Jun 28, 2016

13 Most Hilarious Drunk Pranks

Alcohol is a guilty pleasure for many of us and countless memorable nights started with that extra drink.

For those unlucky, drinking too much accommodates an abrupt transition from the time of your life to a deep sleep, during which you are at the mercy of those around.

Many friendships get the supreme test when a drunken prank emerges at the horizon. In almost all cases, the temptation is too powerful to resist.

Duct tape, markers, empty bottles, fruits, and other items ca be used according to one’s imagination.

We are sure the Internet has some gems somewhere beyond the first few pages offered by Google. In the light of that, we offer you “13 Most Hilarious Drunk Pranks” we were able to find.

We also encourage you to be more vigil during your next party. Close both eyes and you might end up like one of our victims.

1. Caught Red Handed

1. Caught Red Handed

It’s never a good idea to mix drinking with other activities, especially if you know your friends have a hobby in photography.

This man had to answer to many hateful comments once this pic emerged on the Internet. First of all, he had to deny all claims of being a bunny lover. Dismissing the dirty magazine was the easy part.

Always make sure your friends intake the same quantity of alcohol as you do. If you don’t pay attention to that, you might end up like this poor souls. And he had excellent tastes in women…

2. Never Mess With A Girl

2. Never Mess With A Girl

Girls are usually innocent and will never resort to such horrible acts.

According to them, a drunkard should always be left to acknowledge the true nature of his acts on his own, without any help from the outside.

However, if you mess with the wrong girl, in the wrong time of the month, you can end up with something like this in your month.

We can only hope the man was left alive after this prank. Serial killers often leave a trademark signature. You probably saw this in “The Silence of the Lambs.”

If it is confirmed to be a prank, we redirect our hopes towards hygiene matters.

3. Impossible to Move

3. Impossible to Move

Imagine waking up in a position like this. In chess, it’s called a stalemate. You are not dead yet, but you cannot move.

There is another key for interpreting this. Many secret cults took alcohol consumption as their prime ritual. The apparently unfortunate man is receiving his first communion. He will awake with an immaculate stomach, purged of all sins.

Of course, ceremonies often go too far. However, the god of alcohol is a merciful one. Offering pickles is the central tradition in the day after the first communion.

4. Eyes Wide Open


This is not a prank, and you will have to excuse our editors for missing on such an error.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, and we have the perfect example.

Being able to listen to your girlfriend talk about her day, while you are sleeping after an evening of heavy drinking, seems to be the fantasy of every man. Helped by his best friend, and using just the standard duct tape, this young lad here has achieved the impossible.

Raised eyebrows only add up to the impression that you are paying attention.

5. Hair Transplant

5. Hair Transplant

This picture is the perfect example of the worst case scenario that can happen while you are sleeping.

Even your gross pubic hair is not safe from the inventive minds of your best (?) friends.

Waking up with new eyebrows might be the biggest dream this man had, but the chosen solution will never excuse the goal.

Revenge is sweet, and we have no doubt that the poor soul will find solace and send us a picture of him pranking this time. We can only rub our hands in delight, as this vendetta rages on.

6. Vegan Initiation

6. Vegan Tribute

Fruits and vegetables were the main themes of this prank, and we are eager to find an explanation for such a unique occurrence.

The critical eye we acquired by browsing through countless drunk joke photos makes us consider this one rather weak and lacking inspiration.

Where is the permanent market? Where is the duct tape? As far as we know, when the man wakes up, he will have breakfast in bed already.

Conspiracy theories suggest that the man was a fundamentalist regarding eating and that he never ate his vegetables.

7. Inside The Cocoon

7. Inside The Cocoon

This is the classic example of a photo which is more than it looks. 

We put it in or list just to help you differentiate between innocent pranks and something as terrific as a genetic experiment.

The poor man was photographed just minutes before the many eggs deposited inside him devoured the flesh and filled the duct tape with a slushy substance.

Believe it or not, this was captured in that abandoned house at the outskirt of your town. The phenomenon has determined authorities to install a curfew on public drinking after dark.

8. Perfect Balance

8. Perfect Balance

Heavy drinking often facilitates the best sleep someone could have. 

It is enough to look at this photo to understand that they could have added an elephant on top with the same results.

We can’t stop at thinking of the beauty of this slender structure, which apparently defies gravity. The town’s local council has taken the idea forward, and they want to improve the local terrain by adding drunk people before foundations are being executed.

Geotechnical engineers already confirmed the beneficial effect with their calculation. Of course, Alcoholics Anonymous strongly opposed the project.

9. Mexican Fiesta

9. Mexican Fiesta

What better way to promote equality for the immigrants than to decorate your best friend as one?

Alcohol-induced sleep is the perfect opportunity for performing the delicate maneuver.

Some might argue that this is too much, but according to old Mexican traditions, this is perfectly acceptable for a man.

We can give credit to the artistic touch, as the eyes look full of life. Take this drunk man to any classroom, and no professor will ever raise suspicions. They are all to afraid in behaving politically correct.

10. One Night Stand

10. One Night Stand

Not all nights end up the way you initially planned. 

Drinking is always fun at the beginning when all girls seem prettier.

However, as the night progresses, only your real friends will stick by your side. You usually forget about finding a beautiful partner and settle for whatever is available.

We have to say that this is one of the ugliest girls we ever laid eyes on. One member of our team even compares her with a horse. He does have a great imagination!

If that proves to be true, we see only one option. We will make an exclusive list, cherishing the relationships between men and animals. Don’t worry; only Platonic love here!

11. Waking Up As A Disney Princess

11. Waking Up As A Disney Princess

You could attach many words to this photo, and they could make it look even better. Let’s try with “Where are my seven dwarfs?”

It is a mystery how he ended up in the middle of the street, with no ID, and dressed up like this. It did not take long for the police to react and he was brought to the nearest section for questioning.

Disney Princesses are a real obsession nowadays, and it seems to apply even to men. This lucky fellow received the best possible gift from those he used to call friends.

12. Besties

12. Besties

Taking a selfie with your best friends is one of the highlights of any stable relationship nowadays. However, this girl here went miles outside the social contract.

Not only that she witnessed her best friend get drunk as a man, but she also took advantage of her vulnerability. The drawing talent is questionable, and she made sure this goes viral by betting on quantity.

She certainly had some help, as the hand of the culprit can be seen in the left margin of the photo. Nevertheless, she will get the bullet for this alone. Posting such things on the Internet is like signing a piece of art which ends up being laughed about.

13. Modern Art

13. Modern Art

Talking about art, this here is a real masterpiece.

As far as we know, the body of this man should be put in the custody of the nearest Contemporary Art Museum and added to the permanent exhibition.

Indeed, this would waste a life, but art is immortal and can justify the sacrifice. Modern medicine provides multiple ways to preserve this intact for centuries.

The open stomach is a metaphor of our curiosity for all that life has to offer. The face acts as a reminder that even if we are drunk and asleep, the spirit is awake.

Modern art at its best!

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