What is the last time you took a selfie? Leave everything you are doing at the moment and double check the photo you’ve just uploaded on your social media profile. 

Embarrassing selfies reside in the small details that initially fool the eye. You probably dodged a bullet with the last one, but it will eventually happen to you.

“14 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Ended Up On The Internet” is one list that will show there are still creative ways to destroy your reputation and social life. All it takes is bad timing. The world is full of threats, and a selfie has from the start few chances of emerging politically correct.

They had to call the police and arrest the guy in #14. The other stories leading to that are equally fascinating. You are so mean for laughing at their misfortune!

1. Selfie Break


This selfie might seem completely inappropriate and unethical to you, but for us, it has a logical explanation. 

Just think how many coffee breaks or smoke breaks you take during the day.

Firefighters are not machines. They are humans just like us, and a selfie can make the job less stressful. Catching a wildfire in the background makes you cooler on social media.

Sooner or later, every young girl develops a fantasy with naked firefighters, fighting the flames inside her. This man here will soon swim in friend requests on Facebook.

Let’s just hope his colleagues reminded him that the work day was not over.


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