With all eyes set on Rio, it is time for you to test your knowledge on the Olympic Games. We would be more than delighted to show you a face of the competition you didn’t know.

At the begging of the modern era games, the Olympic spirit was nothing more than a bunch of people trying to establish standard rules and convince all the others to follow them.

In fact, the first editions were so poorly organized, that some people were not even aware of the fact that they were competing. Marathons often rendered people lost in the woods or chased by local dogs.

That is just a teaser on what you can read about in this article. See the Olympic Games from unique angles.


1. The Torch Tradition

1. Torch Tradition

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The Olympic flame is a symbol of the ancient games held in Greece. However, the modern version of it, the torch relay, was first introduced in 1936, during the Summer Olympics held in Berlin.

Yes, you heard right. One of the most popular and enduring parts of the Olympic ceremonial was inspired by Nazi propaganda, at a time when Hitler was preparing to take Europe by storm.

Back in the original version, a parabolic mirror was used to ignite the torch using the light of the Sun. The ceremonial takes place in Olympia and involves eleven women representing the Vestal Virgins (a kind of ancient Greek priestesses).

The fire is probably a reference to Prometheus, the ancient hero that stole fire from the gods and brought it to Earth.


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