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15 Dirty Jokes That Kids Cartoons Somehow Got Away With
Jun 25, 2016

15 Dirty Jokes Kid’s Cartoons Somehow Got Away With

We all love dirty jokes, and TV programs include them on a constant basis. However, when cartoons intended for children do the same thing, things get awkward.

Cartoons nowadays are becoming more oriented on sexuality and violence, but at least they do it in an obvious way. Back in the days, you needed to hide your jokes very careful to go past cartoon reviewers.

This is the reasons dirty jokes extended for only a couple of frames. Lack of attention towards details allowed such gems to exist and pair our nostalgic look back with a healthy dose of fun.

Seeing your first piece of reference to adult content was indeed something memorable. Next thing you knew, you were asking your parents to tell you where babies come from.

1. Justice League


Who said cartoons based on superheroes need to be filled only with violence and the constant struggle between the evil and the good?

There is always some room left for carefully elaborated and very insightful jokes. Take this one. It is so good you can swear we took it from a sitcom like Seinfeld, and just added to the right cartoon frame.

We all love Flash, and he is indeed the fastest man on the planet after Usain Bolt, but in this series of Justice League, he always ended up being the preferred target for ironies.

Hawkgirl scored here, but the joke was too much for the young audience of the show.

2. Hey Arnold!


Many of us grew up with Arnold and his friends as constant companions on TV.

Although the show was intended for kids, the producers obviously got bored exploring the same topics over and over again and decided to introduce some Easter Eggs from time to time.

Censorship was loose back in the days, and you would never see such reference on daytime shows. We can only hope children did not use “Hey Arnold!” to make their first contact with sexual education.

3. Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter’s Laboratory can be considered a visionary cartoon, which foresaw with high accuracy the current dependency on technology.

However, a lot has changed since they time this aired on Cartoon Network. Geeks are no longer teased and bullied, and they end up ruling the world.

Producers targeted a wider audience with “Dexter’s Laboratory,” and we can only image the questions created in the minds of young ones after seeing this scene.

Dad’s Trophy joke probably triggered “the talk” sooner than parents anticipated.

4. Rocko’s Modern Life


Some might argue that we are too obsessed with dirty jokes and that we tend to see them everywhere. 

However, the term “doggy-style” has a unique reference and using it in a show for kids is clearly too much.

We can bet the scenes which followed had a lot of potential to end up on our list, but for us this is enough.

“Rocko’s Modern Life” was indeed a bit too modern at some points, as it is true kids nowadays make contact with adult themes much earlier than before.

5. Hey Arnold!


Some jokes are bad not because they include something dirt, but mostly because they can influence behavior in a negative way.

Seeing Grandpa Phil remember Woodstock makes every teenager eager to reach the legal age for drinking. With so many summer festivals to choose from, God knows where this generation is heading.

We all know too well what happens when all ties are cut loose at open-air concerts. Woodstock was never about peace and love and its modern equivalents like Coachella always put some rookies in hospitals, mostly due to alcohol poisoning.

With all the harm being done, they could have starred an Arnold with tattoos and other bad habits, and obtain a similar negative influence on the audience.

6. Sponge Bob


Dropping the soap is one of the most iconic lines in TV history and every adult with enough antennas in the popular culture phenomenon knows what it means.

But is this reference appropriate for kids? We can only hope they don’t take it as a joke and don’t walk the extra mile to ask their parents to explain what it means.

You are going to see other dirty jokes in our list taken from Sponge Bob, a proof that the show is a treasure in terms of combining entertainment techniques and reaches for a multi-layered audience.

7. Rugrats


Last time we checked, Rugrats was a show for kids, with easy to understand lines and clear references to things young minds have no trouble processing.

However, looking at the above screenshot, it is clear that the producers were always pushing the limit with their jokes.

A real edition of Lonely Space Vixens might be something we will have available in the real-life in the near future. As space exploration is far from abandoning the search for other life forms, we have all the reasons to believe that their babes should also be sexually appealing.

Space adult content might just be the next big thing in the industry.

8. Sponge Bob


Again, we analyze the genius minds behind the Sponge Bob phenomenon. 

This dirty joke is as clever as it can get, and the producers washed their hands from any responsibility.

Wearing the underwear on the head, with the nose pointing up, might be funny for very young ones, but others we will see the intended parallel.

Sponge Bob promotes the idea that there is no shame in having a spontaneous erection and showing it to anyone who might be around. Not exactly the message to send across.

It is a mystery how they allow such things to pass content review.

9. Rocko’s Modern Life


You’ve seen a similar joke before on our list, but the context here is indeed a hilarious one.

Getting yourself stuck with a job you hate (operating the merry-go-round for kids) certainly is a bitter way to live your life.

Spoiling your eyes with some naked babes is the highlight of the day for this slug, as he seems to pay little respect to the safety and well-being of those going for a ride.

We are sure that someone out there on the Internet took the joke from the hands of producers and developed it into something more complex. We don’t encourage you to search, but it is almost guaranteed to find a copy of the first and only edition of Playslug. Just remember that slugs are hermaphrodites before developing a fetish on this.

10. Dexter’s Laboratory


Some dirty jokes can be spotted simply by taking a scene out of its context.

This is certainly the way producers chose to hide their gems, and it takes a well-trained eye to make the most out of them.

The couple focuses on a pair of balls, and all the right ingredient are there.

The women is clearly amazed, while the man closes its eye with a sense of pride and self-satisfaction. We don’t remember exactly what happened next, but it is more than obvious they went too far with this one.

11. Sponge Bob


Masturbation is a theme to be reserved for those kids passing a certain age.

Last time we checked, Sponge Bob was appropiate for kids of all ages, so this jokes is definitely too much for young minds to handle.

Of course, sea porn looks like nothing in our eyes, but the sponge was certainly excited and ready to take action.

An immediate reaction to change the channel was not enough for the sponge to avoid giving others a glimpse of his bad habits. We can only hope that Gary was diplomat enough to avoid an embarrassing conversation.

12. Dexter’s Laboratory


We return to Dexter’s Laboratory, just in time to see Dexter pay for his first women. 

He certainly has a good taste and the $50 extra for dancing shows us that he goes for a premium.

Switching back on our critical mind, this is definitely too much for kids to see and parents from everywhere had severe difficulties explaining what is happening in this scene. Buying your way into sexy time is definitely not a lesson we want to teach our children.

Producers received thousands of complaint letters after this particular episode and some say it speed up the decision to remove the show from air.

13. Cow and Chicken


Cow and Chicken was one of the sickest and twisted cartoon we ever had the chance to see.

We are sure that they had included something worse, but we had limited time to review just some of the episodes.

No, the cow was no preparing to star in the adult industries. She was just giving a sample to the milk-doctor for parameter analysis. However, the face of the doctor is as disturbing as it can get.

Dirty minds will quickly see this as the perfect starting point for great adult content.

14. Powerpuff Girls


The “Powerpuff Girls” was one of our favorite Cartoon Network series and we are somehow sad to include it in our list.

Making its way at #14, this scene between the Mayor and Miss Bellum is as steamy as it can get.

You can bet all your money it is not about sharpening pens, but about something more romantic.

Kids were unaware of the hidden implications, although some asked their parents why the Mayor needed help to find the whole and sharpen its pencil.

15. Rugrats


We are going to end the list with one of the dirtiest joke ever made in the history of cartoons for children.

The topic of circumcision is a delicate once, but the scene can also be seen as one promoting transgenderism.

Parents had a really though day trying to explain this and all kids looked inside their underpants in an attempt to understand the jokes. They should cut another cord, the TV cable if more of this content gets released.

It is true that our generation is more eager to learn, but kids should be kept away from disturbing things, at least when they are young.

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