too Tight

15. Too Tight

Apparently, there is nothing wrong with this girl here, and we just added her to our list to remind you that cheerleaders were supposed to be beautiful and attractive.

However, wearing such tight clothes is certainly uncomfortable and even hazardous for health in general. It is not hard to imagine the internal struggle happening between those legs, as fabric pushes everything tight.

We are eager to see a different angle. Fans on the south side of the stadium clearly had a better view than we did.


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