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Apr 14, 2016

13 Things Science Can’t Explain

Although science has made considerable progresses in the last decade, we still have a substantial list of things which fail to be inscribed in our common sense and understanding. Either we are talking about paranormal phenomenon or about puzzles left behind by our ancestors, this journey in to the unknown is quite fascinating. We have to admit that it is hard to believe that a modern world like ours can still accommodate mysteries and uncertainties.

We are far from having a grasp on more advanced scientific methods for proving or disproving theories to explain the mysteries, yet we have chosen the most popular and also the most reasonable answers. This list of 13 things science has yet to explain can be made much longer, and we invite our readers to dig deeper for the truth. With so much information available around us, it is sometimes just a matter of choosing the truth you are ready to believe in. Many sources and publication are deliberately inflating mysteries just to make people to tune in and get caught by the current of speculation. We invite you to elaborate your very own understanding of the mysteries explained here.

We can definitely say that a world without mysteries would be boring. We do need to hold a small amount of belief that there is much more to be known and discovered. This ultimately pushes forward the acts of discovery and the evolution of science and technology.

We wish you to have a mind-blowing journey in this world of mystery.

1. Placebo

Via PlaceboWorld

The placebo effect is still a mystery for the scientific community to behold. Basically, the placebo is used in drug trials to prove or not the efficiency of a treatment. As one half of the subjects receive the normal drugs, the other half receives nothing but neutral pills.

Allocation is usually random and targets to reveal the full healing potential of the medicine. But despite that, here are actually cases which defy logic, in which the ones taking the fake pills actually get better or even heal. We have to accept that our understanding of the human mind is still limited.

The placebo effect usually resides at a psychological level, and can be put side by side with the power of faith traditionally nurtured inside religions. We can only assume that the human body has some extra resources and abilities we are only beginning to scrap the surface of.

2. Jerry Ehman and the Wow Signal

Via Dispatch

The strange sequence of numbers and letters might not mean much to us, simple minds without an understanding of astrophysics, but for Jerry R. Ehman, it triggered instant fascination. As we know, scientists are usually skeptical and seeing such a materialization of their emotion on paper is quite unique.

The ”Wow!” signal can be put side by side with the ”Evrika!” shout, thousands of years before. A narrowband radio signal was the one producing the”Wow!” signal. The recording was done at SETI’s Big Ear radio telescope at The Ohio State University, on August 15, 1977.

Amongst the speculated source of the signal we have to include the possibility that an advanced alien civilization leaked a sign of its existence. As radio telescope turned that attention again and again in that part of the sky, no follow up was received. In 2012, at the 35th anniversary the Arecibo Observatory send a response which was based on 10,000 Twitter messages.

3. Sacsayhuaman

Via lugaresquever

The Inca civilization left behind many impressive monuments. Everybody knows the famous Machu Picchu, but few people ever heard about the Sacsayhuaman. Located at an altitude of 3,701 m, on the north side of Cusco, Peru, the citadel impresses by having massive wall build from stone blocks, without the use of any kind of mortar.

Up until now, there is nothing extraordinary, but the precision to with adjacent blocks fit each other is quite impressive judging by the technological means available almost one thousand years ago. Together with Cusco, it was added in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1983.

Of course, the site was quickly added to the list of other mysterious locations around the world, in correlation with the theory of ancient aliens, or with the Atlantis theory of civilization spreading. Science is still unable to explain how huge blocks were cut so precise and carried from quarries located many kilometers away.

4. Stonehenge

Via Knowldgehi

Everybody knows about Stonehenge but this didn’t help fully explain why the megalithic structure was put in place. Radiocarbon dating suggests that construction took place somewhere around 3000 BC, a time when the local communities where still struggling to put Prehistory to rest.

We have to mention the fact that some sources dismiss the presumed age and push even further in the past. Theories regarding the role of Stonehenge abound. We can mention the ones putting forward a temple for the gods, a giant astronomical calendar, or even a UFO landing place.

Nevertheless, we are still having the feeling that something is missing from the big picture. Why put so much effort in building something monumental when you are a culture struggling to assure daily sustenance? Stonehenge remains the most notorious example of our limited understanding of the dawns of modern human society. Was it really a Prehistory?

5. Nazca lines

Via Tumblr

Visible only from tens of meters up in the air, the Inca line seem the best example that ancient people were trying to communicate with the gods or with someone else coming from above. Built by removing the colored rocks and earth, and revealing the less pigmented layers below, the Inca lines have been maintained by the dry climate of the Nazca desert and by the fact that no other major civilization flourished there.

While the most impressing Nazca lines are assembled in carefully studied and well proportioned depictions of animals and human like figures the most mysterious line make us think about an ancient airport. Straight line kilometers long intersect each other in apparently no particular pattern indicating that this might be the place in the Earth with the highest chances of playing the role of a giant intergalactic transportation hub.

Alien enthusiasts rely on the Nazca line as one of the most powerful evidence that we were visited despite the attempts made by science to attach a more reasonable explanation.

6. Fred Valentich

Via Magonia

We all know that UFOs are particularly interested in the North American continent and that they chosen the United States to favor with their phenomenon. Nevertheless, this case presented here happened to an Australian pilot, Frederick Valentich.

The Cessna 182L that he was flying over Bass Strait (between Australia and Tasmania) disappeared on October 21st 1978, while conducting a night training flight. Only 20 years old, Frederick can be put on the list as an inexperienced pilot, despite having 150 hours total flying time.

Just before radio contact was lost, he reported being followed by an unknown aircraft which was executing strange maneuvers around him. When his transmission was interrupted by unidentified noise described as being “metallic, scraping sounds”, speculations quickly emerged regarding to what really happen to Frederick. Just to add more salt and pepper on the case, other UFO enthusiasts have reported strange occurrences over the Australian sky the night the plane disappeared.

7. Cocaine and Tobacco from Mummies

Via WashingtonPost

Our fascination with Egyptian mummies has reached a higher level once a group of scientists revealed that they found traces of drugs which could be found only on the American continent at that moment. More precise, we are talking about cocaine and tobacco, produced from plants well-known to the ancient inhabitants of the New World.

According to the theory, trans-oceanic contact was taking place in ancient times, thousands of years before the acclaimed voyage of Christopher Columbus. Scientist Svetla Balabanova and two of her colleagues reported findings of cocaine, hashish and nicotine in Egyptian mummies in a study which was released in 1992.

Although subsequent criticism from the mainstream science occurred, the possibility ignited other dormant clues that we are teaching the wrong type of prehistory and history in school. Of course, it is not easy going fighting the establishment, and we definitely need courageous people to fight the ridicule and public disapproval.

8. Pollock sisters

Via ViralNova

Reincarnation has always been a hot topic of debate and even religions fail to reach a common ground on that. From time to time, strange cases like the Pollock sisters occur to put a little extra weight on the balance in the direction of reincarnation as a real phenomenon.

The Pollock family lost their two daughters Jacqueline and Joanna in a tragic car accident in 1957. Soon after the event, the Pollock’s were surprised to discover that the mother, Florence, was pregnant with what the father, John, was convinced to be twins. In fact, he was convinced that the twins were actual reincarnation of the daughters they lost.

We don’t know what kept the parents from giving them the same names. Gillian and Jennifer presented strange birth marks which seem to replicate small injuries which happened to Jacqueline and Joanna. To add even more mystery, once returning to their hometown after some years away, the twins seem to have impossible memories of the local landmarks.

9. A Tomato has more Genes than a Human

Via GrowingMatch

There are many mysteries around us and some of them are definitely tastier than the others. Take your average tomatoes for example. You would expect to know everything about the tomatoes, yet you will be amazed to add some extra knowledge.

The tomato plant has more genes than the human body, in a study made public in “Nature” magazine. We are talking about 31,760 genes, 7,000 more than the numbered contained in each human body, which makes tomatoes more advanced, at least at the genetic level. We can also bet you had no idea that tomatoes are closely related to the tobacco plant, the potato, and the eggplant.

You might ask what purpose serves knowing so much about tomatoes and why invest 9 years and a lot of money in such type of research. Well, now that the genetic code is revealed, scientists can devise better breads, less vulnerable to crop diseases and with higher yields.

10. The Bloop Sound

Via Bloop

Don’t let yourself fooled by the image above, as we are not talking about comic book exclamations, although some of them are indeed strange enough to fit our article. The Bloop was a sound recorded by hyfrophones across the Pacific, and immediately triggered the imagination of sea creature’s enthusiasts around the world.

It all started when some voices from the scientific community released a statement in which they indicated that the noise has an organic signature attached. We have to acknowledge first that everything mainstream science fails to explain is immediately taken over by people willing to believe that we live in a world full of unexplained mysteries.

Indeed, the deep sea is still largely unknown to humans and many animal species have been taken to light in recent decades from those depths. Nevertheless, the magnitude of the phenomenon rejects from the start an animal nature. More recently, scientists have put forwards the very credible answer that the “Bloop” is in fact produced by an ice sheet breaking also known as an icequake.

11. Costa Rica’s Giant Stone Balls

Via Top10

The American continent has been a place of myths and mystery way before the first European settlers arrived here. The stone spheres of Costa Rica have remained one of the most puzzling enigmas, mostly because no one knows exactly how such perfect shapes were achieved with a primitive technology.

Another question surrounds their purpose, although seeing them as symbols of power or as parts of a religious ceremony is quite handy. Added recently (2014) on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the Diquis Spheres are located in the geographical area of the Diquis Delta and on Isla del Cano.

The materials and the sizes of the balls vary considerably, mostly because the tradition of making stone balls ranged for almost o thousand years, up until the conquistadors gave the local community other “things” to deal with. The most impressive ones are obviously the big ones, with diameters of 2 meters and weight close to 15 tones.

12. The Baigong Pipes

Via  NationalParkLover

There are many places around the world were out of time artifacts can be found. The Baigong Pipes are a good example of things which apparently defy common explanation. Located deep inside a mountain and considered the direct result of alien technology, the pipe formation has generated hot debates between supporters and skeptics.

At a first glance, the formation seems deliberately put in place and even the chemical analysis revealed some strange components which could not be identified exactly. A more recent point of view on the formation claims that they are actually done by nature in a strange and highly unlike process.

The fact that they are located on Chinese territory made the access and further research quite difficulty, further fueling conspiracy theories. Nevertheless, the fact that organic material was found inside (tree rings even) seems to forever put this mystery in the category of solved ones.

13. The Voynich Manuscript

Via CystalLinks

The medieval era was full of mysteries and unsolved enigmas, some of which survived till this day. The Voynich Manuscript is basically a book written in a mysterious language and full of odd illustrations. While some depict plants we all know and use, other introduce what seems to be the result of a vivid imagination or taken from another world.

One of the theories claims that the Voynich manuscript has a lot to do with the obsession for alchemy which marked humanity for quite some centuries. Other voices claim that the manuscript is the result of an elaborated hoax, inspired by many others.

Nevertheless, radio carbon dating revealed that the book is indeed old (15th century), so modern counterfeit can be excluded. The Voynich manuscript is mostly a cryptographic enigma, as no one was able to give meaning to the unknown characters.

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