15 Craziest Ways You Can Get High Around The World

We’ve all been there. When pot loses its charm, life becomes dull and not worth living.

But don’t despair just yet. A quick trip around the world will reveal 15 new ways to welcome psychedelic visions and genuine relaxation. These crazy methods to get high are not only unusual, but also cheap, and expose you to limited legal hassle.

From plants found deep in the Amazonian jungle to substances you can find in any typical household, this article contains everything you need to make it your best travel companion.


We wish you happy tripping!

1. Sarpa Salpa Fish

Sarpa Salpa Fish

via Pxleyes


Eating seafood and getting trippy for free. What more to expect from life?

The Sarpa Salpa is a type of sea bream well-known amongst junkies for its hallucinogenic properties that resemble those induced by LCD. Found in the Mediterranean waters and along the west coast of Africa, it’s a cheap thrill for those skilled enough to catch it.

The Arabs knew about the fish since ancient times and the name translates as “the fish that makes dreams.” Why that’s a mild way of saying that it messes with your head so bad you begin to foresee the future.

A famous “close encounter” with the magical properties of the Sarpa Salpa made one National Geographic photographer hallucinate about humanity’s space explorations before the possibility was even remotely achievable.

One thing is for sure! You want to find out more crazy ways to get high.


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