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15 Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters
May 26, 2016

15 Celebrities Who Look Like Cartoon Characters


When it comes to celebs that look like cartoon characters, you could swear they copied each other on purpose.

You naughty, naughty little bastards! You uncovered that the best way to turn fans addicted is linking back to what they loved as children. Well played, Hollywood!

1. Christina Hendricks & Jessica Rabbit

Christina Hendricks & Jessica Rabbit

Fantasies rarely become a reality, but when that happens, your mind goes wild. 

Jessica Rabbit is a fictional character of “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” The alluring redhead with an impressive bust has a real-life counterpart in the person of Christina Hendricks.

The 41-year-old actress declared multiple times that she is flattered by the resemblance and that she will do anything (inside some limits though) to satisfy her fans.

We cannot say if Christina sometimes cosplays the animated bombshell, but we have to admit that she looks great in a revealing red dress and perky makeup. Although Christina cannot say the famous “I’m just drawn this way” she has to thank Mother Nature for the incredible things she received as gifts.

Sex symbols are and will be an important part of the modern culture, and we need to keep on worshiping them.

2. Charlie Sheen & Quagmire

Charlie Sheen & Quagmire

We don’t have to dig deep to understand why Charlie Sheen and Quagmire resemble each other so well. 

Besides the hair and face, both share an uncontrolled appetite for members of the opposite sex.

Charlie Sheen is probably best known for his role in “Two and a Half Men,” a close depiction of the actor’s real lifestyle. On the other hand, Glen Quagmire revolves somehow in the shadow of Peter Griffin, engaging in mindless adventures and delivering witty jokes.

It’s something about the shirts Quagmire and Charlie wear that makes them the ideal womanizers. Unbound by any long-term relationship or responsibility, the two are free to hunt down any woman, with no respect to the others or the limits of decency.

Nevertheless, they do it in a way we love and envy.

3. Bill Murray & Papa Smurf

Bill Murray & Papa Smurf

Cartoons are always the first place to look for nicknames and funny comparisons, mostly because everyone watches them.

Bill Murray is a great actor, and we have to be thankful for movies like “Lost in Translation.” Nevertheless, old age has made Bill look quite funny and looking at the above two pictures is easy to understand why.

The red hat makes Bill resemble very close Papa Smurf, the beloved patriarch of the Smurfs. Of course, Bill’s skin is not yet blue, but it might be just a matter of time before the transformation concludes.

We are sure if there is ever the chance of Hollywood making a movie on the Smurfs, Bill will be the favorite to take the role of Papa Smurf.

4. Bruce Vilanch & Chris Griffin

Bruce Vilanch & Chris Griffin

Bruce Vilanch might be 67, but he still retains a youthful figure. 

We can all agree that the resemblance between him and Chris Griffin must be intentional and was a homage paid by Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy.

The small mouth, the long blonde hair, and the extra weight, all of the features are there to make Bruce the real-life replica of the animated teenager. He just needs a cap and a blue t-shirt to make the transition complete.

We can only imagine that there must also be a real Herbert (pedophile old man) chasing Bruce at close distance and trying to seduce him.

5. Bryan Cranston & Ned Flanders

Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad & Ned Flanders

“Breaking Bad” was one of the biggest successes in TV history, and it was all thanks to the excellent performance delivered by Bryan Cranston.

Before being diagnosed with cancer and before fully embracing the career of a drug lord, Walter White was the average chemistry teacher, the kind of neighbor you usually consider boring. Ned Flanders is the replica of Walter White, at least if we take apart the religious component.

In fact, the creators of Simpsons are well aware of the similarities and have played the card in one of their episodes. Although Flanders is kept with a low-profile role, we never know when the father will reach his mid-life crisis and start exploring the dark side of the law.

Flanders with a black hat on instantly become Heisenberg. “Breaking Bad” fans would be delighted.

6. Dr. Phil and His Muppet Counterpart

Dr. Phil and his muppet counterpart

Dr. Phil McGraw is one of the most influential TV personalities, and that has always led to people trying to find nicknames or lookalikes.

The Muppets are often used to mock actors and celebrities, and it seems that Mr. Johnson from Sesame Street is an excellent replica of Dr. Phil.

Of course, chances are Phil will never develop argyria and have his skin turned blue. Nevertheless, the generous mustache and the baldness is there to create a similar face.

Dr. Phil was made famous by being featured on Oprah, but maybe there was an already a sweet spot in the hearts of those who grew watching the Muppets. Producers answered fan pressure by including Dr. Phil in one episode of the Muppets, under the name of Dr. Feel.

7. Mama June & Ursula from “The Little Mermaid”

Honey Boo Boos Mama June and Little Mermaids Ursula

It’s not easy for obese people to catch the spotlight, but the success of Honey Boo Boo also pushed forward her mother, June Shannon.

We won’t go into details on what exactly has attracted the public so much about the Shannon family, but we can laugh a bit about how resourceful our power of suggestion can be. You can swear that this real life mother inspired the Ursula character.

Viewers are asked to ignore skin color or hair style. It is the generous cheeks and double chin which has the most potential to draw resemblance.

Despite all that, “The Little Mermaid” was released in 1989, almost two decades before the Honey Boo Boo phenomenon went out of control. We are talking about a coincidence here.

8. Larry King & Professor Farnsworth from “Futurama”

Larry King and Professor Farnsworth from Futurama

Old people are all the same might be the first thought going through your mind the moment you see the two pictures side by side. 

It is true, but you have to admit that at least the shape of the skull and the upper lip make Larry King and Professor Farnsworth very similar to each other.

Of course, the two have two different jobs and belong to different realities, but seeing them as a close copy of each other should have brought a smile on your face already.

You will never see Larry King shouting “Good news, everyone!”, but on the other hand, not even the professor will be allowed the privilege, as Futurama has been canceled and is no longer in production.

Despite the age, Larry King is still a voice to be heard in showbiz.

9. Leslie David Baker & Cleveland

Leslie David Baker & Cleveland

Ignoring skin color or hair styleBlack guys are also all the same in the eyes of most ignorants, but the above two photos seem to confirm the myth. 

The hair, the mustache, and the chubby chest, all of the needed ingredients are there to conclude that Leslie David Baker and Cleveland are like brothers.

Family Guy comes again to our rescue for giving an animated counterpart to real-life personalities and imagining how Baker would sound with Cleveland’s voice is hysterical.

Although The Cleveland Show was not greeted with the same enthusiasm as its parent show, “Family Guy,” Cleveland has reserved for himself a soft spot in everyone’s heart with a performance which acts as a balancing force to Peter obnoxious sense of humor

10. Madonna & Skeletor

Madonna & Skeletor

Close to its 60th birthday, Madonna has lost almost everything that has made her famous. 

It is enough to look at the picture to see that the countless hours of fitness have gifted Madonna with powerful muscles, certainly not fit for a woman.

Her face is the battleground of many surgical interventions, and Madonna is visibly marked by a continuous struggle with old age. Of course, it is not polite to make fun of old folks, but Madonna has always sought attention. Therefore we give it to her!

Some say that Madonna begins to look like Skeletor from “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.” The prominent cheekbones, as well as the unusually developed arm musculature, all of them help make Madonna a living replica of the infamous cartoon villain.

11. Neil Patrick Harris & The Riddler

Neil Patrick Harris & like The Riddler

“How I Met Your Mother” has ended long ago, but the TV series helped put Neil Patrick Harris in the position he deserved.

We all know and love Barney Stinson, and many times throughout the show, he used a couple of riddles to give proper amplitude to his elaborate schemes.

That brings us to another beloved (or hated) character of the fictional universe. The Riddler is one of Batman’s top adversaries, and on many occasions his puzzles have proven to be hard to crack nuts, wasting precious time during investigations. But there is a fundamental difference between the Barney and The Riddler.

Failing to guess the villain’s intentions meant almost certain death. On the other hand, not understanding Barney’s puns always concluded with a pretty girl having to go to bed with him.

12. Nicki Minaj & He-Man

Nicki Minaj & He Man

We come back again to the “Masters of the Universe” animated series, but this time to use He-Man for our next comparison.

We don’t know if the creators of the cartoons were visionaries or not, but using pink for a male outfit was certainly a hot trend a couple of years ago. With his straight blonde hair, He-Man seems to be the retro version of Nicki Minaj. We have to admit that putting the two side by side has left us with a bit of fear in our souls.

We’ve just created a Pandora’s Box that entitles our audience to open it. We expect a remake of the famous “Anaconda” music video with He-Man taking the place of Nicki Minaj, a sight that would certainly be very disturbing. He-Man is already in the center of a couple of video spoofs out there, so we should expect the worse.

13. Peter Griffin & Michael Moore

Peter Griffin & Michael Moore

Peter Griffin looking like Michael Moore is a no-brainer. 

Michael Moore has always been a source of inspiration for Americans and not only. With his appetite for satire and puns, Michael Moore served as the perfect foundation for constructing the Peter Griffin character.

The two pictures put side by side here are living proof that at least the round and adorable face of Peter is copied from the documentary filmmaker. Our imagination cannot withhold itself from viewing Michael Moore singing “The Bird is the Word” or making a Meg joke, or just doing something hilarious.

If they ever decide to make a movie with real actors based on “Family Guy, fans would pay substantial cash to see Michael take on the role.

14. Rico Rodriguez & Russell from “Up”

Rico Rodriguez from Modern Family & Russell from Up

First of all, we have to give credit to Manny (Rico Rodriguez) for having such a hot mother (Sofia Vergara) and such a legendary father (former Al Bundy).

Chubby kids are everyone’s favorite and their realistic approach to life can serve as a lesson for all of us.

Manny is quite mature for his age, and his lines are always punchy, which gives the character its unique flavor and positioned him as one of the most valued roles. We all love “Modern Family,” and therefore it is okay to try to find look-alikes everywhere.

“Up” was a cute movie to see, but all eyes were caught by how much the wilderness explorer named Russel resembles Manny.

Of course, Russell is the more politically correct version of Manny, but at least at a physical level, they both share the same proportions.

15. Steve Harvey & Mr. Potato Head

Steve Harvey & Mr. Potato Head

Calling someone a potato head is not exactly a compliment, but Steve Harvey surely deserves it. 

We are not mean enough with the person who committed the biggest mistake in live television at the most crucial moment possible.

Mistaking names is a common human fault, but failing to process information written in bold with massive font size is utterly inexplicable. Steve Harvey permanently destroyed the life of Miss Colombia by making her the winner of Miss Universe for only a couple of minutes.

In addition to all that, the head of Steve Harvey does look like Mr. Potato Head, especially in the shot taken here. The hat and the mustache are probably the highlights, but even if you take the hat off, you will still have the same uncanny resemblance.


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