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14 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Ended Up On The Internet
Sep 15, 2016

14 Most Embarrassing Selfie Fails That Ended Up On The Internet

You might change your mind about taking selfies and unleashing them on the Internet once you see what happened in these 14 unfortunate cases.

Social media can quickly turn one’s life into a nightmare. It all starts with one awkward selfie that slips through and makes you look ridiculous.

1. Selfie Break

Selfie Break

This selfie might seem completely inappropriate and unethical to you, but for us, it has a logical explanation. 

Just think how many coffee breaks or smoke breaks you take during the day.

Firefighters are not machines. They are humans just like us, and a selfie can make the job less stressful. Catching something ablaze in the background makes you even cooler on social media.

Let’s just hope his colleagues reminded him that the work day was not over.

2. Fake Boyfriend Selfie

Fake Boyfriend Selfie

Dragging your boyfriend with you to explore the world is the current big thing among teenage girls. 

What happens when you don’t have a boyfriend, but you still need to impress your Facebook friends?

We live in a free market, and the moment you unleash demand, an offer will come running at you. Someone in China revolutionized the way single girls take selfies. Easy, cheap, and darn convincing!

Unfortunately, a girl decided it is time to reveal the lie that consumed her best years. Last time we checked, generous people from all corners of the Internet crowd-funded her initiative of buying a complete boyfriend. Better than just a hand!

3. Suicide Selfie

Suicide Selfie

If you remember, we had an article about people dying while trying to take a selfie. 

This man is most likely one of them, although we lack knowledge of what happened after the selfie.

With one finger on the trigger and the other on the shutter button, some people have a hard time remembering which one to press. We skipped most physics classes in high school.

However, we gather enough info to know there is no chance the bullet travels faster than light.

Even if he pressed the trigger, we would have only a photo of his face before the bullet impact. Pure agony, or just a manifesto against the world that was unable to understand the value of his rap?

4. Look! No Hands

Look! No Hands

Taking a textbook selfie will impress no one today.

As we’ve seen thousands of selfies taken from all possible positions, some more awkward than others, we were beginning to believe the artistic movement exploited all its potential.

But then came this unknown genius. Using a practice forgotten since the man descended from the trees and said goodbye to his monkey cousins, he might develop an opposable thumb at foot level.

We lack further information, but we believe a lot of smartphones ended up smashed on the floor before the youngster perfected his technique.

5. Precise Selfie

Precise Selfie

This one here is a genuine masterpiece. We have two points of interest, and we will take them one by one.

First of all, the poor man is ironic with the size of his nose. While it is indeed small, it is slightly bigger than the diameter of the setting sun.

Those eyes are a bit out-of-sync, and the man was probably distracted by something taking place nearby. This selfie was intended to send a message, but it ended embarrassing the poor man.

6. When The Cat Hates You

Animal rights are under serious threat when owners force their pets to star in selfies. 

This boy wanted something more than a standard selfie.

There is one more thing to add. The position in which the cat is held is incredibly uncomfortable. Chances are this photo session ended with a bloodbath.

Cats were once mighty wild felines, and dark instincts eventually resurface. There are many ways to ruin a selfie and torturing a cat is one of them. What happened next is probably a disaster.

7. Lawnmower Selfie

Lawnmower Selfie

Taking a selfie at the job is not a bad idea unless you are trimming the neighbor’s grass for a living.

This young lad took a lot of pride in his motorized vehicle and insisted on sharing the embarrassing pic with all his social media friends. Now the tricky question.

How many hours in the gym do you need to be able to pull such a ridiculous stunt? Something tells us this guy had an aid sitting hidden behind that door frame.

Whatever the case, disaster is imminent. Posting selfies online takes a lot of commitment and the outstanding rainy season turned the lawn he was supposed to maintain into a veritable jungle.

Forget about the ruler and the extra millimeters that upset the eye! His employer will go directly for the scythe, and grass will not be the only one that will fall.

8. This Traffic Ugh

This Traffic Ugh

Teenagers of today use selfie to convey emotions and attract attentions on their daily struggle.

Unfortunately, some exploit such an instrument in a way that often turns against them and brings embarrassment. The girl above now wishes her life to be over.

Lesson number one in lying school is “Always check the reflective surfaces.” The frustrated driver forgot to verify her selfie before firing it online, and the consequences are horrifying.

Not only did she showed what a reckless driver she is (who takes selfies while driving?) but she also advertised her passion for acting like a drama queen.

Taxi drivers stuck in traffic all day long want her dead now. Since when three empty lanes of highway count as crowded? Someone should put some sense into that selfie rookie and desert her in rush hour NYC.

9. Trashy Selfie

Trashy Selfie

God gave us selfie sticks for an obvious reason – to prevent people from attracting ridicule by using household items for support.

For this genius of photography, the background doesn’t even exist. As long as his mugshot is decent and he performed the right Illuminati gesture, the selfie should be good to go.

There are two nasty ways this could end. #1 – Mom catches the little bugger abusing her cleaning gear and grounds him for weeks. #2 – After repeated attempts to take that selfie to perfection, the smartphone finally meets its doom on the cold basement floor.

Either way, we won’t be seeing him online for a period. Even if our highly likely scenarios fail to happen, the roasting he will suffer online will help raise on the importance of the background and send him back to selfie school.

10. Probably Her Last Selfie

Probably Her Last Selfie

Taking a selfie with a natural disaster approaching at full speed will never win you the “National Geographic Photo of the Year.”

That is because the guys at NG hate giving awards to dead people. Something tells us they also get a bit picky when it comes to low resolution and silly hashtag antics.

As embarrassing as it for the girl, the selfie raises a big warning sign. Check out the guy in the background. He is also taking a photo of the menacing vortex, and there are no signs the two commenced the warm-up for the sprint needed to save their lives.

But maybe we are the ones overreacting. Living on Tornado Alley brings one of those babies in your neighborhood far too often for them to remain scary.

11. Cats Rebelled And Ruined The Shot

Cats Rebelled And Ruined The Shot

Scolding a girl for taking selfies all day long is a delicate intervention, one that can always misfire.

That is why the annoyed boyfriend sent in the special forces, immune to any female retribution. Cats obviously have little patience with someone ignoring them, and it wasn’t long until she figured out the futility of her selfie efforts.

No one calls it art when shameless felines scale you like Mt Everest or act angry in front of the camera. 1-0 for the cats.

However, not even cats are a permanent solution. Go try asking them a favor during their midday nap!

12. That Is Not How You Use The Selfie Stick!

That Is Not How You Use The Selfie Stick!

For all those selfie takers out there, the photo serves a valuable lesson – when taking a shot in front of the mirror, the selfie sticks becomes redundant.

You can laugh all you want and still come back later and still make your belly feel good. Is that his first ever selfie, or is he trying to pose meticulous? Hell, that guy might have done the unthinkable and read the instructions manual that comes with every selfie stick sold.

Chances are we are getting it wrong. Maybe the infamous extension of one’s arm is there as a warning. Buckle up, here comes selfie season!

Flaunting his new toy means only one thing. New embarrassing pics are coming our way.

13. Spider Wants In The Selfie

Spider Wants In The Selfie

Spider Wants In The Selfie

Spiders are shy reclusive creatures that rarely dare to face the camera. Not this time!

The small fellow sensed his shot at glory and went for it. Unfortunately, he forgot about the crazy girl that would make an apocalypse out of any bug getting on her radar.

Her face says it all! Scared to death, the girl entered DEFCON 1 and turned a lovely selfie into yet another embarrassing situation sacrificed on the altar of our entertainment.

Girls and spiders have a hate/hate relationship nothing will probably ever change – not even a selfie. The only acceptable situation is when the insect turns out to be Tobey Maguire wearing a costume.

14. Happy Couple Selfie

Happy Couple Selfie

A visit to the Grand Canyon offers some of the best selfie opportunities for couples.

Occasionally, the photo session meant to make your relationship stronger turns into a scramble to stay alive. The boy was so caught up with smiling that he forgot about the cliffhanger unfolding in the background.

Seconds before this selfie was taken, the pair was kissing above the abyss, swearing each other eternal love and devotions. We all know it never lasts!

Aroused by the massive number of “likes” collected by their earlier selfies, the boy now wanted the glory for himself. Do you think he will snap out of the trance and save the desperate girlfriend?

We hate breaking your heart! Chances are he will prefer taking a rare “falling selfie.”