15 Most Cringe-Inducing Christmas Family Photos Ever Taken

Now that the spirit of Christmas is making its annual early entrance into our lives, it helps to revisit all the awkward ways in which the family traditions can embarrass you.

By far, the worst that can happen is end up in front of the camera, having to pose with a silly sweater or in someone’s lap. Alternatively, you can end up naked alongside your parents and siblings, making everyone suspect strange sexual habits running in the family.

We will show you the 15 most cringe-inducing Christmas family photos ever taken. What’s the usefulness? We want to raise awareness on how easy it is to compromise yourself for the rest of your life

1. The Kids Are All Right

The Kids Are All Right

via Imgur

Imagine the photo without the captions in the lower section, and taken out of it holidays context.

What most people would see in such a scenario is a couple of serial killers enjoying a coffee before they start dismembering the two children. Why be swift when you can make them suffer for all the wrong things they did last year?

The negative potential is there, to inspire other parents in a dangerous way. Tying someone up with the Christmas lights installation is the cleverest and most original use of the excess meters of cable left.

There is one remote possibility for this to backfire. Once it became viral, the photo could serve as evidence in court. All it takes is someone making a phone call and reporting everything to Child Support.


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