Although science has made considerable progresses in the last decade, we still have a substantial list of things which fail to be inscribed in our common sense and understanding. Either we are talking about paranormal phenomenon or about puzzles left behind by our ancestors, this journey in to the unknown is quite fascinating. We have to admit that it is hard to believe that a modern world like ours can still accommodate mysteries and uncertainties.

We are far from having a grasp on more advanced scientific methods for proving or disproving theories to explain the mysteries, yet we have chosen the most popular and also the most reasonable answers. This list of 13 things science has yet to explain can be made much longer, and we invite our readers to dig deeper for the truth. With so much information available around us, it is sometimes just a matter of choosing the truth you are ready to believe in. Many sources and publication are deliberately inflating mysteries just to make people to tune in and get caught by the current of speculation. We invite you to elaborate your very own understanding of the mysteries explained here.

We can definitely say that a world without mysteries would be boring. We do need to hold a small amount of belief that there is much more to be known and discovered. This ultimately pushes forward the acts of discovery and the evolution of science and technology.

We wish you to have a mind-blowing journey in this world of mystery.

1. Placebo

Via PlaceboWorld

The placebo effect is still a mystery for the scientific community to behold. Basically, the placebo is used in drug trials to prove or not the efficiency of a treatment. As one half of the subjects receive the normal drugs, the other half receives nothing but neutral pills.

Allocation is usually random and targets to reveal the full healing potential of the medicine. But despite that, here are actually cases which defy logic, in which the ones taking the fake pills actually get better or even heal. We have to accept that our understanding of the human mind is still limited.

The placebo effect usually resides at a psychological level, and can be put side by side with the power of faith traditionally nurtured inside religions. We can only assume that the human body has some extra resources and abilities we are only beginning to scrap the surface of.


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