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14 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Ended Up On The Internet
Sep 15, 2016

14 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Ended Up On The Internet


You might change your mind about taking selfies and unleashing them on the Internet once you see what happened in these 14 unfortunate cases.

Social media can quickly turn one’s life into a nightmare. It all starts with one awkward selfie that slips trough and makes you look ridiculous.

1. Selfie Break

Selfie Break

This selfie might seem completely inappropriate and unethical to you, but for us, it has a logical explanation. 

Just think how many coffee breaks or smoke breaks you take during the day.

Firefighters are not machines. They are humans just like us, and a selfie can make the job less stressful. Catching a wildfire in the background makes you cooler on social media.

Sooner or later, every young girl develops a fantasy with naked firefighters, fighting the flames inside her. This man here will soon swim in friend requests on Facebook.

Let’s just hope his colleagues reminded him that the work day was not over.

2. A Little Privacy, Please!

A Little Privacy Please

Taking the perfect selfie is often as simple as framing the photo. 

This girl kissing her best friend might have melted our hearts if it weren’t for the unfortunate right side of the picture.

Someone was interrupted while taking a dump and we have many leads to explore. What was the boy doing without pants?

Is this a photobomb attempt on his side? Are the girls making fun of him? Was this just an unfortunate coincidence?

Taking a selfie often puts people in a unique state, and they simply ignore the outside world for the duration. The only thing innocent here is the girl kissing with her eyes closed.

3. Fake Boyfriend Selfie

Fake Boyfriend Selfie

Dragging your boyfriend with you to explore the world is the current big thing among teenage girls. 

What happens when you don’t have a boyfriend, but you still need to impress your Facebook friends?

We live in a free market, and the moment you unleash demand, an offer will come running at you. Someone in China revolutionized the way single girls takes selfies. Easy, cheap, and darn convincing!

Unfortunately, a girl decided it is time to reveal the lie that consumed her best years. Last time we checked, generous people from all corners of the Internet crowd-funded her initiative of buying a complete boyfriend. Definitely better than just a hand!

4. Inappropriate Area For A Selfie

Inaproppiate Area For A Selfie

We do not know what the woman thought when she approached the device to her sensitive area 

Was she taking a selfie? How would you call a selfie of that particular area of the body?

Phe poor woman is either a pioneer of selfies or completely outdated regarding technology. Phones like that were once a big craze, before smartphones completely ruined the game.

We will never know if the megapixels were enough to send a clear image. However, we can assume the recipient had a decent preview of what to expect later in the evening.

Selfies, a bit different back in the days!

5. Suicide Selfie

Suicide Selfie

If you remember, we had an article about people dying while trying to take a selfie. 

This man is most likely on of them, although we lack knowledge of what happened after the selfie.

With one finger on the trigger and the other on the shutter button, some people have a hard time remembering which one to press. We skipped most physics classes in high school.

However, we gather enough info to know there is no chance the bullet travels faster than light.

Even if he pressed the trigger, we would have only a photo of his face before the bullet impact. Pure agony, or just a manifesto against the world that was unable to understand the value of his rap?

6. Look! No Hands

Look! No Hands

Taking a textbook selfie will impress no one today.

As we’ve seen thousands of selfies taken from all possible positions, some more awkward than others, we were beginning to believe the artistic movement exploited all its potential.

But then came this unknown genius. Using a practice forgotten since the man descended from the trees and said goodbye to his monkey cousins, he might develop an opposable thumb at foot level.

We lack further information, but we believe a lot of smartphones ended up smashed on the floor before the youngster perfected his technique.

7. Precise Selfie

Precise Selfie

This one here is a genuine masterpiece. We have two points of interest, and we will take them one by one.

First of all, the poor man is ironic with his size, showing what made his girlfriend angry in the first place. While it is indeed small, it is slightly bigger than the diameter of the setting sun.

Those eyes are a bit out-of-sync, and the man was probably distracted by something taking place nearby. We will never know if it was a pair of dogs mating at sunset, or a random hobo asking for money.

This selfie was intended to send a message, but it ended embarrassing the poor man.

8. Arrest Selfie

Arrest Selfie

Seeing someone arrested just in front of them triggered a strange reaction from this two girls. 

We don’t know if this is a sign of relief, as they escaped a notorious rapist, or just human nature saying it’s ok to laugh when someone else is in trouble.

Or maybe we are getting everything wrong. Girls enter another dimension and completely shut down their sense the moment a selfie opportunity emerges. The two were so happy that they were completely unaware of the street riot happening meters away.

We read cases were girls sticking their cheeks together for a selfie ended up as one fat girl. Although rare, such mutations put a halt to the selfie pandemic that swept across our young generation.

9. Is That A Tan Line?

Is That A Tanline?

Crossing the border between boyhood and manhood is often as simple as taking a selfie. 

In our modern culture, the selfie acts as a rite of passage, confirming our place in society and showing potential mates that we are ready for responsibilities.

Nevertheless, this selfie failed to transmit that exact message and completely lost any meaning when looked for the second time. This cool kid wanted abs but hated going to the gym each and every morning.

You will be amazed to know they sell cardboards like that on the Internet. This is what you end up with when you click on those baits promising visible results in just a day.

That is not a tan line, and this is one of the most embarrassing selfies ever taken.

10. Mom Of The Year

Mom Of The Year

Taking a selfie might make you cool in the eyes of your children, but not when you are wearing only your lingerie.

This single mom decided this is the best way to start searching for a stepfather for little Jimmy.

The poor kid probably developed his first thought on suicide when his mom forced him to be a part of this charade. Next thing you know, he will raise no eyebrows when his girlfriend will do a similar thing.

We have to give credit to this mom for not completely ignoring her body after pregnancy. We see some potential there, although we need a better angle to take an educated guess.

11. Wrong From Every Angle

Wrong From Every Angle

We will continue our journey in the fascinating world of strange mother-son selfies with this awkward and embarrassing shot.

Dirty minds will see a different story line, and there is nothing we can do to prevent that. This is one picture impossible to unsee. Before you rush to put bleach in your eyes, we will mention that it is pointless. That image will persist even if you lose the ability to see.

We have to assume (for the sake of normality) that the mom had her husband away on a business trip and that he requested a glance at her sexy derriere. The kid happened to see his mother in a strange position on the floor and came to check everything is ok.

The shot snapped at the precise worst moment.

12. Awkward Family Practice

Awkward Family Practice

It started as an innocent selfie for virtual Internet friends halfway around the globe to see.

It quickly evolved to raise serious questions regarding the morality of that family.

What was the big brother doing there on the wall? The safe for work explanation would be that he joined a strange cult. A certain moments of the day (or night), he is required to drop his pants and raise his hands on the wall.

A selfie can’t get more awkward than this. All the ingredients are there – the innocent and unsuspecting selfie taker in the foreground and the creepy photo bomber in the background.

13. Those Pants Should Be All The Way Up

Those Pants Should Be All The Way Up

The little boy’s room is not the idyllic place for taking a selfie. 

Chances are someone is using the urinal in a less orthodox way, and you snap a photo in which celestial bodies appear in their full splendor.

As far as we are concerned, this young man should have seen it coming. He should be grateful to the selfie gods for not ruining the pic even further with a full frontal display.

Mirrors are cold bastards, and they will never hide anything. That’s why they added front cameras to most smartphones. Goodbye indecent exposure from the background.

14. When The Cat Hates You

Animal rights are under serious threat when owners force their pets to star in selfies. 

This boy wanted something more than a standard selfie.

There is one more thing to add. The position in which the cat is held is incredibly uncomfortable. Chances are this photo session ended with a bloodbath. Cats were once mighty wild felines, and dark instincts eventually resurface.

There are many ways to ruin a selfie and torturing a cat is one of them. What happened next is probably a disaster.


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