We all love dirty jokes, and TV programs include them on a constant basis. However, when cartoons intended for children do the same thing, things get awkward.

Cartoons nowadays are becoming more oriented on sexuality and violence, but at least they do it in an obvious way. Back in the days, you needed to hide your jokes very careful to go past cartoon reviewers.

This is the reasons dirty jokes extended for only a couple of frames. Lack of attention towards details allowed such gems to exist and pair our nostalgic look back with a healthy dose of fun.

Seeing your first piece of reference to adult content was indeed something memorable. Next thing you knew, you were asking your parents to tell you where babies come from.

1. Justice League


Who said cartoons based on superheroes need to be filled only with violence and the constant struggle between the evil and the good?

There is always some room left for carefully elaborated and very insightful jokes. Take this one. It is so good you can swear we took it from a sitcom like Seinfeld, and just added to the right cartoon frame.

We all love Flash, and he is indeed the fastest man on the planet after Usain Bolt, but in this series of Justice League, he always ended up being the preferred target for ironies.

Hawkgirl scored here, but the joke was too much for the young audience of the show.


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