15 Craziest Ways You Can Get High Around The World


2. Peyote


via AFP

There is no escape! Your boss will know why you chose to go all the way down to Mexico.

Like many others before, you hope to stumble upon Peyote growing in the wild. The small, spineless cactus contains mescaline and is a free ticket for the junky express.

Indigenous Americans used it for thousands of years for their shamanic rituals. Of course, you have other things in mind. Those existential questions are begging to be addressed, and nothing puts you in the right mood like a drug handle by the gracious hands of Mother Nature.

And the best part about Peyote is that it doesn’t have side effects or create physical dependence. Don’t trust your weird Mexican guide, trust scientific research, and take into account that the plant is legal in most parts of the world.

Apparently, many drugs found their way under the umbrella of protecting traditions. The next one will disgust you!


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